Forty One

As narrated by Zee:

Squad is heading off home tomorrow. I’ll be spending few more days with my parents as planned. We don’t really have any plans as such. I think just to be with them is good enough and I’m in no hurry to get back, yet. I really do like it here in Durban, just not as a place to settle, to live.

We’re currently sitting at a bench outside Milky Lane, waiting for our orders. We all just ordered ice-cream so that we could go and sit on the sand and eat.

Sumayya is snap-chatting snaps of Meez but he doesn’t even seem to notice. Too busy playing Candy Crush!

Dee is simply sitting, forehead resting on the table. Wonder what’s going on in her little head..

As for Amz..! She’s listening intently to a small girl, who randomly came up to her a few minutes ago and asked her how come she’s so pretty. It was so adorable but I’m genuinely confused as to how such a small kid knows what pretty looks like.

As far as I knew, girls only start caring about what they look like when they hit two digits. Clearly not! This kid is 4 and she already knows that she wants to be pretty like Amaani!

And now she’s just casually sitting on Amaani’s lap, talking nonstop as if they’ve been best friends their whole life.

“Hey, Dee,” I whisper, pulling at the bobble of her beanie.

“Yeah?” she asks, looking up with a smile.

“You’ve been replaced.” I smirk, motioning towards Amaani and the cute kid.

“Who’s that?” she asks,  frowning.

I roll my eyes. Dee is forever in her own world!

Our ice-creams arrive and we get up to leave.

But Amaani’s new friend refuses to leave her!

Eventually, Amz bought her a kiddies waffle, even though her parents insisted she shouldn’t, gave a tight hug and we left.

I’m pretty sure if Sumayya didn’t tell the kid that, “Amaani is only so pretty because she doesn’t cry,” that kid would have thrown a full on tantrum there and then!

Amaani scolded Sumayya for saying that though. Something about how that kid is going to remember those words when she gets older and bla bla bla.

Girls and all their unnecessary drama!

As narrated by Dee:

The moon shines down brightly, lighting up the dark ocean, overpowering the various huge wattage lights all around.

I close my eyes, the sound of the crashing waves calming me as I sink my toes a little deeper into the soft sand. A gentle breeze blows, shaking the leaves of huge palm trees as it moves through them.

We sit in silence, comfortable silence, each of us in our own little world.  It’s just us – Meez, Zee, Sumayya, Amz, and myself.

And although the beach is bustling around us, I feel an enigmatic feeling.. a feeling of what I would think is freedom

Growing up in a house with an abusive, alcoholic father, freedom is a rare feeling.. You constantly feel at edge because you never know what’s about to happen.

You can never tell when the intoxicants will take over, when rage will flow from the lips.. the hands.. the feet.. of the man who should look after you, the man who should love you,  who should protect you..

You never know when you will be on the receiving side of that rage.

And so, some live in constant fear, never daring to be at ease.

And others, like me..



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