One Hundred and Eight

Hey. Hi. Hello. Salaam. Bonjour. Salut. Ciao. Ahoj. Bog. Marhaba. Ola.😀

Alright, alright, sooo, if you haven’t read the comments of the last post, you probably won’t have realized that I made a beeeeg booboo! *hide*

Meez was supposed to make macarons, not meringues. (Oceaunus, shukran for mentioning it, I would never have realized otherwise!) I mixed up to the two, because hey, I don’t make these fancy things, I’m just there to laugh when my sister flops it, and that meant I also mixed up the ingredients. So well done to me on flopping what was suppose to be a flop!!

Right, so now, we’re all just going to pretend it didn’t happen, and I’m going to leave the post as it is. Which means Meez will be making meringues, and Hamza will have to find the icing sugar, not cornstarch (Dynamite786, shukran for pointing that out). 

I feel so stupid, you guys have no idea! *facepalm* It’s the holidays, I’m telling ya’ll!

Anyway here’s post 108. Enjoy!

Much Love,

Troubled Illusioner. ❤

The Girls’ sleepover (Part 2)


As narrated by Sumayya:

“So what you going to do, Dee?”  I ask, watching her eye her items, as Amz and I prepare our face masks.

“Back fire Zee’s plan, obviously!” she replies, as if it is the most obvious thing ever.

“And how are you going to do that?” asks Amz, laughing.

“Nicely!” she replies, rolling her eyes.

We watch with huge grins as she squirts a tiny amount of shaving cream into her bowl. Then she walks to the fridge and takes out… fresh cream!!

“You are not using that fresh cream on your face!” shouts Amz.

“Stop me,” challenges Dee.

“You’re nuts. Do you know how expensive that thing is!” scolds Amz.

“Well if I want nice skin, I have to use expensive things, don’t I?” she asks, smirking.

I laugh and Amz rolls her eyes.

“You’re cheating!” says Amz.

“You’re just getting moody because next time you’ll have to have one pancake less!” teases Dee.

And then, quicker than Dee can realize what is happening, Amz grabs the fresh cream bottle from her and squirts a whole lot at Dee’s face!

I quickly grab my phone and begin videoing. This will be fun to watch back!

“Now, you, will have to have three less pancakes!” smirks Amz.

But Dee aint having none of that!

Grabbing the shaving cream she fires right back at Amz.

Amz yells and runs out of the kitchen.

“Serves you right!” yells Dee.

“I’m going to kill you if I lose so much as one strand of hair!” Amz yells back.

“No you won’t. You love me too much,” says Dee.

“That’s what you think!” retorts Amz.

“Pfft, that’s what I know!” mumbles Dee.

She turns around and notices me videoing. I burst out laughing at the expression on her cream covered face.

After clearing up all the cream, we go back to making our face masks.

Banter goes back and forth, mostly between Amz and Dee, with me laughing too hard most of the time, to actually say anything.

Amz finishes her mask first and goes to the bathroom to apply it.

I finish next and sticking out my tongue at Dee, who’s licking chocolate sauce off her finger, I head to the bathroom with my face mask in my hand.

“You look like an avocado!” I say, laughing at Amz’s green face.

“It actually feels really nice,” says Amz.

And then Dee walks in, holding her bowl an arm’s length away, a disgusted look on her face.

“Hey, S, smell this,” she says, and shoves her bowl beneath my nose.

A strong waft of pepper immediately hits me, and my nose tickles. And then I begin sneezing continuously.

Dee bursts out laughing hysterically, grabbing her phone.

I open my mouth to yell at her but I can’t hold back the sneezes! They just keep on coming!

Amz is laughing this time too, her green face making her look hilarious. I laugh too but then I’m sneezing again!

I go to the kitchen, my insides beginning to hurt from all the sneezing.

“Amz!” I yell. “Whe.. (sneeze) where.. i (sneeze) (sneeze) is th (sneeze)…”

Oh my gosh, this is so frustrating!!!  

Dee followed me to the kitchen, video cam getting it all.

I shoot her big eyes.

“Cof (sneeze) fee!” I yell. “Amz! Where’s th (sneeze) the cof (sneeze) coffee?!”

“Long cupboard in the corner,” answers Amz, stifling a giggle.

It’s easy finding the neatly labelled container, and grabbing it, I open it hastily.

Wrong move. 

The container is full and a whole lot of coffee comes flying out!

I inhale deeply.. and finally stop sneezing.. but, taking such a deep breath attacks my lungs and then a coughing fit starts.

Dee sits down, clutching her stomach with one hand from laughing so hard, the other holding her phone.

I fill a glass with water and drink it slowly.

And finally I recover from the sneezing and coughing fits!

“You’re an idiot!” I say to Dee.

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist,” she apologizes, straight-faced.

It’s dead silent for a moment… and then we’re all laughing crazily.

“C’mon now, let’s get done, then we can eat!” says Amz, when we finally settle down.

“Amz you have to put this thing on for me. I have to hold my nose, because this thing smells terrible, and I’ll end up like Sumayya!” says Dee.

“Nope, you do it yourself!” says Amz. “I’m going to warm the food.”

“Pleeease,” pleads Dee.

“Nauh, this is for putting shaving cream on me!” says Amz.

“Fine, I’ll do it myself!” huffs Dee.

I smooth out my own face mask, which became a bit messy from all that sneezing and go to help Amz.

“Damn it, stay!!” we hear Dee yell from the bathroom.

I look at Amz and we laugh.

I can just imagine Dee trying to put on sloppy fresh cream on her face whilst holding her nose!

Sneaking upstairs quietly, I go into her room, and peek into the bathroom.

Sure enough, there’s more of the mask in the basin than on her face!

She’s using her bare hands, and her expression is just too much!

“I know you’re there, Sumayya!” she growls, without turning around.

I laugh.

“I was just leaving. Good luck!” I tease, snapping a couple of pictures before walking away.

“And I call you’ll friends!” I hear her mutter to herself.

I grin.

Of course we call each other friends!

I mean, what’s a friend who isn’t there to laugh at you when you’re in a situation you don’t find funny at all?!

20 minutes later, we sit down to eat, face masks applied, Dee sneezing occasionally from the pepper, but not as badly as me.

“You look like the sun!” Amz says, laughing at Dee’s yellowish face.

“I am the sun. You’re the grass. I help you grow,” Dee says, grinning at her.

“Hey, and what am I?” I ask.

“A strawberry growing from the grass,” says Dee.

“My one actually tastes quite delicious!” I say.

“Well then, you can have it for supper,” says Dee, grabbing my plate.

“Rude!” I say, rolling my eyes at her and taking my plate back.

After supper, we clear up and then we Skype the boys to show them that we’re one task down, and to see how they’re getting along…






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