Fifty Four

As narrated by Deeyanah:

Raising my pillow against my headboard, I lean back, looking at Meez expectantly.

He lowers his head, exhales, and then says, “Please don’t freak out.”

“Bro, that’s making me freak out,” says Zee. “Just get to the point.”

I look at Zee gratefully and he smiles back.

A long moment of silence passes and Amaani shifts next to me, opening her mouth to speak. But, Meez beats her to it.

Looking up, directly at me, he says, “IsawDayyanahlastnight.”


“What?” Zee asks, his voice mirroring my own confusion.

Meez averts his gaze, looking towards the window, a sigh escaping his lips.

“Bro,  I didn’t catch what you said. My ears can’t listen that fast man,” says Zee, a frown creasing his forehead.

“Amaani can you just…” Meez starts.

“Dayyanah!” says Amaani.

I turn towards her, inhaling sharply.

What about her?

“What about her?” asks Zee.

“Meez saw her.” Amaani says.

“Meez saw Dayyanah last night,” she repeats slowly.

For a moment I’m not sure if I’ve heard correctly.

Meez saw my twin last night? 

Wait, did Amz just say that Meez saw my twin last night?

Did Amz just say – 

“Dayyanah? As in Dee’s twin?” asks Zee, bewildered.

“WHY IS EVERYONE ACTING SO STUPID WHEN I TELL THEM?!” asks Meez, standing up, clearly somewhat annoyed.

“Nooo, Zee, Dee’s twin grandmother!” he carries on, sarcasm lacing his voice.”Obviously, Dee’s twin sister! Bro are you dumb or -”

“Rameez, that’s enough,” Amaani cuts him off sternly.

Muttering obscenities, he walks out of the room.

“Wow, talk about mood swings,” mumbles Zee.

I get up and go to Amaani’s room where Meez sits, his head in his hands.

“Hey, you okay?” I ask, hesitantly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to annoy you. I’m just… well, surprised, I guess.”

But surprise wasn’t the only emotion I currently felt..

Meez looks up, rubbing his eyes.

Why does he always look so tired recently?

“Meez?” I press, hoping he won’t shut me out. “What’s going on?”

And much to my surprise, he replies with an actual answer. A reasonable answer.

“Too much,” he says softly. “And before you ask.. No, I don’t want to speak about it.”

“Not now, at least,” he adds, sighing.

“Why not?” I ask.

“You’ve got enough happening in your life and my ‘problems’ are pathetic next to yours,” he says.

“Don’t be silly! I don’t -”

“No,” he says.

“No what?” I ask.

“I don’t know!” he groans, dropping his face into his hands again.

I almost laugh at that.

“Did you at least get her number?” asks Zee, walking into the room, Amaani following closely behind.

“Huh?” Meez and I ask in unison.

“Her number. Did you get it?” Zee asks again.

“Whose number?” asks Meez.

“WHY IS EVERYONE ACTING SO STUPID?!” Zee says dramatically mimicking Meez.

Ohhh, haha!

Meez rolls his eyes.

“No,” he says simply.

We wait for him to explain why, to elaborate, but he doesn’t.

“Pathetic! Expected better than that bro,” teases Zee.

“Wait, where did you say you saw her?” I ask.

“I didn’t,” replies Meez. “I didn’t say where I saw her.”

“Well, where did  you see her?” I ask.

A look of dread is clearly visible on his face but he quickly hides it.

“That’s not really important,” he says, hurriedly. “I don’t think -”

“Why don’t you just tell us everything, from the beginning,” says Amaani. “Where was she? Who was she with? Did you go to her or did she come to you?”

Meez suddenly looks uncomfortable, pushing back his undone, gel free hair.

“Look, I don’t really know how to say this, I’m shit with words, you’ll know that..”

“Language, Meez!” reprimands Amaani.

“Sorry,” he mumbles. “Like I was saying, I didn’t talk to her much.. and, yeah.”

Oh for goodness sake!!

Zee sighs next to me, exasperated.

“I maayyy have mistaken her for Dee,” he admits sheepishly.

I smile.

“That must have been so awkward!” laughs Amz.

After a moment of silence he speaks again.

“She’s… changed,” he says, sounding unsure.

My breath catches.

“Changed in what way?” I ask, not sure if I really want to hear the answer.

What if…

“I don’t know how to say it without…” he trails off.

“Just say it!” says Amaani. “Other than feelings for me, Dee has no feelings anyway.”

“You mean, particularly not for you,” I say to Amaani.

Rameez starts speaking again but the sound of Amaani’s phone ringing cuts him off.

After a short conversation, Amaani puts down her phone and say, “That was Daanyaal’s doctor..”

My heart instantly beats faster.

Please let it be good news..

“What did he say?” I ask.


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  1. Thanks for the post but pls can we have a bonus post. Too many questions unanswered!! And we cant wait long …plz can we have a bonus..just for tonight!! Thanks in advance 😉😘😘😘

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