Forty Six

As narrated by Amaani:

“Dee, you can’t stay in bed the whole day,” I say, shaking her shoulder gently as I try, for the 7th time this morning, to get her out of bed.

But once again, my efforts are in vain.

I sit at the edge of her bed, a sigh escaping my lips.

3 weeks have passed and Daanyaal still hasn’t woken up.

And Dee had taken everything so well..

Until yesterday.

The doctor’s words seemed to have snatched the hope that she had held onto throughout the past 3 weeks, and now only a tiny piece remained. A broken, fragile piece of hope that is slipping away too quickly. And I don’t blame her, because from the way things are looking, there’s little to hope for. But yet, I refused to give up, and I would make sure she didn’t either, because as Muslims, we have Duaa and we have Allah.. what more do we need?

“Dee, c’mon, I’m giving you five minutes to get out of bed,” I say, a little more sternly this time.

But 5 minutes pass, 10 minutes pass, half an hour passes and Dee refuses to get out of bed. Frustration threatens to take over my emotions, my own body lacking sufficient sleep and necessary love. And it is at times like these that I miss my mother most. She would have known what to do. She would have been able to get Dee out of bed, easily and happily too. She would be smiling, helping us make it through each day, renewing our hopes, strengthening our faith, and reminding us that we are never alone.

Reeling my own sadness deep into my heart, I go to my room and get ready for school, get ready to face a new day. Pulling on my blazer, I peek into Dee’s room one more time. She hasn’t moved.

Sighing, I go downstairs.

Whilst downing a smoothie, I check my phone.

One new message from Uncle Rashid.

Three new messages from Aunty Aadila. 

Uncle Rashid: Aslkm. You girls okay?

Naah, not really..

Me: Wslm. Jee JazakAllah we okay.

Opening Aunty Aadila’s messages, my heart warms a little.

Aunty Aadila: Slmz

Aunty Aadila: Rameez told me what’s going on.. How’s Dee holding up?

Aunty Aadila: I’ll send supper tonight, Inshl

Me: Wslm

Me: Jee, make duaa. Not too good..

Me: No, please don’t worry about supper

She replies immediately.

Aunty Aadila: You’ll are always in my duaas doll

Aunty Aadila: Just be strong and place your trust in Allah

Me: ❤

Aunty Aadila: The food is already cooked, it’s no trouble at all

Me: Jzkl, you really shouldn’t have though

Aunty Aadila: Aameen ❤

Putting my phone on top of the microwave, I put my dishes in the sink and run water over them.

I glance at my watch. 7:19 am.

6 minutes to try one more time to get Dee out of bed.

Climbing the stairs two at a time, I go to Dee’s room. She’s still in bed, phone untouched, eyes closed.

“Dee, you can’t stay in bed whole day!” I say. “If you don’t want to go to school, fair enough, but at least get your day started.”


“Are you seriously going to get upset at the world because of -”

“Amaani, can you please just, leave. me. alone.” says Dee, cutting me off.

She hadn’t said a single word since yesterday and I’m momentarily too surprised to say anything.

Then her words sink in, and a flash of hurt almost makes me retaliate with harsh words. Instead, I simply turn around and walk out.

Don’t let it get to you. She didn’t mean to be horrible, she’s just upset and doesn’t know how to deal with it. 

Standing in front of the entryway mirror, I manage a smile. You’ve got this, girl. 

Hearing Uncle Ismaeel’s hooter, I grab my bag and head out.

“Dee isn’t coming,” I say after greeting Uncle Ismaeel, Meez and Sumayya.

“I guess she’s not taking it too well,” says Uncle Ismaeel.

“Yeah..” I reply distractedly.

“Daanyaal is strong. His recovery will be a quick one, Insha Allah.” Uncle Ismaeel says, comfortingly.

“That’s if he even wakes up,” I say bitterly.

Meez turns around so quickly that my heart jumps a bit.

“What do you mean?!” he asks, a look of disbelief on his face. “Of course he’s going to wake up!”

“Look, maybe we should talk about something else,” suggests Uncle Ismaeel.

An uncomfortable silence follows until we finally reach the school gates.

C’mon, you’ve got this. Don’t show the world your vulnerabilities. Smile like tomorrow you won’t be able to. 

Squaring my shoulders, I step out of the car, not entirely ready to conquer the day, but ready to prove that I would, anyway.

Hey, hey, hey!

Warm welcome to Season 2! 

I do understand that you guys might be completely lost with regards to many things happening in the story, but your questions will slowly be answered and things will soon start making sense, Insha Allah.

I hope you are as excited to read Season 2 as I am to blog it. 🙂

Keep on spreading the word, liking, sharing and commenting; I’d love to know what you’re thinking of the story!

Much Love ❤


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