As narrated by Dee:

As the day passed, the weather only got worse. By five in the afternoon, we had played every board game we had brought and now we all just sat around in the boys’ room, chilling. Uncle Ismaeel had gone off to visit some family, so it was just us.

“Amz, can you make us popcorn, please?” asks Meez.

“I don’t know how to make popcorn,” replies Amaani.

“Don’t lie,” says Meez, throwing a pillow at her.

I’m siting next to Amz and the pillow hits me instead of her.

Well, since we are bored…

I pick up the pillow and fling it across the room towards him. He catches it expertly and uses it to shield himself from the cushion thrown at him by Sumayya.

3 minutes later and a full blown pillow fight is happening in the room.

Amidst the laughter and shouting, Hamza is yelling at us to stop and Amaani is yelling at us to be careful.

“Attack them!” shouts Meez, diving towards Amaani.

“Live a little brotherrrr,” laughs Sumayya, knocking Hamza aside with a pillow.

It was only when a knock on the door sounded did we calm down.

Everyone looked at each, not wanting to check who it is.

“Fine, I’ll just check,” huffs Amaani, softly.

“Who’s there?” she calls from inside.

“Humairah,” replies a familiar voice.

Zee jumps off the bed and rushes to the door, pushing Amaani aside.

But Amz grabs Zee’s hand and puts a finger to her lips. Zee raises an eyebrow.

“Just a minute,” Amaani calls.

She comes over to us, dragging Zee along.

Whispering, she says, “Hide in the cupboard! We’ll tell her you not here and then you jump out and scare her!”

“How am I going to know when to come out though?” asks Zee.

“Just get in,” says Amaani, pushing him towards the cupboard.

Eyes shining with excitement, Zee gets in the cupboard. Winking at him, I close the cupboard  door and flash Amaani a thumbs up.

Amaani opens the room door.

“Humairaaah, long time girlfriend,” greets Amaani, pulling her into a hug. “Sorry for making you wait.”

“That’s okay,” she replies, smiling.

“Maaaan, it’s so good to see you guys!” says Humairah, greeting all of us.

We sit on the floor in such a way that Humairah has no choice but to sit across the cupboard that Zee is hidden in!

“Where’s Zee at though?” she asks.

“He’s just gone out to get some milk,” says Amaani, casually.

Of all things! Seriously, milk?!  Lmao! 

Although 6 years older than him, Humairah has the same relaxed nature as Zee does. Their clear resemblance and alike personalities make it easy to tell that they’re siblings.

Conversation flows easily.

Catching up with Humairah is always fun, particularly because she does all the talking. And I’m always cool with being the one who does the listening!

Eventually, after sitting in the cupboard for 10 minutes, I get a text from Zee.

Zee: Hellooo I’m still in here in case yall 4got

Me: When I say ‘now’

Aloud I say, “I wonder what’s taking Zee so long. He went quite a while ago.”

“He’s always been the slow kid,” laughs Humairah.

“He should be back about now,” I say.

Humairah opens her mouth to say something but she’s cut off by Zee jumping out of the cupboard, screaming.

Her words turn into a scream of her own, only hers is not out of happiness but rather, fright.

“Oh my God, you’re still such an idiot,” she says, laughing.

“What can I say? The things you learn from your elder siblings stick with you for life,” he teases back.

“Good to see you lil bro,” says Humairah, pulling him into a hug.

“Good to see you too lil sis,” he replies, hugging her back.

“Aww, aww, sibling goals,” says Meez. “Too bad I don’t have any siblings!”

“Heyyy, we’re sibling goals! Aren’t we, lil sis?” says Hamza, looking at Sumayya.

“Of course,” replies Sumayya. “Lil bro,” she adds, mimicking Humairah.

Everyone laughs.

My mind wanders to my siblings..

Well, we’re obviously not sibling goals..

I do however have Amaani.

And she has me.

And that’s good enough.

Hope ya’ll enjoyed a much overdue post. 

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Have a lovely evening! ❤


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