Sixty Two

As narrated by Zee:

As soon as I wake up on Sunday morning, I put a message on the group chat, in hope that by the time I’m out of the shower, I’ll have received some response. Not an ordinary message though, but rather, a voice note of me imitating a rooster’s crow! You can imagine how that must sound considering I’ve just woken up!!

I get out of bed, brush my teeth, and then hop into the shower.

A quick shower later, I find my phone light flashing, indicating a new message.

WhatsApp Group chat:

DEE: Really now Zee?? You think that’s gonna wake these sleepy chickens up??

ME: Well is seems to have worked for you ;p

Few seconds later, my phone rings.

Incoming Call – Deeyanah Mahomed.

“Hey hey,” I greet with a grin.

“What’s up rooster head?” she greets back cheerily.

“Nothing muuuuuch,” I reply lazily. “Just trying to get everyone up so we can go out and do something.”

“Well Amz is still asleep, so I can’t say you’re doing too well,” teases Dee.

“I know,” I grumble. “Any suggestions?”

“How about you just let everyone sleep and we all just hang out here at ours once everyone is awake?”

“You’re no fun,” I complain.

“Hey! That will be fun!”

“No it won’t.”

“Yes it will.”


“Will. Now ssshhhh!”

“Okay, but it won’t.”


“Whaaat?” I ask, grinning to myself even though she can’t see me.

“You’re such a prick!”

“I am not! I’m such a kind, wonderful, handsome human being!” I say innocently.

“Oh shut up,” she says, but I can hear her smiling. “Why did you even call me?”

“I didn’t. You called me!”

“Really?! Oh my God, what was I thinking?!” she groans exaggeratedly.

“You probably weren’t thinking!” I say, laughing.

“Yeah, probably wasn’t,” she mumbles.

Neither of us say anything for a while.

Then, Dee speaks again.

“Yesterday, at the hospital..”


And she goes on to tell me, as she does every day, how Daanyaal is doing, what they spoke about, and what she left him for supper.

“What must I do Zee?” she asks, sounding way too exhausted for a 14 year old. “How am I going to tell him the truth?”

“Everything will fall into place, you’ll see. He’s going to have to hear it sooner or later and there isn’t a very nice way of saying it, so don’t stress yourself out unnecessarily.”

“But how do I know when to tell him? He’s so confused and upset and.. and urrgh, I don’t know!”

“You’ll know, trust me.”

I hear her sigh on the other end.

“Remember how you used to tell me, that time when I had to move and all that crap, that things will work out, I just had to be patient, yeah? Well, now I’m telling you that everything will work out, because look at where I am now. Like you said, everything worked out, it just needed time and patience.”

“Yeah but Zee, that’s different. That was having to move house. This is having to tell  an innocent 12 year old that, ‘No, your mum won’t be coming to see you while you’re in hospital.’ It’s having to tell your little brother that his father, who is nothing like what a father should be, is responsible for him being in hospital.”

She carries on talking, her voice rising, her language escalating. And I don’t interrupt her. I listen, silently, because it is a rare occurrence for her to expresses her feelings. It is not often that she vents her anger. And it is only once in a blue moon that one gets to listen to the thoughts in Deeyanah’s head.

And then she’s quiet, built up emotions of vivid memories escaping her in the form she hates it most. In the form of what she calls a weakness.

In the form of tears…

As narrated by Sumayya:

By 9:00 am we are all at Amz and Dee’s place, ready to go.

After various opinions and options, we unanimously agreed on going to Gold Reef City for the day. Dee seemed to be having a bit of a downer than usual day and we had to, like, beg her to come along, and after a lot of moaning and complaining she said she’ll join us. Not like we gave her much of a choice though!

Hamza is coming along, only because we need him to drive us, but obviously we didn’t tell him that! 😉

Something was off about the car journey though..

Besides Dee being awfully quiet, Zee was on his phone the entire time, which is totally unlike him. He also seemed to be sort of, like, avoiding Meez. It was almost awkward. Something was definitely amiss!

Nevertheless, after spending way too much time for my liking under the sun in the long queues, we entered Gold Reef City.

After a brief congregated discussion on how we should use our time, who wants to go where, etc, we headed towards the the Town Square.

We decided to do the Tower of Terror first, because hey, once you’ve done the ride with fear rating 10/10, you have no excuse not to do the others!

Ride after ride, roller coaster after roller coaster, Gold Reef City was a total blast!


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