Fifty Five

As narrated by Deeyanah:

Until it happened to Daanyaal, I didn’t really understand the seriousness of a coma and the effects it has on a person. You see it in movies, you read about it in books, you hear about it in real life. But like every other situation, you can’t understand it until you’ve experienced it.

The right side of Daanyaal’s brain took most of the beating, thus being more affected. And for once I was thankful that he is left-handed. Teaching a left-handed kid not to eat with their left hand ain’t no joke! 

I’m partially grateful that he can’t remember what lead to the coma but at the same time, partially crushed that he can’t even remember who I am.

It has been two long, exhausting weeks since Daanyaal has come out of the coma.

It’s school in the mornings, though I have barely being going, then visiting hours are at 4:oo pm to 5:30 pm, homework and studying in the evenings and then, more often than not, sleepless nights.

But at least he’s out of the coma so surely that’s good news, right?

Well, yes it is good news.

Good news minus the fact that he couldn’t even recognize me due to memory loss, minus the permanent scar on his forehead, minus him being unable to concentrate for longer than few minutes at a time, minus him being extra clumsy and needing extra help with even little things. He can’t do many things, too many things.

But amidst it all, amidst all the emotions I felt, all the happiness, all the pain, all the sadness, all the anger, all the hatred, amidst it all, I have learnt perseverance.

“And be patient. Surely Allah is with those who are patient.” (Qur’aan 8:46)

At the brink of giving up all hope, Daanyaal waking up struck something inside me. Like how showers of rain, after a scorching day, once again give hope to a withering flower, just the fact that Daanyaal had woken up, that too gave me hope. And not only did it give me a renewed hope, but it also blossomed a realization.

A realization of just how merciful our Creator is.

It could have been worse, who knows. He could have not even woken up!

And even though I know the next few months won’t be easy, even though the chances that Daanyaal would ever return completely back to normal aren’t looking good, even though things might never be the same, I am grateful.

It’s strange, isn’t it, how during difficulties we are quick to turn to Allah, yet as soon as it passes, we return to our usual selves, forgetting He who removed our difficulty.

Never forget that sometimes calamities are afflicted upon us, through which our bonds with Allah will strengthen. We should therefore always turn to Him first, during times of sadness, as well as happiness. 


As narrated by Sumayya:


“Jee mummy?”

“Come here for a minute, please.”

I grudgingly put down my pen and close my Tourism notebook.

Pretty much everything about taking short holiday trips, during the school term are pretty awesome, except catching up homework!!

still have not managed to catch up all the tourism notes, which they’ve done two Fridays ago! And no, that doesn’t show how lazy I am, it shows just how much work it is!! Dammit!

I go to the dining room where I find my whole family seated. Abba (father) is busy on his laptop, mum is cutting pictures from a magazine with Tayyibah, my 5 year old sister, and Hamza is typing away on his phone.

“Jee mummy?”

“Sit down, Abba has something to tell you,” replies my mother.

Oh crap, what have I done wrong, what have I done wrong?! Surely Hamza didn’t tell him about the guy I mistook for a girl and spoke to in P.E. Whaaat?! It’s not my fault that I’m dumb sometimes and even Hamza said that if you did’t look properly you’d have easily mistaken him for a girl. And anyway, he approached me!! 

I sat down, trying to get Hamza’s attention, which I eventually had to do by kicking him under the table.

“OW!” he exclaims loudly, looking up. “What was that for?!”

Oh gosh, trust him to be such an idiot. 

I roll my eyes, shooting him daggers.

“Sumayya,” says Abba, getting my attention.

“Jee,” I reply, my heart beating a little faster.

Oh, calm down Sumayya! You haven’t done anything wrong. 

“Do you still want a cat?” asks Abba.

“Huh?” I reply, totally not expecting that.

“A cat you douche, do you still want a cat or has the top of your ‘What I want most:’ chart for the past 7 years change?” asks Hamza, smirking.

“Yeah,” I reply quickly, suddenly excited. “I mean, no it hasn’t changed.”

My mum laughs next to me.

“Well, if you’re still interested, there’s an option available.”

What does that mean? Eyyh, why couldn’t Abba just speak at my level?!

I turn to my mummy, frowning.

“What Abba is saying is that we’ll buy you a cat if you still want one,” mummy says with a smile.

Are they being serious?!

“Jee, I’m listening?” Abba says, waiting for my reply.

“Like, for real?” I ask, not quite believing them. “Like, you’ll really get me a cat?”

Hamza scratches his head, rolling his eyes.

“If you still want one, yes,” replies mummy.

“Yesyesohmygoshplease!” I screech, ecstatic.

I jump up to hug my parents and in all my jubilation, I end up tripping over my own feet.

Hamza bangs the table, doubled over with laughter while Tayyibah tries to hide her giggles behind a magazine.

But I’m too happy for it to bother me.

I am finally getting a cat!!


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