In the early months of 2016, a wonderful woman was struck by a life-changing idea.

Although hesitant at first – knowing it was risky business – she set about downloading WordPress and creating her own little blog space on the internet, where she intended sharing a story, as is done by 1000s of other WordPress users.

But hers was like no other.

Her story was no ordinary story.

Her little blog space on the Internet was so much more than just a “little blog space on the Internet”.

Hers was a story of unbalanced emotions, of unfair decisions, of selfless sacrifices.

She called it No Way Out.

Time passed and posts were published, each displaying emotions so vividly to the readers, her characters almost became real. Unknown to the readers at that time, they were.

Then one day, real life Fuzzy from the blog stumbled across her little space, a reader who was not to find out.

No Way Out was made private, leaving her readers unsure of the status of the blog.

Would this newfound sensational read of theirs go on, or had the phenomenal writer ditched them, as many others had done in the past? What a waste of talent, of lessons to be learnt, of eyes to be opened.

Meanwhile, the genius holding the pen was finding it difficult to express herself as fantastically as before.

Fuzzy was not suppose to have found out.

She’d have to work on a solution.

A second blog was created and all the content was updated over a couple of weeks.

She called this one Finding My Way.

This is what life was to her, what it is for each one of us.

A journey of finding our way.

Posts continued, the story slowly unfolding.

Perhaps startled at how raw, honest and realistic this blog was, unlike many others, curiosity sparked.

And so began the start of “Is this a true story?”.

Eventually, as it was asked more and more often, the magician behind the keyboard gave in and let out the truth.

This was her story. This was her happiness, her sadness, her grief, her frustration. This is what she felt, what she dealt with, what she fought through.

And if anything, somehow, impossibly, it just made everything so much more beautiful.

What bravery, what courage, must one have to narrate a tale, in hope of someone else not making the same mistake as they did. In hope of creating awareness about anxiety and living life dealing with it.

What a golden heart must it take to try drawing attention to government hospitals, to kids with special needs and different social circumstances.

What a strong heart must it take to acknowledge, that in life you will do things which you will regret, but it shouldn’t make you lose hope. There’s always a way out.

What a conscious and caring heart must it take to remind people who you don’t even know that we need to change our focus and turn to Allah before it’s too late.

But like in the case of every story, there came a time when there were no more pages to turn.

What had to be said, was said.

Now she could only hope and pray that it would hit home, that it would help someone who needed help.

It was time to draw a close, to end a story of brilliance unmatchable.

And so, on December the 13th 2017 the dreaded yet much awaited Final Note was published.

And out of the blogging world stepped yet another amazing author.

But not for long.

SHE’S BAAAAACCCKKKK! (What a way to kill the vibe. I apologize. I’m just excited. Stop rolling your eyes.)

Our dearest author of No Way Out/Finding My Way has once again made the dumb(why would you willingly start writing again?! Clearly the difficulties of a writer’s life didn’t hit you in full force in the last blog, smh) – awesome decision to write again!

You might have seen the link around.


(cringes internally)

(seriously, who names their blog nonamebrand and then ends their post with Regards – how unprofessionally professional)

(i’ll try to stop laughing now)

In case you’re trying to access that link unsuccessfully, it’s because it has been changed (by yours truly. of course).

The new (and much more socially acceptable) link is:


This story is about a pediatrician and is targeted at an older, more mature audience (23+). There won’t be any explicit content so if you’re younger and wish to read as well, go ahead, just don’t expect teenage drama centered around cliche things.

Link to the first post: Welcome!

Happy reading!

Much Love,

Troubled Illusioner. ❤


23 thoughts on “EXCITING NEWS!!

  1. A beautiful tribute to a talented author ما شاء الله
    Keep up the good work both of you….
    also to sister of Troubled Illusions I hope you also decide to start another blog once this one is complete

    Liked by 2 people

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