Forty Five

Hey. Hi. Hello. Salaam. Bonjour. Salut. Ciao. Ahoj. Bog. Marhaba. Ola.

So, I know I usually put my extra 10 cents at the end of the post, buuuut before you read this post, I’d like you’ll to know that this is the last post of Season 1.

Massive thank you to each and every one of you for coming this far with me. You are amazing and I hope you stay for the rest of the journey. ๐Ÿ™‚

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For now though, here’s Forty Five.ย 

Enjoy! โค

As narrated by Dee:

First day back to school was nothing extraordinary. Being with my friends throughout the holiday, it wasn’t like I had looked forward to getting back to see them.

A few new rules and changes were made, as usual.

The grades were now separated into 3 classes, no more two. The worst part is that we are all together except for Meez!

There are two new additions to the Grade 10 class. Two boys. And they’re complete opposites. One seems to be the really studious and outgoing type. Nerdy glasses and all! The other dude has freckles and he is really shy. I don’t know much because they’re not in the same class as me and I usually just keep to myself at school.

As he does every single year, Zee didn’t attend. I don’t blame him though, this year he has a valid reason. He flew in late last night, from what I read on the group chat, and I’m pretty sure he needed extra sleep.

The tuck shop has alsoย finally started selling sour jellybeans, and from the work load, I’m pretty sure it is the only thing that’s going to help me through this academic year.

All in all it was just a normal ‘first day’. Sure, there were the over dramatic holiday stories, the injuries, family additions, family deaths, but that’s all normal, isn’t it? And of course there were the super rich kids’ extravagant holiday narrations, because after all, deny it all you want, but everything in high school is about competition.

Scratch that, everything in life is about competition!

Everyone just wants to be better than the next person. And yet our Nabi (SallAllahu Alayhi Wasallam) advised us to look at those who have less and not those who have more, to be humble, to be simple, because we are merely travellers in this temporary world.ย If Allah has blessed someone else with more, so be it. Be happy for that person. Be happy for yourself, you will have less to answer to Allah!

When we got back home, after performing our Salaah, Amz and I ate lunch and then sat down to cover books and sort out other school related stuff.

Just as we are putting away our things, having completed, the doorbell rings. Amz looks at me.

“Uh, uh, I’m not getting it,” I say, shaking my head.

“I checked last time,” she replies.

The bell rings again, incessantly.

Oh, that’s either Meez or Zee, for sure! Only they ring the bell like that!

Excited to tease Zee about how sun burnt he is, I get up.

“‘Ello” I answer the intercom, even though I know it’s one of them.

“Hi, is this the book covering house?” asks a voice.

Zee! He’s marvelous at changing his voice, but he gave himself away by ringing the bell 500 times!

Playing along, I say, “No, I’m sorry. I think it’s number 13. The ladies name is Miss Jane.”

“Aaah, sorry about that, I must have confused number 3 and 13. Thank you for your help, ma’am.”

“That’s okay. Good luck with finding her though, because there isn’t even a number 13 in this complex,” I say before putting the intercom down and bursting into a fit of laughter.

Amaani walks over, frowning.

“What’s so funny?” she asks. “Is it the boys?”

“I think it’s only Zee,” I reply through my laughter. “He wants his books covered, but he’s playing a little prank.”

“What’d he say?” she asks, smiling.

As I’m telling her what happens, the bell sounds again.

“Wait, wait, let me get it this time,” Amz says excitedly.

Amaani: (changing her voice) Hello?

Amaani: Yes, this is Deeyanah. How may I help you?

Amaani: Yes, we do sell pizza, but only on Sunday nights.

I mouth to her, “Only vegetarian.”

Amaani: And only vegetarian pizzas.

When she doesn’t say anything for a long time, I raise an eyebrow at her.

Covering the mouth piece, grinning, she whispers, “Oupa.”

I clutch my stomach, laughter making my sides ache.

As narrated by Amaani:

I strain my ears to hear what’s going on.

I hear Meez tell Oupa, the security guard, to ask me why I’m not letting them in.

Oupa: Armarnee, why you not letting your boys in?

Me: Haai Oupa, what boys? That’s an old man asking me if I sell pizza! How he’s going to eat it with his false teeth, I don’t know! But he’s asking for pizza. Steak plus!

I hear them laugh in the background.

Me: I’m opening guys, but I ain’t got pizza!

“And we’re not covering books for you guys,” Dee yells next to me.

The afternoon passes quickly. Zee tells us about his extra week in Durban while I cover his books for him. Covering books isn’t my favourite thing but he has no idea how to cover a book neatly and it’ll only save his grandparents the trouble. Meez is surprisingly quiet, texting away on his phone. I remind myself to ask him if everything is okay.

By 6 o’clock, the boys leave. I warn Zee not to miss school again and as I intended, I manage to ask Meez is everything is okay without the others knowing. As I expected, he brushed it off and said that it’s nothing too serious. Little did we both know, had he told me, I might have been a little more prepared for Uncle Rashid’s call that night.

Dee was in the shower when I heard her phone ring. I didn’t answer the first time, seeing that it was her Uncle and I wasn’t sure as to why he was calling. However, after trying Dee’s cell 4 times, he called me.

Dee’s uncle has only ever called me, like, twice! And in both cases, only out of emergency. Slightly worried now, I answer hesitantly.

Me: Assalaamualaikum.

Uncle Rashid: Wa’alaykum Salaam. Is this Amaani?

Me: Jee it is.

Uncle Rashid: Is Deeyanah there? I tried calling her but she isn’t picking up. (Why is he talking so fast?)

Me: Jee, she’s just in the shower, is it anything important? (My heart is suddenly pounding and I’m not sure if I want to hear his reply.)

Uncle Rashid: You might want to tell her to hurry up in the shower.. (A feeling of dread washes over me)

Me: What’s going on? Is everything okay?

Uncle Rashid: It’s Daanyaal.

No, no, no!

Uncle Rashid: He’s just been admitted into hospital.


4 thoughts on “Forty Five

  1. Jus when we were getting used to geting posts often u decide to take a break and that also with so much suspence๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜…….on the brighter side thanks for a wonderful blog and enjoy your break and come vack wiyh a BANG!!! Lol๐Ÿ˜™

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow im lyk so in luv wit dis story. Jst 1 question dnt feel bad. I see that u point out sum thngs to b haram n sum thngs to b ryt lyk 2 be a good friend etc but in ur opinion wud u think that its ryt for zee and meez 2 be frends with amz n dee? Bcoz in islam its haram for boys n girls to be frends.. Bt i kno we awl sin in diff ways n regard sum rules as more important than others bt YOU author in ur opinion do u feel strongly against boys n gals interacting? Even if its jus decent convo n no romantic connotations its wrong. Do u alredi intend to point out the entire frendship as being haram one day?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Shukran for your comment. ๐Ÿ™‚
      As mentioned previously, everything will be cleared up in the end, but to answer your question: I am against boys and girls interacting/mixing. Wrong is wrong. There’s no two ways about it.


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