Seventy Nine

“Higher paapa, push me higher!” squeals Dayyanah.

“No Paapa it’s my turn! You pushed her 5 times already,” complains Deeyanah crossly. 

Riaaz loved both his daughters very much. After 8 years of trying to have kids, his wife Salma fell pregnant.. with not one child, but two. And the day they were born, Riaaz was the happiest man alive.

Little did he know that his happiness would be short lived..

At the young age of three, Dayyanah experienced her first almost death experience. Curious child she was, Dayyanah decided to explore the pool area on a summers day of visiting. It was only when they got up to leave did Salma realize her daughter was not where she had left her -in the host’s play room. And when they found her face down in the swimming pool, it was almost too late.

Almost, but not quite. After spending a full day barely conscious, Dayyanah then had to spend a few weeks in hospital. And naturally, once she was back home, Dayyanah was watched over with greater care and showered with extra attention, more so by her father than her mother.

It didn’t end there though…

As in every family, Dayyanah was the child who constantly came home from school with bruises, the child who somehow made falling over her own feet seem like a normal thing, the child who would have so many mishaps and accidents that the hospital could be called her second home! And ultimately, between the two daughters, and even after his son was born, Riaaz loved Dayyanah the most. 

But, alas, as the years passed and the fate of the two girls who grew up together began to slowly change from a perfect family to an unenviable one, so too did their bond deteriorate. And it was the same princess of his that Riaaz once loved more that took most of the abuse… because from the two sisters, Dayyanah grew up to be the bolder sibling, although Deeyanah was not too far behind.  

And that is why, as she grew into a young lady, Dayyanah’s belief regarding the emotion of love was not the same as that of your average teenager. One might find it strange though, because unlike Deeyanah, Dayyanah started dating at an early age.

But little did Dayyanah know, that soon her broken heart would be broken all over again. And with that, the tiny inkling of faith inside her would soon be completely destroyed.

That inkling of faith that still believed in the emotion of love…


As narrated by Dee:

I watch from the window as Amaani’s uncle’s car pulls in, hoping that her cousin Fuaad isn’t with.

But much to my disappointment, he gets out of the car first… from the driver’s seat.

Does that mean Uncle Abdullah didn’t come?

The passenger door opens and Aunty Haleemah gets off.

“Amz they’re here,” I call out to her.

A sigh sounds behind me. I turn around and find Amz standing not too far away.

“Do you have to do this?” I ask, still baffled as to why all this is happening.

“It’s for the best,” Amz says quietly, not meeting my questioning gaze.

The doorbell rings.

I glance at Amz worriedly, wondering why oh why, is this happening? What is going on? Why won’t she just tell me?

Amz breaths in deeply and looks at me.

I flash a supporting smile and a thumbs up.

“You’ve got this, girl!” I say to her, hoping inside that she really does, that she knows what she’s doing…. because I honestly don’t!

Amz goes to open the door and  I follow a little further behind.

“Hey gorgeous!” greets Fuaad, moving to hug Amaani.

She stiffens and my stomach churns. I walk a little closer, making my presence known by clearing my throat.

“Amaani,” Aunty Haleemah nods stiffly, not offering her hand.

“Assalamualaikum,” Amaani greets Aunty Haleemah warmly, ignoring Fuaad.

Aunty Haleemah mumbles a reply.

I hate them! Can’t they just try to be nice at least?! It won’t even cost them anything! 

“We’ll meet pops at the offices. You’re ready to go, love?” Fuaad asks Amaani.

I want to break his ugly face!

“Yes,” Amz replies neutrally.

“C’mon then, no use wasting any time. The sooner we get everything signed and sorted, the better,” he says with a grin.

I frown.

Signed? Sorted? This was about those ‘extremely confidential’ papers then, was it? 

“I’ll just get my things,” Amaani says before walking away, leaving me alone with the two of them.

This is it. This is your chance, Dee. All you have to do is knee him where it hurts most… once he falls, you sit on his chest and squeeze his neck… hold till his eyes roll back and that’s it… that’ll be the end of him. 

But oh the scenarios we’re only brave enough to act out in our heads…

The way they flash over and over in our minds, each times improving, making us a better superhero.

He smirks at me, almost reading my mind. I shoot him a death glare.

Did I mention that I want to break his face? No? Well, forget that, because I want to break his neck! Bloody pervert.

Amaani walks in with a laptop bag in her hand.

“Let me get that for you,” offers Fuaad, reaching for her bag.

“I’m fine, thanks,” Amz replies stoically, moving the bag out of his reach.

“See you,” she says, hugging me.

“You’re Amaani Ahmad and no one messes with you, right?” I whisper in her ear.

“Yip,” she whispers back, smiling at me as she steps out of my embrace.

“Love you, see you tonight,” I say to her.

“InshaAllah,” she replies.

And out of the door they walk.

Hey. Hi. Hello. Salaam. Bonjour. Salut. Ciao. Ahoj. Bog. Marhaba. Ola.😀

Hope everyone is doing super on this Saturday night!

Right, so, it is going to be now, at this point, where I am going to tell you all, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, to please fasten your seats belts… because yes, we’re about to take off into stormy skies. 

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  1. OMG! What is it that amaani is going to do? Ewwww! That guy makes me to puke. Adding the part of dee’s childhood was amazing idea. I wonder how he changed so much. Suspense! Suspense! Suspense!

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