Post Update

Hey. Hi. Hello. Salaam. Bonjour. Salut. Ciao. Ahoj. Bog. Marhaba. Ola.😀

Hope all you beautiful people are doing good!

Right, so I know I haven’t being posting very regularly recently… Buuuut, I actually have a 2000 (yes, two thousand… as in, one thousand plus one thousand) somewhat word post in my drafts. *evil laugh*

Okay, no seriously, don’t hate me. *adorable smile* Here’s the deal. I’ve got assignments to hand in every second day this week (yeah, obviously more than one on each day… this is school AKA hell we’re talking about.) sooo I’m quite busy. (Jk, I’m not. I’m actually reading books, wasting time on Twitter and considering whether I should take a hike up Mount Everest. But, don’t tell my parents.)

Okay, okay, FOREAL now. 🙂 See, the next post is quite a biggie, in the sense of emotions, events, and how things will change/carry on from there. And I want you guys to read all that I’ve currently got typed (of this post), plus what I’m still going to type, in one post. Sooo, InshAllah, if school doesn’t kill me, this next post will be up by Friday (Latest Saturday). I’ll try my best to make it worth the wait. And as I’ve already mentioned, it’s super long so you can get excited about that.

Now, for the twist. (What do you mean you didn’t see this coming?! Obviously there’s a twist!) Since it’s unfair that I’m the only one doing assignments, I, am giving you all, an assignment. *flicks fringe and adjusts sunglasses*

Calm down, it’s super easy. (You have to read that in the voice teachers use when they say that before an exam.) All you have to do is answer three questions. 

Question 1: Who is your favourite character?

Question 2: What do you think the future holds for your chosen character?

Question 3: What do you not like about your chosen character?

Your time starts now and ends on Thursday the 18th of August 2016 at 00:00.

This is literally the easiest assignment ever, so no excuses, you all have to take it. C’mon, be a sport! 😉

Much love,

Troubled Illusioner. ❤


14 thoughts on “Post Update

  1. Madam this is not “super easy” at all. I would rather choose to do ur assignments 😉! I mean really all of them are so good. Dee, Zee and Amz are my favourites. I loved many of the lessons they taught and their attitude towards life is amazing. But other too are also not out of this list. I mean, as in for sumaya we have got to know about her least and meez although he is being black guy now but I see some hope in him. I feel he will change for good somewhere soon and obviously every sinner has a future. So I don’t have answers………….😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

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    • Wait, are you actually serious, because YES PLEASE do my assignments for me! 😀
      Good to hear you haven’t given up on Meez! 😉 And yes, that is soo true! ‘Every sinner has a future.’
      Well you still pass for making the effort and for always being such a loyal fan. Much Love. ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. Soorrrryyyyy but im not at all good wit assignments lol Buttt i can try…………..
    1)my fav character is meez
    2)his future is in my authors hands
    And last but not least 3)what I dnt like abt him is he already got a gf lollz
    plzzz dnt kill me coz i told u im BAD at it:))

    Much lurrvv till fri muwaahhhhhhhh💋💋💋

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    • Lmao, this comment is gold! 3 out of 3 for you, well done! 😉 And about Meez, our bad boy with the good looks… gotta keep reading to see how life deals with him and how he in turn deals with it! 🙂 Much love back to youuu! ❤


  3. Oh n tnx fr keepin us updated…………dunno what happen to surti dairies n a few other blogs they jis ditched us like that:((hope they start postin again inshallah

    DONT U EVER DO THAT TO US SIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! OTHERWISE…………………………..

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome. 🙂
      Lol don’t worry I don’t plan on doing that.. it hasn’t even been a year but I already can’t imagine not blogging!
      And if I ever have to stop blogging for any reason, I will deffo round up the story first, Inshl. So don’t stress, we’re ending this journey together! ❤ 😀


  4. Ummmm this isn’t easy! So hard to choose! I really like Zee. Love his personality…just hope he doesn’t fall in love with Dee… I also like Meez…just not his current lifestyle…but I have hope he’ll change for the better…I know he’s a sweet person under all the ‘bad boy’ appearance…And of course I love Amaani…she’s just so sweet. And the thing I love the most about her is her positivity n strong faith… I really hope that she n Dee remain as close as they are… Hoping that this whole adoption drama brings them closer once they sort out their misunderstandings…their friendship n bond is priceless… All in all I just look forward to all of them becoming better Muslims… Sorry for the loong comment! Eagerly awaiting the next post! 💚💜💛💙

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    • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your comment! ❤
      Let's hope they sort themselves out, because yes, it is indeed a rare friendship…
      Ultimately that should be a goal for all of us -to better ourselves and our relationship with our Creator.
      Noo, I loved it. Jzkl for taking the time to comment, really appreciate it! ❤ 😀
      And well done, you passed too Lol! 😉

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  5. I just happened to come across your blog for the first time ever and I absolutely cannot wait to start reading! 😆
    and here shall my journey begin 😊

    PS – please be kind and check out this blog –
    Much appreciated xx

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    • Welcome aboard! 😀
      I am so excited for you start reading and I am eagerly awaiting your comments and thoughts on the story once you’re all caught up!
      Will definitely check out your blog, Inshl. Much love. ❤


  6. Uhhh excuse me, but this is supppeeer difficult and I can only answer question one. Meez and Zee ☺. I don’t have answers to the other two.
    By the way,you are an amazing and wonderful and awesome and absolutely crazy write . Sorry that just came up on the Auto correct 😁. Keep up the awsome work.
    Your dedication fan ♥ ♥ ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha if I say this is easy and ya’ll finding it difficult can u imagine how much worse my assignments are?! *hide*
      Effort counts, so does loyalty, dedication, and taking the time to comment.. so you pass too, well done! 😉
      Haha I love how u didn’t bother to change that though! Shukran for your kind words and for commenting.. really appreciate it! Much love ❤ ❤


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