Sixty Four

As narrated by Meez:

My phone vibrates next to me. I pause the movie I’m watching and pick it up.

1:37 am. 

1 new message from Dee.

My phone vibrates again.

2 new messages from Dee.

WhatsApp Chat:

DEE: U awake?

DEE: obvs u’re awake

Grinning, I text her back.

ME: Shut up I’m slping and u’re disturbing

DEE: Ha ha so funny

ME: ‘sup why u’re awake

DEE: Bcoz I’m not asleep

ME: What an original comeback

DEE: I know, thanks *cry-laughing emoji*

ME: No, really now

DEE: Can’t sleep

DEE: You keep haunting my dreams

ME: As a prince you’re scared to fall in love with?

DEE: Haha is that what you’re dreaming because ‘In your dreeeaaammss!’

DEE: Lmaooo I’m so funny omg

This girl!

ME: Smh (Shaking my head) Are u high on caffeine again? 

DEE: Nope I’m Deeyanah

Oh dear Lord!

ME: I’m going to sleep bye

DEE: Don’t liiieee

DEE: U’re not going to sleep

DEE: U don’t ever sleep early

DEE: U stay awake and do haraam stuff

ME: U mean like talking to u?

She doesn’t reply immediately and I grin. Got’cha.

DEE: Daaaamn didn’t see that coming…

I text back lightheartedly, not wanting Dee to start with that 1 am ‘I need to change my life and become a better Muslim’ talk.

ME: Just reminding you who’s the real comeback king

DEE: U might be the comeback king, but I’m the comeback queen

DEE: Annnnnnddd

ME: And what is a king without a queen, yeah yeah get over urself smh

DEE: U said it boyyyy

ME: Small girls like you should be asleep at this time of the night

DEE: It’s morning dumbass

DEE: Hahahaha

DEE: And I am NOT small

ME: Well u’re very energetic considering it’s so early in the MORNING

ME: U are small 

ME: Small small small 

ME: U’re a smaaaalll little girl

DEE: And u’re a rude naaring idiot 

ME: Aww someone’s getting annoyed now

DEE: Shut up go sleep 

ME: GLADLY! I’ve been waiting for u to say that from the start of this convo

I go offline, ignoring my phone as it vibrates several times.

Not really in a mood to carry on watching the movie I had previously been watching, I shut down my laptop and get into bed.

Reading Dee’s messages from my notifications, I grin to myself.

DEE: Oh shut up stop lying to urself

DEE: Hey u’re really going

DEE: Come back

DEE: Meez

DEE: Omg I just realized that I told u to go and u went 

DEE: U actually listened to me WOOOW

DEE: MEEEEZ stop being a prick

At least she’s clearly not angry with me. 

But that’s only because she doesn’t know the full story, I realize, dismayed.

Her next message spikes my interest and I go back online.

DEE: Meez serious I have something to talk to u about

ME: Yeah?

DEE: Oh so now u’re awake

ME: Deeyanah c’mon now 

DEE: Sorry

ME: Now what is it that u want to talk abwt?

DEE: Nothing

And there we have it, ladies and gentleman – The real Deeyanah back again.

ME: Don’t

DEE: Whaaaat?

ME: Dee

DEE: Yeah??

ME: Stop it

DEE: Okay

She goes offline and I sigh.

ME: Well if you don’t want to tell me whatever u need to can I tell u whatever I need to

She comes online again and replies a few seconds later.


DEE: Bcoz I already know what u gonna say

DEE: And I don’t want to hear it

ME: Well I’m going to tell u anyway

DEE: Or read it or whatever

ME: U need to stop blocking everyone out

DEE: Lol look who’s talking

DEE: But since u insist

DEE: I wanted to ask

DEE: U said that Dayyanah changed

DEE: How so?

Oh shit.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything..

ME: Well she was wearing different clothes for one

DEE: Can we just have a serious conversation Meez

DEE: This is important okay

ME: We have to have this discussion face to face

DEE: It doesn’t matter

DEE: Just tell me here

DEE: Now

ME: No

ME: Pls go to sleep

ME: We’ll talk tmrw

I start typing after a few minutes again, knowing that I’m letting the A.M. me talk but not caring much of it.

ME: Listen to me Dee. It’s nothing nice okay. It’s not what you expect and I don’t want to tell you on here because then I won’t be there to help you take in the news. You’re going to hate me when I tell you the whole story and I’m sorry. I know I’ve messed up, I know I’m a shit friend and I know you don’t even need to know the full story to hate my guts but I’m going to tell it to u anyway. Not now, but when I’m ready to. Bcoz u deserve to know the truth. No one deserves to be lied to.

I wait for her reply..

But it doesn’t come.

As narrated by Dee:

I read Meez’s message.

Then, I read it again.

And again. And again.

But each time, only one sentence seems to make its way into my head.

‘No one deserves to be lied to.’

And each time I read it, only one person comes to mind.

My little brother..


Hey. Hi. Hello. Salaam. Bonjour. Salut. Ciao. Ahoj. Bog. Marhaba. Ola.😀

I hope you’ve had/are having a good day wherever in the world you and whatever in the world you are doing.

Just a friendly reminder, that yes, I know that ya’ll have many unanswered questions, many suspicions and many doubts [ WHICH YOU CAN TELL ME ABOUT IN THE COMMENT SECTION BTW 😉 ] , buuuut everything will be unfolded in due time Insha Allah. ‘Nother thing, I hope ya’ll are aware that a lot of things happening are haraam. Please don’t think it’s fun and cool and awesome and whatever you want to think it is, because it’s not. I’m only putting it in now to show the effects it has later, so please do bear with me. Annnnnd finally, (yeah, yeah I’m getting to the end) thanks so much for all the support and I hope you, you you you, the beautiful person reading this, will stay till the end of the journey.

❤ ❤ ❤


6 thoughts on “Sixty Four

  1. Loving the story 💜 , read from the start in 2 hours 😀
    Miss authoress you are a doing an amazing job👌. Keep it up 👍😘
    Don’t take to long with the next post 😉

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