One Hundred and Ten

As narrated by Zee:

We all freeze as the back door squeaks open.

Meez’s face goes white.

It’s dead silent, as we stand on the eggy kitchen flour, icing sugar and yolk dripping off our faces, egg shells in our hair, watching in fear as the door opens wider.

And then the burglars step in…

There are 3 of them…

Relief floods through me.

“YOU IDIOTS! I nearly had a heart attack!” I yell.

“You can only have a heart attack if you actually have a heart, you know,” says Dee, grinning.

“What on earth is going on here?” asks Amz, a very disappointed look on her face.

“Oh my god, you guys are disgusting!” screeches Sumayya.

“Actually, the question is, what are you’ll doing here?!” asks Hamza.

“Ambushing!” yells Dee.

And then, out of nowhere, we’re being pelted with colourful plastic balls.

“ATTAAACK!” yells Meez, having seemingly recovered from his immobilizing terror!

The only thing we have to defend ourselves… are eggs!

But it does the job.

Sumayya runs out the back door the moment an egg hits her!

“My hair!!” we hear her groan.

Amz slips, falling straight at Hamza’s feet.

“Seems like the first face mask didn’t do the job,” comments Hamza. “Let’s try another one, what you say?”

He throws icing sugar on her face, and it sticks to the egg.

I’m laughing so hard, at the look of horror on Amz’s face, that I don’t see Dee coming up behind me.

A whole bag of plastic balls comes raining down on my head.

“Deeyanah!!” I yell.

Blinded with blurring colours falling in front of my face, I grab out wildly behind me.

“Gotcha!” I say, turning around to face her.

“Let go!” she demands, trying to free her arm from my grasp.

“Nope,” I reply, smirking. “You do realize, that was a really stupid move.”

“No, it wasn’t. Hopefully it dented that ego of yours!”

“Ego?? What ego??” I ask in feign ignorance. “The nonexistent one?”

Dee rolls her eyes.

“Now, as I was saying..” I begin, reaching for an egg behind me. “That was a really bad move, because now, you’ve lost all your ammo!”

Her eyes widen as she realizes she’s trapped.


I grin, pulling off her beanie and smashing an egg on her head.

“Eww!” she groans as it slides down her face.

She sees me reaching for another egg and grabs my arm to stop me.

I’ve got her one arm trapped, and she’s got my one arm trapped.

“I’ll tickle you!” she warns.

“How you going to do that?” I ask, smirking.

“Dammit!” she mutters.

Turning, she looks around.

“AMZ!” she yells.


Amz walks into the kitchen, followed my Hamza, Meez, and Sumayya.

“Aww your knights in shining armour to the rescue?” I tease.

Dee rolls her eyes.

Amz starts tickling me and I’m forced to let go.

We all stand together in the kitchen, surveying the mess we’ve made.

“For the second time tonight, whose dumb idea was this?!” I mutter.

“Forget that, I still want to know what the hell you’ll are doing here?!” Meez asks, glaring at the girls.

“We thought it’d be fun to gatecrash,” mumbles Sumayya. “We thought wrong.”

“You’ll sure as hell did, because guess who’s cleaning this mess? Not me!” says Meez. And he walks out.

“Not me either,” says Hamza, and he walks out too.

Amz mouth drops open.

“Excuse me! Get your butts back here! We will clean up this place together!!” she says in a stern tone.

20 minutes later, after a lot of orders from Amz and grumbling from Meez, the kitchen is much cleaner.

We all had a good laugh at Meez’s failed attempt at dessert, and then disposed of it. Dee and I built the tepee, with improvised and more materials. Sumayya showed Hamza where all the stuff they hid were. And Amz helped Meez attempt the meringues again.

Ma and Nana come back at around 11 o’clock.

Nana drops the girls back home, and then us boys head up to my room to play FIFA.

The girls gave us permission to leave out the other tasks, since the first one ended so disastrous. We too told them that they can forego the tasks and just do whatever they’d like to, but some time later, my phone rings.


I swipe the screen and hold the phone an arms length away from my ear, knowing I’m in for it!!


Uh oh.. seems like they decided to go on with their tasks!




4 thoughts on “One Hundred and Ten

  1. Yoh i can nly imagine how the place mis hav looked rotfl!!!😁
    N pooor sumaya gota wash ur hair b4 its starts smelling like rotten eggs😷

    Wonder what was the other tasks🤔

    Waitin for more pwese:):)

    Liked by 1 person

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