Forty Two

As narrated by Amaani:

Our week in Durban flew by.

Ushaka Marine World.. Gateway.. Ice skating.. Horseriding.. we’d done it all. Too soon however, we found ourselves readying our things to return to Jo’burg. And not only did we cart back much more luggage, we left with many new memories too.

As planned, Zee stayed behind at his family’s home and did not travel back with us. And yes, the journey was amazing! 😉 He would return by flight in a few days time.

We all slept for most of the journey, exhaustion finally overtaking us.

Back home now, I unpacked my suitcases and then started on Dee’s.

How Dee manages to fit all her things in one suitcase is beyond my understanding! But hey, I’m not complaining, because I usually have to unpack for her or it will never get done!

Just as I finish unpacking, the doorbell rings.

Yes! Pizza is here!

A few minutes later, it sounds again.

“DEE, GET THE DOOR!” I yell from upstairs, zipping up the bags.

No answer.


The bell sounds for a third time.

Oh for goodness sake!  

I rush downstairs, hoping the delivery man is still there.

Thankfully, he is, and our pizza hasn’t decomposed yet.

I collect the order and close the door behind me.

The warm box in my hand and the appetizing aroma escaping from it makes my stomach grumble.

I am so ready to eat this!

But first..


She walks in then, headphones over her ears, eyes glued to her phone screen, not even glancing my way.

Well, she obviously didn’t come because she heard me yelling.

Smirking, I pick up the box of pizza, wave at her and walk towards the stairs, heading for my room.

Now madam seems to notice me!

Pausing her video, she pulls off her headphones and follows me.

“Did you order pizza?” asks Dee.

“Only for myself, yes,” I reply, taking the stairs two at a time.

“What do you mean only for yourself?! There’s two of us in this house!” she says.

“Doesn’t seem like that when the bell rings,” I point out.

I close my room door but she sticks her foot in the way before I can shut it fully.

“Go away, I’m not sharing,” I say, pushing against the door from the inside.

But she remains standing there.

“My pizza is getting cold,” I complain.

“It will help both of us if you’d just let me come in and eat with you,” she says, faking a sweet smile.

“No, go away!” I reply. “Would have helped me if you got the bell when it rang but I didn’t see you do that.”

“Fine! Eat yourself! Get fat by yourself! I don’t care!” she says, exasperated.

She moves her foot and I lock the door.

Haha. She is so annoyed!

Sitting down on my bed, I put my phone on the pedestal and open the box of pizza.

Oooh yum!

As narrated by Dee:

Notice how ‘Amaani’ and ‘Annoying’ both start with A? Coincidence? I think not!

Flopping down on my bed, I speed dial Meez.


Well, that’s just great!

I get up and go to the window.

Leaning my head against the thick glass, I look out at the brightly lit dark night.

My eyes scan the horizon. I watch people walk, robots change, cars move.


My heart jumps, a scream escaping my mouth.

“What is wrong with you?!” I yell, turning around.

Successfully scaring the crap out of me, Amz is now on the floor, laughing uncontrollably.

“Oh my word, that was SO good!” she says before bursting into a another streak of mad laughter.

I roll my eyes and walk out of my room.

I’m usually the one scaring Amaani and it’s irresistible because you barely ever fail.

But I’ll give it to her this time. She got me good.

Smiling to myself, I go downstairs. I still haven’t had supper and I’m starving!

Flipping the switch on the kettle, I take out a mug to make myself some coffee.

“Coffee isn’t supper,” Amaani says, walking into the kitchen with the box of pizza.

“Would have been nice if you shared your pizza,” I mutter.

“I’m just doing what you do to me, like every day,” she says, smirking.

I roll my eyes, helping myself to a piece of pizza.

“It’s cold now,” I say irritably, putting it back into the box.

Amz puts it onto a plate and warms it in the microwave.

After I eat, we wash out the few dishes, switch off the lights, and head upstairs.

Even though I slept most of the way back, I’m exhausted and decide to call it a night.

Once under my duvet, I check my phone as of habit.

3 new messages from Zee.

1 new message from Meez.

I open Meez’s message first.

It reads: Sry missed ur call. was busy. call u 2mrw

Well.. o-k-a-yyy!

Ignoring the abruptness of his message, I text back: Okay, no probz 🙂 

Opening my chat with Zee, I read the messages.

Zee: Howdyoo 🙂

Zee: How you doing? 

Zee: How was the journey back?

Me: Heyy! 🙂

Me: Tired maahn, urside?

Me: Eyyyh, all I’m saying is you weren’t there soo… ;p

After a quick scroll through my Instagram timeline, I put my phone down and switch off my bedside lamp.

I’d just dozed off when I sense Amaani in the room.

“Dee,” she whispers.


“Don’t forget to read your duaas,” she says softly.


I smile.

A few minutes pass and I can still feel her presence. Opening my eyes slightly, I see her crouched at the side of my bed, watching me.

A small smile plays on her lips, but I’m too tired to notice the hint of sadness in her eyes.

She pushes my hair out of my face, I close my eyes and fall into a deep sleep.


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