*Asma, this one’s for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

As narrated by Sumayya:

Inviting Tayyiba’s friends is going to be the most difficult part, because I’m sure their parents will phone to confirm and offer to send things. Taybs has 5 main friends at school, but 5 people are too little to have an amazing party!

After much contemplation, I decide that Shakirah and I will go to each child’s house and fetch them.

I quickly message Shakirah, asking her if that’s okay with her.

She replies a few minutes later.

SHAKIRAH: Sure, np (No problem)ย forย me but do you have all their addresses?

Oh shucks!ย 

Why are there so many things to think about for a birthday party?!!

ME: Any suggestions??ย 

SHAKIRAH: I’ll think about it & let you know

ME: *thumbs up*

I sit and think about it for a while, too, but much to my annoyance, I can’t think of a way to invite her friends. And you can’t have a party without friends!

I resolve to not get irritated and worked up, but instead carry on with the other things.

I check my list.

Buy birthday decorations and treats.

That shouldn’t be too difficult, considering there are aisles full of birthday decorations in shops. The difficult part is going to be getting to the shops and back!

“Hamzaaaaa!” I call, loudly.

Tybalt, who is laying curled up against my pillows, opens an eye on hearing me shout, but resumes napping as soon as I turn around to stroke his soft coat.

“Yes, your highness?” asks Hamza, coming into my room.

“I need to go to the shops please,” I say to him.

“So go,” he replies, coming to sit next to Tybalt.

“Please can you take me?” I ask as nicely as possible, even though I want to roll my eyes and tell him to get out of my room.

He’s my only means of getting what I want right now.

“Your cat is almost as lazy as you, you know,” he says, ignoring my question and patting Tybalt roughly.

“Don’t hit him!” I say, shooing his hand away.

“I’m patting it,” he replies.

Putting Tybalt onto my lap, I scoot away from Hamza and ask, “So you’re taking me to the shops, right?”

He looks at me, deliberating.

“I’ll buy you something,” I offer, smiling.

Anything to just get to the shops, really.

“What do you need?” he asks, ignoring my offer.

Oh shoot! Think fast!

“Urm…” I start, unsure of what to say.

“I.. I need lady kind things… you know..” I say.

“Oh, yeah sure, let’s go,” he replies.

“I’ll just grab my keys,” he says, hurrying out.

Hahaha, YES!

“How much do you need?” asks Hamza, as we look for a parking.

“R300 is fine, please.”

He looks at me, shocked.

“What? You think it’s cheap being a woman?!” I ask, defensively.

Okay, maybe I did ask for a little too much…

He raises an eyebrow, but doesn’t say anything.

“I’ll come with you,” he says, as we park.

“No, I’ll be fine,” I say quickly.

“Make it snappy,” he says, handing me the money.

“Thanks brotherrrrr, you’re the best,” I say, unbuckling my seat belt and getting off.

“I know,” he replies with a grin, as I close the door.

I shoot him one last eye roll, for now, and then move along.

I really do try my best to ‘make it snappy’ but there are, like, so many nice things that I just feel the need to get!

15 minutes later, my phone rings.

It’s Hamza. Duh!

I don’t answer but instead send him a message saying I’ll be 5 minutes.

But 10 minutes later, he’s calling again, because yes, I am still shopping.

I grab a couple more things and then go to pay.

“That will be R365.98,” says the cashier.

I reach inside my pocket for the money Hamza gave me.

Wait, WHAT??

I glance at the screen to check if she’s actually being serious.

I spent three hundred and sixty five rands on birthday decorations and sweets?!

Surely that’s not possible! I mean, come on.

“Urm, are you sure?” I ask the cashier.

She gives me a look and I guiltily explain to her that I don’t have enough money.

She looks at me wearily and I have no option but to take out some items and treats.

I apologize to the cashier and the lady who packed my things in packets, and then hurry on.

After a crazy argument with Hamza and a long drive home, I stash the packets in my closet, throwing all my shoes over them.

I notice that Asr time is almost over and dash to make a quick wudhu, then hastily read my Salaah.

Later, after supper, Abba tells us that Daadi (Paternal Grandmother) is not well and that they’ll be going to Benoni, where Daadi and Daada (Paternal Grandfather) live, to visit.

They said they would leave early the next morning and be back by the evening. None of us kids can go with, because we have school.

The next day, after school, Shakirah arrives.

We spend the afternoon baking Tayb’s birthday cake, which Shakirah skillfully decorates beautifully. And when mummy calls later that afternoon, to say that Daadi isn’t doing well at all and they’ll be staying over, Shakirah and I couldn’t have been more excited.

By the evening I’ve organized the jumping castle, bought the decorations and sweets, and we’ve baked the cake.

We then proceed to scour the internet for party game ideas and other fun things to play.

I go to sleep, with only 2 things on my ‘To Do’ list.

  1. Hire Jumping Castle.
  2. Invite friends.
  3. Buy birthday decorations and treats.
  4. Find new, different games for the kids to play.
  5. Bake a cake.
  6. Set up everything.

Sunday morning arrives sooner than I thought it would, and Shakirah and I leave early to set up Amz and Dee’s garden for the party.

Yesterday we had decided to just call Tayyiba’s friend’s parents, and take the risk, considering mummy and Abba were away. And so far I had received no calls from the parents.

By 7am we have everything set up and ready. Now we just have to pick up Tayyiba from home, and wait for her friends to arrive.




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    luv u tonsโ™ฅ ur blog is thy best……..misssinn Meez my fav character:D

    i knw it sooon to ask but whens the nxt 1 comin??
    if its ny time soon i promise to giv u a bunch of roses n chocs……soooo plzzz make it like tom plzz pretty plzzz.*im sure u want to kill me*lol

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