Sixty Five

As narrated by Amaani:

Tuesday afternoon Dee and I go to Greenstone Mall to do some shopping.

I think this is one of the most difficult parts of having to be an adult when you’re still a child. The cleaning isn’t too bad and Aunty Tembi does most of it anyway. Cooking isn’t even a problem because from small I’ve always loved the kitchen and I had learnt a lot from Ummi before she passed on. But shopping for things like groceries, household items, etc, is a nightmare! Most of the time Uncle Ismaeel and Aunty Aadila do it for us, or we go with them, but today we decided to do it ourselves because we just needed a few things. Worst decision ever!!

Dee was like a little child, telling me we need everything which we didn’t, strolling off on her own, and then just as we’re about to leave, she drags me into a clothing store because apparently she saw ‘the perfect T-shirt’ for Sumayya. Sighing, I grudgingly follow her, warning her we’ve got 10 minutes max.

“That one,” says Dee, pointing to a white T-shirt with pink and black print.

It reads, “I’m not short I’m just compact and ridiculously adorable.”


Smiling in agreement, we pick her size (small, duh!) and I queue to pay. Thankfully the queues aren’t long, being it a weekday.

“Next,” calls a lady and I walk down to paytill 6. As the lady is scanning the item, Dee comes rushing over and places a grey hoodie on the counter.

I raise my eyebrows, questioningly.

“Zee,” she replies, showing me the print with a grin.


Either Dee has all of a sudden become really good at buying gifts or the shop has really good items in store! That’s so apt for Zee!

Dee grabs the packet and we leave the store.

“Let’s get Meez something too, while we’re at it,” I suggest.

“Of course,” she agrees.

20 minutes later, we still haven’t found something suitable for Meez. We decide to stop at Panarottis to get some milkshake and then try one more store.

Finally after strolling through the boys section, I find the perfect T-shirt for Meez!


I beckon Dee over lifting the top to show it to her, when all of a sudden some one snatches it from behind me.

“Oh my Gaawwd, my boyfriend would luuuurrve this T!” screeches a girl.

I spin around, eyebrows raised.

Standing in front of me now, is girl of medium height, raised on wedged shoes. A long nose and well done contouring adds some length to her round, slightly chubby face. Long lashes surround the midnight black eyes which look me up and down, as my own do to her. Her clearly dyed, freshly straightened hair falls to her waist.

“Thanks, I’ll just take this if you don’t mind,” she says with fake sweetness, holding up the T-shirt she had grabbed from my hand.

Dee is beside me now, a small smirk on her face.

She doesn’t mind, but too bad I do,” says Dee, just as ‘sweetly’.

I nudge Dee softly, warningly. But her smirk only gets bigger and I sincerely feel this girl sorry. She’s messing with the wrong people! And the only reason I don’t stop Dee again, is because I don’t want her to stop. Dee hasn’t shown a snob who is ‘the real boss’, as she likes to put it, in a long time and I’m partially excited to see how this is going to turn out. Back in the day, Dee used to do this so often that many thought her to be a bully! All she does though is give them taste of their own medicine – with a much higher dosage!

“So I’m extremely sorry love, but you’re going to have to give that back,” finishes Dee.

“Oh that’s okay, I’ll just grab another one,” she replies, flashing us a wide fake smile as she hands it over.

I move away from the rack, trying to hide a smile.

She turns around, realizing that was the last one, looking slightly annoyed now.

She mumbles something under breath and tries to walk away but Dee steps in front of her.

“Sorry what was that, love?”

“You little bi*ch,” she mutters, glaring at Dee, then pushing her aside.

“Damn girl, I must say, your attitude is on fleek! Winging it better than your lousy attempt with the eyeliner,” says Dee as she starts to walk away.

I gasp, looking at Dee partially horrified, partially amused.

The girl turns around, smoothly flipping her long hair.

“Hey, aren’t you the same girl who won “Bi*ch of the year”, about 2 years back?” she asks, looking completely pissed now.

“Yeah, it’s a shame I didn’t win this year because you were nominated,” Dee fires back, not missing a beat.

She looks momentarily surprised, and then annoyed again.

“Meez should have been here. He’d have shown you’ll!” she says, stomping her foot angrily, which I couldn’t help but laugh at.

But my laughter quickly stopped when I registered what she had just said.

Wait, what?

“And Meez is who? Your bodyguard?” asks Dee, masking her own surprise much quicker than I.

“Rameez Varchia, my boyfriend, actually,” she replies.

Oh my God, WHAT??!!

She turns around, expertly flipping her hair and stalks off.

Hey. Hi. Hello. Salaam. Bonjour. Salut. Ciao. Ahoj. Bog. Marhaba. Ola.😀

Soo, whad’ya think? Do the T-shirts suit their friends or naah? Is ‘the girl’ Nabeelah or naah? Did Dee go a bit overboard or naah? Drop your thoughts in the comment section. 😉

Much Love.

❤ ❤ ❤


9 thoughts on “Sixty Five

  1. i need that short and adorable T-shirt😌😂
    High five Dee👏🏻👏🏻 those comebacks were so damn good😎😎
    Eww Meez has bad taste in girls. Shame🙄

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh another post!
    I think its Nabeela😐
    Naah Dee is just being her awesome self by throwing thos comebacks! She never over react! Way to go Dee👍
    Amazing and funny
    Eagerly awaiting the next post😘

    Liked by 1 person

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