As narrated by Dee:

I spend the afternoon at Zee’s place. His family is around for a week and nothing beats Zee’s company with the presence of his siblings!

However, the entire afternoon my mind is uneasy, worrying about Amz. I send her a message almost every hour but she hasn’t seen her phone since she left home. By 5 o’clock, although Zee and his family beg me to stay till after supper, I politely decline.

I’ve tried calling Amz 7 times already, and she hasn’t answered. Supper won’t even be able to go down into my stomach because everything inside feels like it’s tied in knots.

Zee’s granddad offers to drop me home. As we pulling out, Zee comes running out of the house, jacket in hand.

He opens the back seat door and jumps in next to me, slightly breathless.

“I’m coming with,” he grins.

I roll my eyes at him. Weirdo!

It is only when Zee puts his hand on my knee do I realize that it has been involuntarily shaking in nervousness.

I need to calm down.

Amaani is fine. She’s probably just busy.

WhatsApp Chat- Zee:

ZEE: I make you this nervous? ;p

ME: *eye roll*

ME: You’re literally sitting right next to me

ZEE: What’s up?

I look at Zee then lift my gaze, smirking.

ZEE: Oh goodness

ZEE: nvm (nevermind)

ZEE: I didn’t ask

I reply just to annoy him.

Me:  The car roof

He pockets his phone.

Yes! I win!

Zee’s granddad drops me off and Zee insists on seeing me in.

“Small girls have to be looked after,” he says, smirking at me as I fumble in my pocket for my house keys.

“Is annoying me your oxygen?” I ask, rolling my eyes.

“Yepp. Is rolling your eyes yours?” he asks, grinning.

“Around you, yes!” I reply, with a subtle eye roll.

“Well I must be taking your breath away because you do it very often,” he teases.

Now I mean come on, you tell me, how am I not going to roll my eyes at that?!

I do an exaggerated eye roll and then ask, “How do you come up with these things, eyyh?!”

“You started,” says Zee.

“Yeah, but you took it to a whole new level!”

Having finally located my keys, I unlock the gate and door and step inside.

“You still didn’t tell me what you’re so nervous about,” comments Zee.

“I’m not nervous,” I say, grinning widely at him.

It’s his turn to roll his eyes now.

I blink at him, then rub my eyes.

“Oh my God, did you just roll your eyes?!” I ask in feigned shock, looking at Zee with wide eyes.

“And you say I’m annoying!” he says, pushing me lightly.

“No, serious though,” starts Zee. “Everything alright?”

“Everything alright,” I answer.

“And even if something’s not, it will be, eventually,” I say, reminding myself more than him.

“I need to delete that tumblr account of yours,” he mumbles.

“I heard that!” I say.

Amaani arrives home at about 8pm –finally!

I greet her at the door. She looks drained.

“How was your day?” I ask, hugging her.

“Tiring but well, Shukr,” she replies.

“Everything went okay? You’re all sorted?”

“Yeah,” she replies with a sigh.

“So you’re going to tell me what’s going on now?” I ask with a childish grin.

“Not yet…” she says.

Urgh mahn!

“Did you eat supper?” asks Amaani.

“Nope, thought we’ll eat together,” I answer.

“Awww how thoughtful of you!” she says, pulling my cheeks.

“DON’T!” I yell, swatting her hands away.

“How hungry are you?”

“I’m not hungry.”

“You’re never hungry! Okay, I’m just going to have a quick shower, then we’ll eat.”

“Quick?! You are going to have a quick shower?!” I ask, laughing.

“You know what I mean!” she says with a grin, and then goes upstairs.

“See you in about 3 years, byyyyeee!” I call to her.

“Oh shut uuuup! I don’t take that long!” she yells back from upstairs.

Once I’m certain Amz is in the shower I head to the dining room where she’s left her bag.

Since she doesn’t want to tell me, I might as well find out for myself.

As I unzip Amz’s bag a voice in my head stops me.

‘You shouldn’t be doing this. Amaani told you not to. If she wants to tell you she will.’

Ignoring it, I continue unzipping the bag and then slip out all the documents.

‘You’re going against your word, Deeyanah.’

I flip through the envelopes, each titled in Amz’s neat writing.

Birth Certificate.

Forms to fill in.

Forms to sign.

Forms to be signed by A.

Custody information.

I frown. Custody Information???

I open the envelope and slip out the papers.

‘You’re breaking trust, Deeyanah! Don’t do this! Amz will tell you about everything when she’s ready.’ 

But it was too late.

Deeyanah had seen what she shouldn’t have.

Horror, panic, betrayal, hurt, and shock surged through Deeyanah’s body, as her eyes read the words on the papers.

With shaking hands, Deeyanah removed the papers in the other envelopes, confusion and distress hitting her harder with every page she turned.

And once she’d briefly checked them, she checked them again, properly this time, reading the sentences carefully, slowly, to clear her doubts.

But it was what Deeyanah wished is wasn’t.

And amidst all the emotions she felt, one stood out stronger than the rest.


‘How could have Amaani not told me?’ Deeyanah thought miserably.

Soon however, Deeyanah will realize that her actions will result in her best friend feeling the same way.

Deeyanah should not have gone through Amaani’s things.

If only she had disallowed curiosity to overtake her, Deeyanah might have found out about Amaani’s soon to happen adoption in a better way.

If only she had waited for Amaani to show her, to explain her reasoning behind her choice of getting adopted, Deeyanah might have accepted the news with more understanding.

And if only they both had looked after the rare bond and firm trust between them, perhaps Amaani and Deeyanah would have shared such an enviable friendship for a longer time.


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12 thoughts on “Eighty

  1. Author u hav to giv us a post i couldnt stop thinkin abt amz n dee whole night:((
    Keep it up🌹
    Waitin patiently to knw what happens nxt!!!


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