Forty Three

As narrated by Sumayya:

School starts tomorrow.

After the roadtrip though, I just want to, like, be on holiday for the rest of my life! We returned a week ago so I can’t really complain about needing sleep or anything.

Grade 10 feels like, Oh, I’m finally getting somewhere, only three more years to pass. But, it also feels like a really good time to give up. Like, my brain is finished!

Thing is, with Grade 10, since you get to choose subjects, it’s like you’re partially doing what you want to. And my parents are pretty chilled. They said I could take whatever subjects I wanted to.

Being the traveller that I am, I obviously went for Tourism, along with Geography and History.

I always enjoyed Science but after seeing what Hamza goes through, having taken Physical Sciences and Life Sciences, I was like nope! Definitely not putting myself into that!

Speaking of Hamza, he’s doing matric this year. However, if you met him, or even just spoke to him for that matter, you’d never think so.

I guess the relaxed, calm genes just run in our family. And yeah, that sometimes becomes a problem!

My parents have also decided that I should start going to madrassah during the afternoon. I’m still not too happy about that but I don’t have much of a choice. Mum said it’ll only do me good, so I guess I should change my mindset.

Another thing I really need to start doing is disciplining myself and going to the gym regularly. Having broken a collarbone and a wrist, as well as fracturing my leg, all in only 14 years mind you, the doctors keep on telling me how important it is to restrengthen and keep my muscles working, or else they’ll get lazy which will result in dormant muscles and unnecessary pain when I need to use them. So, I seriously need to make a plan about that.

I think the only reason my muscles haven’t become dormant is because I travel so much. Being out and about, climbing mountains, hiking to the top of waterfalls, that’s all exercise. But, I usually come back with a new injury, so gym really is the best idea right now!

I was really, like, getting into the whole resolution things this year. I even went to the extent of researching ways to keep up your new year resolutions! Believe it or not, some of the suggestions were actually really good. I really liked the one that said, “Plan realistically.” It almost made me drop the gym thought, because I mean, seriously, me? At the gym? Doesn’t sound very realistic, does it?!

It’s crazy though, isn’t it, how at the beginning of the year, we make so many resolutions, with so much of determination, positive energy and bravery. Come February and it’s all gone down the drain, usually washed away by laziness, stress, lack of motivation and sometimes just a ‘no-care’ attitude.

But I am going to try, because at the end of the day, I believe that effort does count.

As narrated by Hamza:

You know how on the last day of the holidays, your parents give you that ‘prep talk’ for the year ahead and they tell you to go to bed at 10:00 pm latest so that you can wake up easily at 6:00 am the next day for school? Well, my parents do that. And obviously, like most children , we do the complete opposite! I mean, c’mon! It is the last day of the holidays after all.

Sumayya needed a few books for school that she still hadn’t got, so, using that as an excuse, we went out at around 9:30 pm.

After buying what she needed (and quite a few other unnecessary things!), we stopped at Mug & Bean for coffee. A conversation of much needed brother-sister catch up flowed. It felt good talking to Sumayya about things I didn’t feel comfortable talking to friends about. The only thing is, because she’s so dramatic, we sometimes attract weird stares. But it’s cool because she’s awesome like that. I mean, she’s my sister after all! 😉

We then went bowling which was super awesome. And yeah, Sumayya beat me. If you play with Sumayya, you don’t really stand a chance of winning. Unless you’re Rameez Varachia!

We only ended up going home at 11:00 pm! After helping Sumayya cover her books that she bought, we parted ways to our own bedrooms.

Climbing into bed, the realization hit me full force.

Tomorrow, I start my matric year.


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