Eighty Two

As narrated by Zee:

I wake up extra early for Fajr the next morning.

So my siblings think they’re the pro pranksters, hey?!

Well, time to give them a taste of their own medicine…. with a higher dosage!

After washing my face to ensure that I’m wide awake, I head downstairs quietly.

I take out a jug from the cupboard, fill it with fridge water, then leave it to stand on the counter top.

I take out a bowl and fill it with some flour, placing it next to the water jug.

Now, where are my paint things? 

I check in the study but after a quick, thorough search I find that it isn’t where I think it is! Instead, I find it in my room with all  my school things.

Oh yes, we’ve got a project to complete.

Picking up the paint and a paintbrush, I go back to the kitchen to collect all my things.

I take it to the room Humairah is sharing with Muaaz.

I once again find myself being ever so thankful that Humairah is scared of the dark, because had she slept with the room enveloped in darkness, I would have never been able to carry out half of my brilliant ideas!

Placing all my things on the pedestal between the two single beds, I quietly open the cupboard Humairah has unpacked her things into.

What am I looking for you ask?

Make-up .. that’s what!

And trust me, with the amount Humi owns, it’s quite easy finding it! You’d think she only brought a few things because she’ll just be here for a week… heck no!

Right, now which one is her favourite again? 

I clearly remember her saying that MAC is her favourite but dear me, there are sooo many MAC things here!!

Then it clicks… MAC is a brand! Not an item!

Dammit girls and all there glittery stuff are so complicated!

The clock in the passage beeps indicating the entry of Fajr time.

Oops, gotta speed this up!

After poking around, opening a few things, and almost dropping half a bottle of some nice smelling thing down my pajama top, I had picked my choice.

According to the items, I’ve chosen AVON Long lasting eyeliner.

Pretty sure this is the one that makes Humairah look like a devil when she wakes up if she forgot to remove it the night before!

Then, a thing with quite a few different colours, which according to the cover says NAKED Eye Shadow. Wonder why the name though, it literally conceals the original eyelid so surely that was a mistake!

Then a very bold red lipstick from Humi’s huge MAC collection. Yeah, I know the basics!

Now, for the last item… a square container with a glittery powder inside. The cover reads… NARS Deep Throat.

Now comes the fun part!!

Humairah is the deeper sleeper, so I start on Muaaz.

First goes the paint. In every colour and on as much of his face as possible, obviously!

Mum always says, ‘You want to do something, do it properly!’, and I’m the ever obedient son!

Then using Humi’s eyeliner, I turn Muaaz’s face into a drawing page.

I stifle a laugh at the end result.

You messed with your big bro here, lighty!

Now for Humairah.

Gotta be really neat and make it look extra pretty because hey, that’s what girls like, don’t they?

Thankfully, like Muaaz, she slept without a single stir. Probably tired from staying up together and planning their prank!

Just as the Athaan (call to prayer) starts, I place the last make up item in it’s place.

I carry the bowl of flour and the jug of cold water out of the room and place it just outside the door.

Now… we wait.

“Oh my God, Muaaaaz your face!”

That’s my queue.

I wait a minute or two before walking into the room and switching on the light.

Humairah is laughing her head off, trying to wake up Muaaz.

Little does she know….!!

“Wow, it’s a rare few days I get to see you waking up in such a good mood!” I tease.

“Oh shut up!” she says turning to face me.

Now comes my least favourite part.

The act like you didn’t do it part!

“Oh my God Humiiii!”

“What?” she asks, no more laughing.

“Your… your face!!!”

She moves to look in the mirror.. and freezes.

“You. did. not!” she threatens, emphasizing each word.

I try my best but the grin makes its way to my face somehow.

“Oh.. my.. God!”

She comes flying at me.

“Wait, wait! Look, I’ll sort it out,” I say, ducking out of reach.

She stops momentarily… and I fling the ice cold water at her face.

“Zeeeeeee!” she screeches.

“Hang on, one more thing,” I say rushing for the flour.


The flour cuts her off, not me!

And just as I hoped, because of the water, it sticks all over her face.

“Now you can wake Muaaz up and give him a lovely little scare with that pretty face of yours!” I say with a wink as I back away.


That wakes Muaaz up.

Half asleep still, he figures out what’s going on and soon he’s laughing crazily too.

“Oh look, it’s on your face too!” I grin, rushing into the room again, trying my best to avoid Humairah and then throwing the rest of the water at Muaaz.

He freezes.. from the shock.. and the cold!

Then, he screams.

Much too loudly!

“WHAT is going on here?!”

I turn around to find Mum, Dad and a quite frightened looking Ma.


Hey. Hi. Hello. Salaam. Bonjour. Salut. Ciao. Ahoj. Bog. Marhaba. Ola.😀

Hope everyone is doing super! 

Right! Can I just rant about how much research I had to do for like, 5 lines of this post because OMG make-up is so complicated and there are so many brands and products and I know absolutely nothing about any of them and everything looks the same and all those shiny pictures almost made my eyes hurt and oh, while am at it, why do they have ‘Black’ written on mascara bottles (are they bottles or tubes) because seriously now, surely they only make black mascara (or do they not?).

Okay, rant over!

Hope ya’ll enjoyed the lighthearted post. Drop me a comment if you did.

Much love,

Troubled Illusioner. ❤


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