Forty Nine

As narrated by Zee:

The past 2 weeks went by in a whirlwind, too many things happening at once.

And what I really needed now, was some me time!

Hey, don’t look at me like that! Of course boys have me time too!! We just don’t spend it gossiping while doing our nails and applying mashed banana and honey pastes to our faces!

Well, my me time is kind of girly. I mean, I’m sure not many dudes bake to unwind after a hectic week!

After a hot shower, I pull on sweatpants and a T-shirt, run a brush through my wild hair, and head to the kitchen.

“Assalaamualaikum Ma,” I greet my grandmother, kissing her forehead.

“Wa Alaykum Salaam, beta (son),” she replies, smiling. “Are you working in the kitchen today?”

“Yepp,” I reply. “If that’s okay.”

“Of course,” she says.

Ma knows how much I love baking and I’m so grateful she allows me to bake. I guess that’s only because I proved to her that I can do it successfully, without burning down the house, and because I clean up afterwards!

“Have fun,” she says before leaving.

Ma also knows that I can not work with someone else in the kitchen! I need all the space and hate when anyone gets in my way. It’s called me time for a reason!

Slipping on an apron, I put on my headphones and get working. Not really feeling in a very creative mood today, I decide to go with plain cupcakes and plain icing. And I might add some sprinkles, just for the look.

20 minutes later, my cake batter is ready. After laying out cupcake holders, I pour in the mixture and pop it into the oven.

I set the oven timer and start on the icing.

A good baker always sets a timer! Don’t forget my wise words next time you bake! 😉

Decorating the baking is where the therapy lies. Well, for me at least.

As I’m filling my icing into the piping bag, my phone rings.

It’s Meez.

Gotta wait buddy!

Once the icing is in the piping bag, I set it next to the rest of my decorations.

I wash my hands and call Meez back but it goes to voicemail. Wow, did he die in 5.7 seconds?!

So I try messaging him.

Me: Sorry bro, missed your call

Meez: Np (No problem)

Well at least he’s still alive!

Meez: I need a favour plz

Me: yeah?

Meez: If my rents call, just tell ’em I’m w/ u plz

Me: Ayt (Alright)

Me: where u going?

Meez: Offline :’D

And offline he goes.

I shake my head.

Meez has been acting so strangely the past few months.

Hanging out with new friends, coming late to school more often than not.. And every time we bring up the topic of him being so mysterious, he either brushes it aside or covers it up with humour.

Just as I put my phone down, the new message notification sounds.

One new message from Sumayya. 

I open her message just as she sends another one.

Sumayya: Zeeeeyooo!!!!

Sumayya: Are u free this afternoon?

I frown.

S and I barely ever hang out one on one. And the fact that she hasn’t messaged on the group obviously means we’re not all hanging out, together.

Me: Wow, what’d u eat for breakfast?!

Sumayya: Lol, y?

Me: That’s a lot of energy! 

Sumayya: Hahaha I always have a lot of energy!!

That’s definitely no lie!

Sumayya: So u free this afternoon?????

Me: Yeah probably.. why

Sumayya: Could I come over???

Me: Of course! why you’re even asking?

Me: Everything okay?

Sumayya: Just coz lyk yanno..

Me: No I don’t 

Me: But u can tell me 🙂

Sumayya: Lol ya’ll all acting reeeeeeally weird lately…

So that’s where this is going..

From all of us, Sumayya is the least clued up with Dee and all her drama, and with Daanyaal suddenly in hospital and Dee’s withdrawn behavior, as a caring friend, she obviously wants to know what’s going on. And I don’t blame her. Anyone would be curious, especially as a friend.

As for the rest of us, well yeah, even I’ve noticed Meez’s weird behavior.

But hey, what have I done weird?!

Me: Wdym (What do you mean)

Sumayya: Well, Dee 4 starters is all sudnly depro & stuff

Sumayya: Last tym this hpnd I dint knw wat was going on 

Sumayya: & nw its hpnin again, & I still dnt knw wats going on…

Me: Hey, look, her bro is in hospital, u can’t blame her for being sad

Sumayya: Yeahhh im nt blamin her, I just want to knw wats goin on Zee

Me: Well, I dnw if its right of me to tell u.. 

Me: Like I mean.. u should ask her..

Sumayya: Seeee!!!

Me: What?

Sumayya: Ya’ll all saying the same thing!! 

Sumayya: That means u guys all knw 

I’m about to reply, but the oven bell goes off.

Putting down my phone, I put on an oven glove and check the cupcakes.

All done!

Carefully, taking the tray out, I put it on a cooling rack and cover it with a net.

I put the next batch in, set the timer and grab my phone again.

Sumayya: Buuuuut no 1 wants 2 tell me n e thing

Sumayya: Thas not really fair Zee…

Sighing, I text back.

Me: Hey, don’t get upset mahn. 

Me: It’s just bcz it’s something so personal to her, I guess we don’t feel right being the ones telling u ygm (you get me)

Me: Dee loves and trusts u, I’m sure if u ask her she’ll tell you 🙂

Sumayya: She hasn’t even seen her phone for like 2 days!!

Me: Haha, I guess she’s not addicted as us hey 😉

Me: I needa run now, busy baking

Me: u’re welcome to still come over  btw (by the way) 🙂

Sumayya: Oh sozz for spoiling ur me time chefferer!!

Me: Chefferer??! :’D

Me:  It’s cool, no worries

Sumayya: c’ya then

Me: c’ya 😉

Putting my phone on silent, I get back to the job at hand.


After icing my cupcakes, and ditching the sprinkles,  I switch on the kettle and proceed to clear up.

download (1)

10 minutes later, the kitchen is, well.. I wouldn’t say spotless, but it’ll pass!

Now comes the best part.

Yepp, even better than decorating…

It’s time to eat!!

download (2)


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