Thirty Nine

As narrated by Dee:

Boulders Beach was amazing.

Muizenberg Beach was amazing.

Champan’s Peak Drive was amazing.

Table Mountain was amazing.

Cape Point was amazing.

Ratanga Junction was amazing.

Basically, Cape Town was amazing!

The drive to Durban however, was not amazing!

But, after a tiresome journey, we made it to Durban late last night.

When I woke up, at 5:40 am as per habit, everyone was still fast asleep. Even ever energetic Sumayya! So you can imagine how tiring the journey was!

Pulling on a beanie and a plain abaya, I make my way to the lobby to get a coffee.

We are staying at The Palace, a much simpler hotel compared to the one in Cape Town, yet still quite fancy.

Coffee in one hand, my phone in the other, I jab the elevator button with my elbow, scrolling through my twitter timeline as I wait for the elevator to come.

DING! Ground Floor. Doors Opening. … Doors Closing. Going Up. … Seventh Floor. Doors Opening.

Still concentrating on my phone screen, I walk out of the lift..

and straight into…

As narrated by Zee:

My phone is ringing.

I need to open my eyes.

I need to answer my phone.

I groan.

Who the hell is calling me at this time of the morning?! 

Forcing my eyes open, I reach for my phone on the pedestal.


Me: Salaam

Mum: Wa’alaikum salaam. Did I wake you up?

Me: Yeah and I want to go back to sleep. Anything urgent?

Mum: No, I’ll call you later darling. Sleep well. Salaam.

Thing is, once I’m awake, I can’t go back to sleep.

Annoyed, I get out of bed, deciding to go to the beach for an early swim. But when I peek outside, I see low hanging, grey clouds.

Well that’s just great, ain’t it?

Flopping back down onto my bed, I rub my eyes.

Why won’t my body just go back to sleep?!

I know if I stay in the room, I’ll probably get really bored and end up pulling a prank on the others, which wouldn’t too kind since they’re all so tired, so I pull on a hoodie, brush my teeth and leave the room.

Down the corridor, I see the lift screen flash.


In hope of getting to it before it passes, I hit the button just as it stops at 7.

The doors open..

And out walks a Too-Engrossed-In-My-Phone-To-Look-Where-I’m-Going Deeyanah.

Bumping into me, she looks up.

“Heyyyy,” she greets, smiling. “How come you’re awake?”

“Same reason you’re awake,” I reply.

“And why am I awake?” she asks, tilting her head slightly.

“Because you’re not asleep,” I say, smirking.

“Oh my God, is that coffee?” I ask, grabbing her cup.

“Zeeee, give that back!” she complains.

I gulp down the coffee which instantly warms me inside.

“At least sit and drink shaytaan,” Dee mutters.

Smirking, I offer her the empty paper cup.

She rolls her eyes, extremely annoyed.

I should probably get her another cup or she’ll be moody the whole day.

“Really didn’t need that coffee actually. I mean, look, it such a lovely hot morning and I’ve remembered to carry all my jackets,” she says, sarcastically. “Yepp, so didn’t need the warmth that coffee would have given.”

That made me feel slightly guilty!

“Sorry. Hang on, I’ll get you another one,” I say, heading towards the lift.

“No, I’ll get it myself,” she says. “I mean, I’m sure you’re not used to being this kind, hey.”

“I’m always kind!” I protest.

“Sorry what?” she asks, feigning surprise.

I roll my eyes at her, pressing the button for the lift. We go down to the lobby area and head over to the coffee machine.

I grab two coffees, one for Dee and a second one for me.

“I can’t believe Durban is actually this cold,” says Dee, sneezing.

“It’s not that bad man,” I reply.

“That’s because you just drank my coffee,” she points out.

Mahn! I ain’t hearing the end of this for a while!

“Did you carry nothing warm at all?” I ask.

“Yeah, zilch. I thought it was going to be hot,” complains Dee.

“You can have my hoodie,” I offer.

“Naah, I’m good. I’ll get something from Amz,” she says.

Upstairs again, we sit in the corridor, sipping our coffees, conversation flowing freely.

I decide to tell Dee about the strange message I haven’t stop receiving.

“You’re sure you have no idea whose number it is?” she asks, after I explain to her the whole story.

“Yeah, hundred percent sure,” I reply.

“And every time it says the same thing?” she asks.

“Yeah,” I reply. “It’s starting to freak me out man. Like this person knows my name and everything.”

“Do you have your phone on you?” she asks.

“Yepp, check it out,” I say, unlocking my phone and opening the message.

Ziyaad Moolla, you are standing in the way to my happiness. Leave Amaani alone, or else, your happiness will be short lived.

“Oh. My God,” she says, her eyes widening.

“What?” I ask worriedly.

She doesn’t say anything.


Looking at me with wide eyes, she whispers, “I got the exact same message the other day… from the exact same number.”


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