Fifty Three

As narrated by Meez:

Oh crap!

A thick, awkward silence suddenly fills the room.

I stare desperately at Amaani, but I can’t read her expression.

“Going to tell me what?” Dee asks again.

I glance her way but her penetrating gaze is too difficult to meet.

This is my friend. A close friend; a true friend. And I had wronged her so much recently.

That small, nagging voice, which seems to be unable to shut up these past few weeks, speaks up again.

You need to get your shit together, Rameez.

I push it away, thinking about how to solve the current dilemma instead. Now is not the time..

“Let’s go to the room and talk,” Amaani suggests, finally breaking the silence.

I look at Dee again and find her gaze still on me. Her eyes demand answers.

Jeez, this is uncomfortable.

“Hey, I know I’m hot, you can stop staring now,” I tease, smirking.

But my attempt to lighten the situation fails. Her gaze doesn’t falter; she doesn’t even blink!

I follow Amz towards the stairs where Dee stands. She follows our every movement, alert.

“C’mon Dee, let’s go up,” Amz says to her when she doesn’t move to follow us.

Ignoring her, Dee asks for a third to to know what’s going on.

“Well if you must know, right here, and right now..” I start dramatically.

“Rameez,” Amaani cuts me off, warningly.

“What??” I ask, innocently. “She turned into a blimmin’ statue that can only move it’s eyes, speak, and hear.”

“Look,” I say, reaching to poke her shoulder.

Quick as lightning, her hand moves away from her hip to grasp my wrist.

Whoa. Easy now, Meez.

“Now that you have something reliable to hold onto…” I begin, smirking.

Her eyes narrow, throwing all her built up anger at me in a single, hard look.

She needs to vent. She needs to talk to someone, to let go of all that anger.

“Meez, I don’t-”

Amaani is cut off by the incessant sound of the bell ringing.

Only Zee rings the bell like that!

Yeah, and maybe me as well..!

Amaani looks uncertainly from me to Dee. Then, without a word she turns on her heel and walks away.

Well, guess it’s just me and a time bomb now. A time bomb which I don’t know when will go off..

Looking down at my imprisoned hand, and then at her, I raise my eyebrows.

She doesn’t loosen her grip, she doesn’t say a word.

“Dee..” I begin, hesitantly.

I have so much to say and I have no idea where to start…

Hey you bunch of amazing people.

Hope ya’ll all doing superb!

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a short post, tell me something else in the comments rather! Something like whether you think Meez is going to tell Dee that he has seen her twin or not? 😉 

I was going to write a long ass Author’s note, to make the post seem long, but that’s not working out too well either. Sooo, I’ll stop rambling now. 

Don’t forget to spread the word, like, comment and share. 🙂

Stay awesome 😉



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