Character Profiles

Deeyanah Mahomed: Main Character. The girl with an unenviable fate and troubled illusions.

Dayyanah: Deeyanah’s twin sister.

Daanyaal: Deeyanah’s younger brother.

Aunty Salma: Deeyanah, Dayyanah and Daanyaal’s mother.

Uncle Riaaz: Deeyanah, Dayyanah and Daanyaal’s father.

Uncle Rashid: Deeyanah’s uncle.

Aunty Raeesah: Deeyanah’s aunty. (Uncle Rashid’s wife)

Ramla: Daughter of Uncle Rashid and Aunty Raeesah. 

Amaani Ahmad: Lives with Deeyanah and is her best friend.

Aunty Aamina and Uncle Imtiyaaz: Amaani’s deceased parents.

Uncle Abdullah: Amaani’s uncle.

Aunty Haleemah: Amaani’s aunty. (Uncle Abdullah’s wife)

Fuaad: Amaani’s cousin. (Uncle Abduallah and Aunty Haleemah’s son)

Ali: Employee of Uncle Imtiyaaz.

Ziyaad Moolla: Better known as Zee. The prankster. Funny and lovable. The boy who bakes.

Aunty Shenaaz: Zee’s maternal grandmother. Also known as Ma.

Uncle Dawood: Zee’s maternal grandfather. 

Aunty Fahmida: Zee’s mother.

Uncle Hussain: Zee’s father.

Humairah: Zee’s elder sister.

Hanzalah: Humairah’s husband. 

Muaaz: Zee’s younger brother.

Sumayya Patel: Travels often. Clumsy and dramatic. 

Hamza: Sumayya’s elder brother.

Tayyibah: Sumayya’s little sister.

Shakirah: Sumayya’s cousin. (Raees’ sister)

Raees: Sumayya’s cousin. (Shakirah’s brother)

Tybalt: Sumayya’s cat.

Rameez Varachia: The bad boy with the good looks. 

Uncle Ismaeel: Rameez’s Father.

Aunty Aadila: Rameez’s Mother.

Umair: The guy Rameez first met outside the masjid.

Nabeelah: Rameez’s ex-girlfriend.

Faizal: Rameez’s friend. Better known as Faizy.

Oupa: The security guard at the complex where Deeyanah and Amaani live.

Aunty Tembi: Amaani and Deeyanah’s domestic helper.

Lubna: Faizy’s girlfriend. 

The Scorpions – the gang comprising of 5 men:

Venom: The boss, green eyes, scarred face.

Scar: Covered in tattoos, no scars. 

Fang: Ridiculous hairstyles, laid-back nature.

Beast: Handsome features, techno-geek. 

“Do you know why their names are what they are?” 

“No. It makes no sense to me.”

“If you think carefully, you’ll understand. It would appear obvious for the one with the scarred face to be called Scar.. for the one with the serpent tattoo to be called Venom.. and so on. The handsome one wouldn’t be called Beast, because he looks nothing like a beast, right?”


“Well, that is exactly why it’s not like that! It’s too obvious. They’re a gang – they have to be unpredictable.”



7 thoughts on “Character Profiles

  1. Are you busy with a novel? You stuff is top notch. I’m busy staring at your stuff, suffering from bloggers block it’s like writers block but for blogging😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    • Omg, I’m busy staring at your comment, suffering from shock that you think I could be writing a novel!! Thank you so much for your kind words. ❤ but nope, not writing a novel. I don't have that much talent! It is my dream to one day write a novel though. Urrgh bloggers block, I know that feeling! You're just going to have to wait for it to pass, there's no other solution unfortunately. Thanks again for your comment, much appreciated. 😀


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