Ninety Eight

As narrated by Sumayya:

My phone beeps next to me.

Dropping my pen on my book, I pick it up.

WhatsApp Group Chat:

ZEE: Guyyys!!

ZEE: Just thought of the best idea of the century!!

DEE: Did you think of it?

ZEE: Yeah, duh

DEE: The chances of it being the worst idea of the century is definitely higher in that case

ZEE: Rude

ME: *laughing emoji*

AMZ: Share, share!!!

AMZ:Β I was your first friend.. just reminding you.. in case you become famous. πŸ˜‰

MEEZ: Urm, excuse me Amz!

ZEE: Let’s meet at my place tonight, yeah??

ME: *thumbs up*

AMZ: Yeah, good idea

MEEZ: I’m in

DEE: C’ya soon, baboon

ZEE: *eyeroll*

ZEE: Later, alligator

Getting up, I go to the kitchen in search of mummy.

“Mummy, I’m going to Ziyaad’s later, okay?”

“For what?” she asks.

“I’m going with,” Hamza says, entering the kitchen, surveying the situation, knowing mummy will be more at ease if he comes with.

I know mummy doesn’t like the idea of me being friends with Zee and Meez, but it doesn’t bother me. I mean, we’re really just friends! I don’t see the harm in that!

“You’re not invited,” I mumble, partially annoyed, partially grateful.

“I am, Zee messaged me now,” he says with a grin, waving his phone in front of my face.

“Really?” I ask.

“Yepp, see,” he says, handing me his phone.

I skim through their chat, and grin.

“Awesome! I can’t wait to know what he planned this time!”

After supper, I head to my bedroom to get ready.

After I apply minimal makeup and make sure my hair is in place, I go to check if Hamza is ready.

The sound of his hooter informs me that he’s already waiting outside!

“Mummy, we’re going,” I yell, rushing to the front door.

“Sumayya!” Abba calls from the lounge as I try to sneak past.

“Jee?” I answer from where I am, knowing he’ll throw a fit if he sees me going out like this.

“Where’s your scarf?” he asks.

Ooops! He probably seen me already. That, or he just knows. Probably the latter!

Hamza hoots again.

“We’ll be inside, Abba,” I say. “Hamza is waiting.”

Dashing outside before Abba can say anything further, I almost trip over.

Glancing down, I see Tybalt at my feet, looking up at me with the cutest, “Aren’t you taking me with?” expression.

My heart melts and I scoop up my fat ball of fur into my arms, rubbing his head.

Opening the car door, I slide in, carefully placing Tybalt on my lap.

Hamza glances up from his phone screen, and a look of horror appears on his face.

“Get that thing out of my car now!” he yells, causing Ty to jump a little.

“Shhh, don’t yell, he hates it!” I hiss at Hamza.

“Sorry,” he apologizes. “Now get him out of my car!”

“No, I can’t go back inside.”

“Why not?” Hamza asks.

“Because Abba will make me wear a scarf, and I’m not leaving my baby outside,” I say, stroking Ty’s fur.

“Well, you should wear a scarf, you know,” he says, starting the car.

“Not you also!!” I groan.

Hamza usually doesn’t intervene when mummy and Abba start their bayaans, but recently he’s being doing it a lot and it’s super annoying! Like bruh, I’ve got two parents at my neck already. I don’t need another one, thanks!!

“Hey fat cat, you weren’t invited!” he says, poking Ty, ignoring my statement.

“Don’t poke him!” I shout, swatting Hamza’s hand away. “Two hands on the steering wheel, I don’t want to die, idiot!”

Grinning, he let’s go of the steering wheel completely for a few seconds before flooring the accelerating and speeding off.

I roll my eyes at him, shaking my head. Boys!

We arrive alive at Zee’s house, a short while later, thank the lord!

And as Hamza parks, it dawns on me that Zee, and Dee, both hate cats.

Crap, now what was I to do?

“What am I going to do with Ty?” I ask, looking at Hamza.

“What do you mean?” he asks, frowning. “Take him in.”

“I can’t take him in,” I say. “Zee will flip!”

Hamza’s confusion is quickly replaced with amusement.

“All the more reason we’re taking him in!” he says, a huge grin spread on face. “Payback for all the times he pranked us!”

“No, we can’t. I don’t want Ty to get scared,” I say, holding him closer to my chest.

He purrs softly.

“He won’t! C’mon, it will be hilarious!” Hamza says.

“If anything happens to Ty -”

“Nothing will happen!” Hamza says, cutting me off. “Here, give him to me.”

I try passing him to Hamza but he refuses to go, hissing in warning.

“He hates you,” I tease. “You trouble him too much, see!”

“Excuse me Mr,” Hamza says to him. “I buy your food, okay!”

Eventually, I end up keeping Ty, agreeing with Hamza to walk behind him.

We get off the car, and walk to the front door.

A couple seconds after ringing the bell, the door opens, revealing Meez.

“Hey, hey,” he greets, bumping fists with Hamza.

And then, seeing me, with Ty, his eyes first widen, and then sparkle with mischief!

“Oh my God, Zee and Dee are gonna flip!” he whispers, hugging me.

“That’s the plan,” I say grinning.

“Hell yeah. Plus his grandparents aren’t home!”

Meez closes the door behind us, and together the three of us head up to the Zee’s room…


5 thoughts on “Ninety Eight

  1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this is going to be epic. . But eish i should be the last to talk. . I can view cats from far, it’s fine if they in the vicinity & keeping to their furry selves but eish if u get those touchy feely type cats that need to come passed your legs & things. Well let’s just say if anybody has a cat like that then expect me not to visit πŸ™ˆ. . #they freak the daylights out of me. . . Anyway thanx for the post. . & hmm think we need a bit of drama for Sumi dearest to see the light in order to understand that hijaab is a must & not cos her parenta are instructing her but it’s Allah Ta’ala that’s instructed it. .

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