Fifty Six

As narrated by Deeyanah:

WhatsApp group chat:

Sumayya: GUESSWHATGUESSWHAT?!!!!?!!!!!

2 minutes later:

Amaani: Whoa calm down there, honey

Meez: Jeez S, my phone nearly explode


I smile. These guys!

I had finally got down to reading all my messages and decided that I definitely wouldn’t be ignoring messages and calls again any time soon, because heck, my friends don’t ever shut up!


Well that’s a legitimate reason for her to be that excited. Sumayya’s wanted a cat from the time I knew her! All her assignments animal related were be about cats. She even went through a phase where she covered her room walls with huge cat posters!


Meez: Hpfully you’ll talk less now, because that’s all u used to talk abwt b4

Amaani: That’s so cool!

Sumayya: Oh shut up Meez

Amaani: I’m so happy for you! 🙂

Zee: I’m never visiting you again

Just like me, Zee hates cats! I don’t think he is afraid of them, like I am, I think he just doesn’t take a liking to them. Something about their hair falling too much.

Me: That makes two of us..


Sumayya: U alive!!

Me: Haha, yeah I am 🙂 

Meez: Just don’t put your cat near her or she might not answer next time

Amaani: Meez!

Zee: Ayt guys listen up

Meez: It’s called 7 up bro

Sumayya: Lmao Meez

Zee: Sooo, I was just thinking.. we haven’t spent much time together recently.. 

Meez: Yeah i miss u 2 bro


Meez: Swry go on then

Sumayya: *Teary laughing emoji*

Zee: Like I was saying, since we ALL haven’t spent much time altogether recently, I was thinking maybe we could do something this weekend??

Amaani: Smart thinking Zee!

Sumayya: Saturday I’m unavailable

Sumayya: Going to get my cat 🙂

Sumayya: Sunday I’m on for

Me: ‘Do something’ meaning what exactly? Go out? Chill at someone’s house?? 

Zee: Idk (I don’t know) That’s y I’m asking yall

Zee: So, suggestions?

Amaani walks into my room, phone in her hand.

“What do you think?” she asks, getting comfy next to me on the bed.

“I don’t know…” I reply, trailing off. “What’s your verdict?”

“I think we should go out,” says Amaani. “You haven’t been out of the house, like beside for school and hospital, for ages!”

“Yeah, and nothing’s happened to me,” I say, rolling my eyes.

“Let’s not go through that,” says Amaani, giving me a knowing look.

I swear this child has that sixth sense of a mother and she isn’t even a mother yet!

My phone vibrates.

Zee: Amz??

Zee: Dee??

Zee: And Meez u can speak now u idiot

“I’m just going to put my opinion, I really think we should go out and do something,” says Amaani. “It’ll do us all good.”

Amaani: I think we should go out 

Amaani: ALL of us 

I roll my eyes.

“I get the point,” I mumble.

“That’s for Meez also,” she replies.

Amaani: Dee suggests 

I grab her phone, not wanting her to send the rest of the message, knowing she’ll put the wrong thing.

“Hey!” she exclaims, jumping up.

Zee: Yeah, what does Dee suggest??

Me: I suggest we all hang out here at our place

Zee: Ok 

Meez: Idk if I’m going to be avlbl…

Sumayya: Lol Meez are u EVER avlbl?!

“Well, finally someone said it,” mumbles Amaani.

Later that day, Sumayya comes over.

I open the door just a crack and peep out.

“Do you have that cat with you?” I ask anxiously.

“Noooo!” laughs Sumayya. “I haven’t even got it yet!”

“Ohhh yaa you said you going on Saturday,” I reply, slapping my forehead at my forgetfulness.

“Can I come in then?” she asks, grinning.

I open the door for her, greeting her with a hug.

“Hey, hey pretty girl,” Amaani says, coming down the stairs.

“I haven’t seen you guys in, like, soooo long!” says Sumayya dramatically as she hugs Amaani.

“You seen us this morning in school!” Amaani points out, laughing with a frown.

“Yeah, yeah but like, you know what I mean!” she says, playfully shoving her.

We spend the afternoon playing games, chilling out, messing around and just having the ultimate girl time.

At some point Sumayya indirectly brings up the dreaded topic of the whole Daanyaal saga and, seeing where it’s heading, I make an excuse of needing to use the bathroom and leave. And when I get back, Amz must have told her that something because it’s not mentioned again.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Sumayya and we get along well. She’s super fun and an awesome friend. But, unlike Meez and Zee, who I’ve known since we started school, Sumayya only joined our group about 2 years ago. That was at around the same time my life started changing drastically.

I still haven’t told her the full story that I hate telling people about, although I’m sure she’s guessed part of it by now. I don’t plan on telling her either, simply because I don’t feel the need to burden her with my problems when she’s such a happy, carefree person. I would never want to be the one to take that away from her, like how my father took it away from me.

Sumayya had brought tortillas which her mum made, so we had that for supper.  After performing Easha Salaah (Muslims’ 5th prayer of the day) we made individual mug cakes, which we ate around lighthearted conversation.

Sumayya and Amaani are really into politics, world news, those kinda things, and I’m the total opposite! You’d think having two friends who are always discussing the situation of the world we live in, would eventually intrigue me and get me involved. Nope, you’re wrong! I totally zone out whenever they start one of those conversations, hence the casual chatter tonight.

After Sumayya left, I jumped straight into bed, ready to get some sleep.

But oh those troubled illusions which mess with my mind…


Hey. Hi. Hello. Salaam. Bonjour. Salut. Ciao. Ahoj. Bog. Marhaba. Ola. 😀

Hope everyone’s doing good!

Don’t forget to drop me a comment, would love to hear yall’s thoughts. 🙂

Much Love ❤

P.S. Remember to start reading your dua for Rajab if you haven’t already.


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