One Hundred and Thirty Five

Me: *sits down to type this post* *briefly reads through last post* *grins*

Me: Oh my gosh, I am so excited to type this post!

Sister: I thought you wanted to ‘stop writing’

Me: ….

Sister: *laughs*

Me: *glares at her* *rolls my eyes* *types this post whilst debating if I should stop writing*

As narrated by Dee: 

I snort, unable to contain my laughter.

Oh crap! Did Amz hear me? 

I flatten myself against the wall, silently praying she doesn’t come out of her room.

Amz: What?

Zee: I’m sorry Amz.. I.. it’s complicated but all I know is that I can’t stop thinking about you and whenever I see you.. it’s like.. (pause) I don’t know.. I’ve never felt this way before.. You’re just so beautiful…

Don’t laugh. Don’t laugh. Don’t laugh. 

I text Zee, my hands shaking with silent laughter.

WhatsApp – Zee and Dee:

ME: I’m dying here

ME: No girl is ever going to love you if that’s how you confess your feelings LMAOOO

A long moment of silence passes, and growing a little worried, I sneak closer to Amz’s room.

Amz: Really Zee?? What do you want?

Typical Amz!!  

Zee: (heavy sigh) This is so stupid.. I don’t know why I even thought you’d feel the same way. Dee warned me you wouldn’t..


Zee: (remorseful tone) Love is so cruel.

That does it! I explode into a fit of uncontrollable laughter, walking into Amz’s room, holding my stomach.

Amz looks at me, moves her phone from her ear, looks at it, then looks at me again.

“I swear if this is a prank….” she says threateningly.


I just laugh harder, walking over to Amz doubled over.

“Aww hun, a boy just confessed his love to you for the first time!” I coo, pulling her into a hug.

“Get off!!” yells Amz, pushing me away. “Oh. my. God. I cannot believe you’ll just did that. Do you know how badly I’m freaking out. I’m literally shaking.”

I look at her hands, and sure enough they’re shaking.

“Oiii Zee, that means she loves you back! When’s the nikaah?”

“I hate you’ll!” says Amz, trying to sound cross. “It’s not even funny, oh my god.”

“Don’t you dare do that again,” she says to Zee through the phone. “I will stab your heart.”

“It will be an honour to have my heart stabbed by you, Amaani Ahmed.”

“Urgh, even Amz’s sandwiches aren’t that cheesy!” I say in a grossed-out tone.

“Oh shut up both of you!” says Amz, shoving me lightly. “You’ll are horrible!”

“Did you think I was being serious?” asks Zee, laughing.

“For a second I did..” replies Amz. “I was like, Oh crap! How do you nicely tell someone you don’t love them too?”

I laugh, shaking my head at her.

We hear Zee’s ma calling him in the background.

“Hang on,” he says.

After a few seconds he comes back.

“Girls, ma needs to use the phone. Check you’ll tomorrow.”

“Love you Amz,” he adds, cheekily.

“Pffft, bye you idiot,” she replies, with a grin.

We greet and then Amz cuts the call.

“I am so going to kill you! How could you’ll have done that? Do you know what an awkward situation that was?!” she complains, glaring at me.

“It was so funny! At least I have something to laugh about for the next couple days!” I say, grinning at her innocently.

“Whatever did I do to earn such horrible friends!” she says dramatically.

“Oh shut up! You know you love us!” I say, enveloping her in a crushing hug.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever!” she mutters, hugging me back. “Now go to bed!”

“Jee, mummy,” I say, rolling my eyes, and standing up.

“Read your duaas,” she reminds me as I walk out.

I flash her a thumbs up, mumble a salaam and head to my bedroom.





26 thoughts on “One Hundred and Thirty Five

  1. I think I’m thinking way too long term here since they’re only fifteen but when they get older I’m totes gonna be shipping Zee and Amz .. (I also kinda get the vibe that Zee likes Amz and silently took offense at the “how do you tell someone you don’t love them back” comment)

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