Character Profiles

Deeyanah Mahomed: Main Character. The girl with an unenviable fate and troubled illusions.

Dayyanah: Deeyanah’s twin sister.

Daanyaal: Deeyanah’s younger brother.

Aunty Salma: Deeyanah, Dayyanah and Daanyaal’s mother.

Uncle Riaaz: Deeyanah, Dayyanah and Daanyaal’s father.

Uncle Rashid: Deeyanah’s uncle.

Aunty Raeesah: Deeyanah’s aunty. (Uncle Rashid’s wife)

Ramla: Daughter of Uncle Rashid and Aunty Raeesah. 

Amaani Ahmad: Lives with Deeyanah and is her best friend.

Aunty Aamina and Uncle Imtiyaaz: Amaani’s deceased parents.

Uncle Abdullah: Amaani’s uncle.

Aunty Haleemah: Amaani’s aunty. (Uncle Abdullah’s wife)

Fuaad: Amaani’s cousin. (Uncle Abduallah and Aunty Haleemah’s son)

Ali: Employee of Uncle Imtiyaaz.

Ziyaad Moolla: Better known as Zee. The prankster. Funny and lovable. The boy who bakes.

Aunty Shenaaz: Zee’s maternal grandmother.

Aunty Fahmida: Zee’s mother.

Uncle Hussain: Zee’s father.

Humairah: Zee’s elder sister.

Muaaz: Zee’s younger brother.

Sumayya Patel: Travels often. Clumsy and dramatic. 

Hamza: Sumayya’s elder brother.

Tayyibah: Sumayya’s little sister.

Shakirah: Sumayya’s cousin. (Raees’ sister)

Raees: Sumayya’s cousin. (Shakirah’s brother)

Tybalt: Sumayya’s cat.

Rameez Varachia: The bad boy with the good looks. 

Uncle Ismaeel: Rameez’s Father.

Aunty Aadila: Rameez’s Mother.

Umair: The guy Rameez first met outside the masjid.

Nabeelah: Rameez’s ex-girlfriend.

Faizal: Rameez’s friend. Better known as Faizy.

Oupa: The security guard at the complex where Deeyanah and Amaani live.

Aunty Tembi: Amaani and Deeyanah’s domestic helper.

Lubna: Faizy’s girlfriend. 



7 thoughts on “Character Profiles

  1. Are you busy with a novel? You stuff is top notch. I’m busy staring at your stuff, suffering from bloggers block it’s like writers block but for blogging😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    • Omg, I’m busy staring at your comment, suffering from shock that you think I could be writing a novel!! Thank you so much for your kind words. ❤ but nope, not writing a novel. I don't have that much talent! It is my dream to one day write a novel though. Urrgh bloggers block, I know that feeling! You're just going to have to wait for it to pass, there's no other solution unfortunately. Thanks again for your comment, much appreciated. 😀


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