One Hundred and Twenty One

As narrated by Sumayya:

“Hamzaaaa!” I yell.


“HAMZAAA!!” I yell again.


I storm out of my room, one hand on my hijab, trying to keep it in place.

Just wait till I find him!!

The house is quiet. Mummy, Abba, and Taybs are gone to Benoni to visit Dadi and Dada. It’s just Hamza and I at home.

I see a figure turn a corner, heading outside.

“Hamza!” I call, rushing after him. “Where are my pins?! I know you took them, so don’t even try denying it! I just got my hijab in place, plus after like, 5 million tries -”

I stop short as the person turns around, eyebrow raised, a cocky half smile on his face.. which does not look like Hamza’s face at all!

Oh my God!! Hamza called his friends over for a braai today didn’t he?!

I can feel my face getting hot, as I mumble an apology and turn on my heels to flee.

WHY do the most embarrassing things always happen to me?!

“Hey, Sumayya, right?”

Oh my gosh, his voice is sooo hot! 

“Urm, yeah,” I mumble, turning my head.

Blimey, and his face too!

I don’t realize I’m gawking in amazement at how refined his features are until he raises an eyebrow and smiles that half smile again.

I blush furiously, quickly looking down.

“SorryIthoughtyouwereHamza,” I say in a rush.

“Whoa, what? I can’t listen that fast,” he says, amused.

“I said, I’m.. err, sorry for.. err yelling. I .. err, thought you were my brother,” I manage to say, wishing the ground would just open and swallow me up.

“Ohh!” he laughs. “Do you want me to call him for you?”

His laugh makes my legs feel like jelly.

Dammit, get a grip, Sumayya!

“I.. err, yeah, I mean, no, no it’s okay,” I say hurriedly.

Tybalt comes running into the kitchen at that moment, a piece of meat in his mouth.

For a moment, I’m stunned.

It is a rare sight seeing Ty run, not going to deny it!!

But then Hamza comes dashing after him, and it doesn’t take me long to figure out what just happened.

“Sumayya!” yells Hamza, having not noticed me yet.

Forgetting Mr Hotness, I grin.

“Right here,” I say, trying to hold back my laughter.

“Can’t you just keep your cat inside for one day?!” he asks, exasperated.

Ty jumps onto the counter, before leaping up on top of the fridge.

“But you said that all he does is sleep on my bed, and he needs to get out and exercise, so that’s what he’s doing,” I say, smiling innocently.

Tybalt yawns tiredly (that short run clearly too much for him!) before attacking the steak he stole off the braai.

“See that’s his satisfied face. Tybalt 1. Hamza 0,” I say, clapping my hands.

I duck as Hamza grabs a glass off the counter and throws the last few droplets of water in it at me.

“Miiiiissed!!” I yell, laughing hysterically.

I turn to run out of the kitchen… but I don’t get that far. I run smack…straight into someone.

Oh crap!

I look up, my face already flushing, expecting to see Mr.Hotness in front of me, but instead, I come face to face with 2 other boys.

Blimmin heck! How many friends does Hamza have over and why are they all so darn good looking?!

I open my mouth to apologize but a window slams somewhere inside the house as a strong gust of wind blows and I jump in fright.

Wait a second.. I felt that wind in my hair. How did I feel that in my hair if…

My hand flies to my head, hoping desperately that my hijab is still in place, but to my utter dismay, I feel my hair instead.

Shoving the two grinning boys in front of me to either side, I dash past them and head straight for my bedroom.

Stupid, dumb, potato Hamza! 

I hear raucous laughter from the kitchen and that just makes me angrier.

The nerve! Ugly handsome idiots! 

My room door opens and Tybalt walks in, a small piece of his remaining steak in his mouth.

He jumps onto my bed and makes himself comfortable on my lap.

“They think it’s funny, do they Ty? They’re laughing at me, aren’t they?” I grumble, stroking Ty between his ears.

He stops eating for a few seconds to purr in contentment before going back to his food.

“I hate good looking boys, don’t you? They’re so.. so.. well, good looking! And it’s even worse when they know it, isn’t? Think the bloody world revolves around them! Expects everyone to do everything they say!”

I pause, reaching for my phone.

“But actually… you know what, I would do anything for a hot guy. I mean come on! You can’t say no! You would too, right? You’re with me on this, neh?”

Ty looks at me, uninterested.

“Oh wait, you’re a good looking male too, so your opinion doesn’t count!”

I open Playbooks on my phone and continue reading the book I’d started last night.

Some time later, there’s a knock on my door.


Hamza’s laugh comes from the other side.

“Alright then. Since I’m good looking, from the male species, and here to laugh at you, guess I’ll just turn around and get away from here,” he says in amusement.

