One Hundred and Sixteen

As narrated by Dee:

I glance up at the mirror, turning around slightly, surveying my outfit.

A top longer than usual, in case there are men who get funny ideas, but short enough for me to move around comfortably. Soft skinny jeans to give the loose top a more dressy look, with deep enough pockets to carry my phone, wallet, tissues, and my pocket knife- the essentials. And lastly, walking towards my mirror, I grab a sunhat of the edge. It’s too hot to wear a beanie and a cap provides me with perfect face cover, should the need arise.

“Amz, you ready?” I call, walking out of my bedroom.

I step into her room and the sound of water running reaches my ears.

“Amz!” I yell, banging on the door as I see the time.

2:30 pm.

“What’s the time?” she yells back, turning off the water.

“Half two,” I reply.

“Oh for goodness sake!” she grumbles. “There’s still enough time!”

The water starts running again.

I feel conflicted. Amz loves the shower and ever since her parents have passed on, her showers have become even longer than before. It’s her relaxing place; her escape. But I don’t want to risk being late. I have no clue what this whole ‘meeting’ is about, nor who it’s going to be with. But it sure doesn’t sound like something we should take lightly. The man on the phone sounded scary; perhaps even dangerous.

‘You’ll shouldn’t be going,’ speaks the voice inside my head.

I try shutting it up, but it remains.

‘You’ll shouldn’t be going.’

I sigh, the anxiety building up further.

Pulling my phone out of my pocket, I call Zee, knowing that he’ll get my mind off things..

“I don’t think this is a good idea, but seeing as you’ll already have your minds set…” Uncle Ismaeel trails off.

“It’s nothing to stress about, really,” says Amz, trying to reassure him. But the inkling of fear in her voice says otherwise.

“I’ll give you’ll 20 minutes,” says Uncle Ismaeel. “And if you’ll are not done by then, I’m stepping in.”

Amz and I nod silently.

“At the first sign of things going out of hand, call me. Understood?”

We nod again, and I open the window, breathing deeply. The fatherly tone in Uncle Ismaeel’s voice causes a flash of pain to strike deep inside me.

I take out my phone and text Zee.

ME: On our way…

He replies instantly.

ZEE: Good luck

ZEE: Don’t die

I send him an eye roll emoji before putting my volume a little louder and shoving my phone back into my pocket.

I glance at my watch.

3:15 pm.

10 minutes..

Amz and I had planned it out the night before.

Schnazle’s Cafè has huge floor to floor glass windows at the front.

Across the road is a clothing outlet.

Amz would go alone to Schnazle’s Cafè as instructed, while I would be in the clothing outlet, watching through the glass windows for any danger.

It was only 4 minutes later, when we arrived, that we realized our plan would not work at all..

*Next post going up in couple hours, Insha Allah. Apologies for the long wait. 



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