One Hundred and Four

*Sister A, this one’s for you. 😀

As narrated by Meez:

I wake up on Monday morning feeling motivated and confident that this day is going to be good. It’s a strange feeling, because who even wakes up feeling like this… on a Monday morning to top it!

Maybe it’s because there’s no school, it being a public holiday.. or maybe because of my plan of procedure last night.

Last night, before I got into bed, I decided to take my first major step towards getting my messed up life in order.

Initially I just deleted all my music, but a long shower later, I found myself uninstalling all the apps I played or streamed music on.

Perhaps it was the thrill of becoming a different person, or maybe it was just a moment of sheer senselessness, because I sure as hell wasn’t thinking!

I mean, seriously, where ever would I find the guts to delete my music if I was thinking straight?!

But here I am now, the next morning, still handsome as ever, living my life without music.

Oh calm down, Meez. It hasn’t even been 24 hours!! 

Well, it’s been 15 hours without music, and that’s a new record!!

Slipping on my trainers, I grab a sun cap, and head downstairs to the kitchen.

“Mum, I’m going to the gym,” I say, after greeting her.

“Who are you going with?” asks Mum.

I groan internally, holding back an eye roll.

“I’m going alone. Taking a walk.”

“Why don’t you go with Ziyaad? Dad can drop you’ll on his way to work.”

“Okay,” I agree halfheartedly, disappointed at not getting my way.

I call Zee.

ZEE: ‘Ello

MEEZ: Salaam, Zee, Salaam.

ZEE: Maaaaf. What’s up?

MEEZ: I’m going to the gym, wanna join?

ZEE: (teasingly) Oh you mean to babysit?

MEEZ: (eye roll) Yeah. (Muttering) Even though I’m older than you.

ZEE: (grinning) Sure. What time?

MEEZ: 10 minutes tops?

ZEE: Ayt, check you.

7 minutes later, Zee jumps into the car and we’re off to the gym.

I honestly can not wait to get my drivers licence. It will be so much easier getting around and doing things I want without having to get someone to take me there!

As Zee and I walk up the stairs to the gym area, I tell him about last night.

“Whoa, that’s good man. I’m proud of you. Make sure it lasts though, huh!”

“Yeah, that’s going to be the tough part…”

A girl walks past and my gaze wanders involuntarily.

“Meez!” hisses Zee, elbowing me.

“Why the hell do they wear such tight pants?!” I grumble, tearing my gaze away.

“You need to work on that next!” laughs Zee. “Best solution is to get married.”

I look up at him in horror.

“Are you mad?!” I say, not sure if he’s actually being serious.

He turns his head to look back at me, smirking.

“Nope,” he says, pushing the door open.

I roll my eyes.

The gym is empty, except for an elderly couple on the treadmills.

I glance at my watch. We have about half an hour before this place starts filling up.

Grabbing gloves, I throw the punching pads towards Zee.

He catches them easily, still smirking at me.

“I came to babysit bro,” he says, placing the pads on the floor next to him.

“Shut up and get those on,” I say seriously. “It’s about time someone accompanied me to the gym.”

“If you bash my face, I’m bashing yours,” warns Zee, tightening the velcro strap around his arm.

This is the first time Zee and I are doing this together and he proves to be quite good competition. His reflex is fast, but he doesn’t know my rhythm yet, resulting in me catching him squarely on the jaw and straight in the stomach couple times.

We stop for a drink of water, and then switch positions.

I haven’t been on the receiving side of the gloves before and I come to learn that my reflex is pathetic. Zee isn’t good with the gloves on his hands either, so couple minutes later, laughing at how terrible we are, we sit down.

“We need to do this more often,” Zee says. “You need to work on your defense and me on my attack.”

“How’s your defense so good?” I ask curiously.

“Remember when Dee was doing martial arts?”

I nod.

“Yeah well she used to make me hold those things for her, and practice improved my reflex I guess.”

“Really? Cool, man. I should go a round with Dee then.”

“She’s good, really good. But that was back then when she used to do lessons. I don’t know about now.”

“I remember Dayyanah being good at kickboxing, but I didn’t know Dee could throw a punch.”

Zee laughs.

“Yeah, you should watch them together…” he says, trailing off.

We lift a couple weights, and then the door squeaks open, and in walks a bunch of familiar faces.

“Oh great, now would be a good time to leave..” I mumble, spotting Nabeelah, Noor, and a couple other girls from school.

I can’t help but wonder at the fact that Nabeelah is a fitness freak… How come we didn’t have a gym session together..

Replacing the equipment we used, we retrieve our water bottles and move to head out unnoticed.

But obviously that isn’t as easy it seems.

“Yo, Rameez?” calls Noor, walking up to us.

I groan inwardly.

“Howzit going?” she asks in an over friendly way.

“Good, thanks,” I mumble before turning to walk away.

She steps in front of me though, forcing me to stop.

“What do you want?” I snap, looking up.

“Whoa, why so icy?” she asks, smirking.

Inside I feel my temper rising.

I need to get out of her before things get out of hand. 

Clenching my jaw, I repeat my question more calmly.

“Well there’s a party happening at -”

“Thanks, but I’m not coming,” I say cutting her off, though the thought of the thrill that comes at being in that environment makes me question my answer.

“Oh c’mon Meez,” she drawls. “Consider yourself privileged that I’m actually inviting you after what you did to Nabz.”

My gaze shoots to Nabeelah’s, but as soon as we make eye contact, I look away.

“She’s willing to give you a second chance, you know,” Noor pushes on, noticing my obvious conflict.

What?? She is??

“You heard the guy. He said he’s not interested,” Zee butts in, grabbing my arm, and pulling me away. “Sorry girls, better luck next time.”

“What the hell, Zee?!” I explode as soon as we’re out of the building.

“Just saving you from getting yourself in another mess,” he says seriously. “And you’re welcome.”

“Thanks,” I mumble sarcastically.

“Dude, really, you want to change, its gotta happen all round. Think about what’s going to happen if you go for that party. There’s going to be everything you’re trying to stay away from, right?”

Zee is right… I can’t go for that party.

I sigh, pushing my hair back in frustration.

‘I won’t go for that party,’ I promise myself silently, praying that I somehow get the strength to stick to my promise.

But as I repeat my promise to myself, Noor’s words ring inside my head, louder each time, making me want to scream.

‘She’s willing to give you a second chance, you know.’

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8 thoughts on “One Hundred and Four

  1. JazaakAllah for posting so soon and the dedication, truly appreciate it
    Hope the change in Meez lasts but he has some serious soul searching to do if his mind is still going back to Nabeela and the thrill he gets from the partying

    Liked by 1 person

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