“Pity there’s no one else to bring your food!” I hear him holler a couple seconds later as he walks away.

I jump off my bed, earning an annoyed look from Ty, and dart to the door.

“Wait!” I call. “Hamza!”

“Yeah?” he turns around, smirking.

“If you come with food, it’s compulsory to enter,” I say.

“But you said if I’m good looking I’m not allowed even a toe further!” he says.

“And well, have you taken a look at this perfection?” he continues, gesturing to himself.

I roll myself.

“If a trashcan is the definition of perfection, sure,” I fire back. “Now give me my food!”

“If that’s the way you’re going to ask…” he trails off, turning around to walk away.

“Hamza!” I yell. “Please, just give me my food.”

“Ask nicely.”

Are you kidding me? I just asked nicely!

I roll my eyes at him.

“Fine!” I huff. “I don’t need food.”

“And thanks for reminding me this morning that you’re having friends over, smokin’ hot friends to top that!” I add sarcastically.

He turns around, a small frown now on his face.

“I did remind you! If you didn’t have a brain the size of a pea, maybe you’d have remembered!”

“No you didn’t! And why did you take my pins for my hijab?!”

“I did not!” he says.

“Yeah sure! Must have just been the jinn then, hey!”

“Hey, what you’re so worked up about?” he asks, looking genuinely concerned.

“Oh don’t come act all brotherly now!” I say, before slamming the door on his face. Idiot!

Hamza walks in just as I sit back down on my bed.

“Jeez, what’s going on? Why you’re all snappy?” he asks, sitting down next to me, a small frown on his face.

“Well how would you like it if you were unintentionally forgetful, and I decide to have all my drop dead gorgeous friends over?”

“That’d be great! I mean, I wouldn’t have to take all the effort of doing samoosa runs. I’ll just have to pick -”

I smack him with my pillow to shut him up.

“Alright, alright, I’m sorry!” he apologizes, as I hit him with my pillow again. “Oww!”

“And plus they seen my ugly hair! And the one heard me yell like a banshee! And who cares if they were 1 or 2 in the looks department? Hell no, they’re all a solid 11 out of 10!”

Hamza laughs, then quickly ducks as I swing my pillow at him again.

“And you, find it all hilarious!”

“Aww, I’m sorry sis. Ice cream tonight at Milky Lane?” he says, grinning.

“Gedoff!” I mumble, trying to hide my smile as he gives me a bone crushing hug.

Leaving my plate of food on my pedestal, he gets up to go.

“One more thing,” I say, just as he reaches the door.

“Oh no!” he mutters under his breath, trying to hide his grin.

I roll my eyes.

“What time are they going? So I know when it’s safe for me to come out of my room?”

“I don’t know. I’ll come tell you.”

“Okay. Now get out!”

“Whatever you say, cabbage.”

He mock salutes me, grinning as he makes his way out. Idiot!

I pick up my plate of food carefully, my mouth instantly beginning to water.

Biting into a saucy rib, I smile in satisfaction.

Did I mention how much I love my brother?


“You know, we’re going to have to make sure your husband never sees you eating until you’ll are married, because after seeing you eat, he won’t want to marry you!!”

I shoot Hamaza a look and continue eating my ice cream in a not very lady like way.

Who cares? If future bae isn’t this passionate about ice cream, he’s not future bae!

“Now explain to me why you were so snappy this afternoon? Is it that time of the month?”

“Yes it is,” I grumble, glaring at him.

“That explains a lot,” he laughs.

“Funny for you!”

“It’s funny because my friends aren’t even all that hot!”

“Yeah well, it’s not my fault my hormones are all over the show! And the one was hot!” I argue.

Hamza laughs.

We eat our ice creams, lighthearted conversation flowing.

After finishing up, we pay, and then take a short drive before going home.

We see Abba’s car in the garage which means they’re back.

Heading inside, we greet, asking them how their day was.

“And how was the braai?” asks mummy, looking at Hamza.

“It was awesome!”

I roll my eyes.

“Amaani and Deeyanah are well?” asks mummy.

“Huh?” I ask in confusion.

“Amaani and Deeyanah, how are they?” repeats mummy.

“Oh, I don’t know. I didn’t speak to them today,” I say, shrugging.

“Didn’t you say you were going there today?” frowns mummy.

“I said tomorrow, mummy,” I reply.

“Does that mean you were at home when Hamza’s friends were here?!” Abba asks sharply, his expression hardening.

Uh oh..


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12 thoughts on “One Hundred and Twenty One

  1. I literally laughed my way through this post…”Ugly handsome idiots” LOL. Someone needs to read Surah Dahr and Surah Yusuf then cry at Tahajjud and beg Allah for a hot bae with a good personality coz he gotta be handsome and not an ugly handsome idiot!

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