Fifty Two

As narrated by Amaani:

Meez: You’re not going to believe who I saw last night!

His voice sounds excited yet disbelieving.

Me: Who did you see?

Meez: I can’t believe it.. it’s been so long and she’s changed so much.. (trailing off)

Me: (he has all my attention now) Meez, who did you see??

Meez: I would have never thought –

Me: (cutting him off) MEEEZ!!

Dee jumps slightly at the sudden rise of my voice. I shoot her an apologetic look, quickly getting up and sitting on my bed.

Meez: Yeah? (confused voice)

Me: (impatiently) Can you get to the blimmin point?! I don’t have all day to hear who it is that you saw! Just tell-

Meez: Dayyanah.

Me: -me who you saw, already!

Wait, what?!

Me: (not sure if I heard correctly) Sorry, what did you say?

Meez: Dayyanah. I saw Dayyanah, Dee’s twin sister!

No way!

I’m silent for a long time, not sure whether to believe him or not.

Meez: Amz, you there???

Me: (sternly) Meez, if this is some kind of joke, I’m not finding it funny at all.

Meez: It’s not. I’m serious.

Me: Are you serious?

Meez: Jeez, are you listening to me or what?! That’s what I just said!

I’m silent again, thoughts racing through my mind.

Meez: Look, I know it seems crazy, I still can’t believe it myself but I’m-

Me: Meez, are you like, seriously serious?

Meez: (annoyed voice) For God’s sake Amaani! Do you think I’m blind or what? Yes, I’m (mimicking me) like, seriously serious!

Me: Are you sure it was her though?

Now he is quiet.


Meez: (confident voice) Positive.

Me: What, positive?? (confused)

Meez: (sarcastically) HIV positive! (exasperated) Damn Amz, you feeling okay?? You haven’t asked this many stupid questions in your entire existence of 15 years!

Me: (mumbling) Sorry, sorry. Many things are happening at the moment..

Meez: Hey, I’m just kidding!

Me: Yeah, I know.

Me: (sighing) Right, so what you’re saying is that, last night you saw-

I abruptly stop. I had almost forgotten that Dee is still in the room.

Did Meez tell her already?

Meez: (speaking like he’s talking to a 2 year old) What I’m saying, iiiiis, thaaaat, last night, I saw Dee’s twin, Dayyanah. Remember her, Amz?

Of course I remember…

Me: Meez, can you come over?

Me: Like, right now?

Meez: Well, I’m still in bed…

Me: Okay, as soon as you can, then?

Meez: Yeah, sure. (Lowering his voice slightly) Also, I don’t think you should mention anything to Dee yet.. (Right, so he hasn’t told her) just my opinion but you decide.

Me: (smiling) Good opinion.

Meez: Hey and you also, just keep it calm. Don’t get yourself all unnecessarily stressed or anything. It’s no biggie.

Yeah, right!

Me: (ignoring his comment) See you in a bit, then.

2 hours later

WhatsApp chat:

Me: Have u gone back to sleep?

10 minutes later he replies.

Meez: Just got out of the shower..

Me: That’s a long shower

Another 10 minutes later:

Meez: I didn’t tell you when I went in

Meez: And you take longer showers than I do

Me: No I don’t

Meez: Do

Me: I don’t

Meez: You do

Meez: Now shut up and open the gate 

Meez: I’m outside

Me: I don’t

Me: *thumbs up*

Meez walks in, looking tired as ever, yet still managing to somehow look good.

“Wow, you look like a crank from the scorch,” I greet, teasingly.

“Jeez, nice to see you too, klunk head,” he smirks, hugging me.

“No, seriously, you look-”

“I’m fine Amz, relax,” he says, an easy smile curving his lips.

I shake my head, knowing better.

“Where’s Dee at?” asks Meez.

“Upstairs, c’mon,” I say, closing the front door.

“Amz, wait,” he says, grabbing my arm.

“What?” I ask, concerned.

“Are we… going to tell Dee?” he asks uncertainly.

“Going to tell me what?” asks Dee, coming down the stairs, a frown creasing her forehead.

Oh mahn, oh mahn!


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