Keeping you’ll in the loop..

Hey. Hi. Hello. Salaam. Bonjour. Salut. Ciao. Ahoj. Bog. Marhaba. Ola. 😀 

Hope everyone’s doing well, Insha Allah.

Guys, just an advance notice.. I’m having a super hectic week and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post by Saturday. So if Saturday rolls ’round and my post doesn’t, I apologize in advance. Lots happening at the moment but I will try my best to type out a post. However if I don’t manage, the next post will be up by Wednesday latest. Insha Allah. And nope, I’m not ditching the schedule thing, I just might not manage to post this Saturday. Hope you guys understand. 

Sister A, nowayout68, A, sumayya, veryberry2, dynamite786, and Layya – Shukran so much for your comments on the last post. 🌸 I’ve read them, and appreciate them so much ❤ just haven’t got a chance to reply. Like I said, hectic week.. 

Until the next post then.. 

Much Love,

Troubled Illusioner. ❤


4 thoughts on “Keeping you’ll in the loop..

  1. Slmz. Hope you are well and enjoying your weekend. Shukran for the heads up, will eagerly make Duaa you manage a post today otherwise will patiently wait until Wednesday

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