What they don’t tell you about pain…

This post is too well written not to share.

Warrior Whispers

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I beg to differ.

Sometimes pain doesn’t kill you, sometimes it builds up over periods of time, festering in your mind. You try your utmost to swat it away, like a mosquito in the dead of a hot summer’s night. But try as hard as you may, some pain won’t leave. It takes up permanent residence in your soul, it becomes you. It enters your life and takes over completely, engulfing  your soul wholly to a point where you can’t separate yourself from the hurt and the hurt from yourself.

Some pain drowns you in your own tears. More often than not it leaves you gasping, hoping, wishing for a breath of air. It brings you to your knees and has you begging the world for mercy. It forces you deep within an abyss of nostalgia, a downward spiral of darkness. Your…

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