Thirty Seven

As narrated by Meez:

The hike up Table Mountain was lovely but at the same time slightly treacherous. However, after a lot of motivation from Sumayya, complaining from Amz, jokes from Zee, and silence from Dee, we made it to the top. And the view was spectacular! There were quite a few people already there and more arrived as the sun dropped lower and lower.

The sky was adorned with beautiful, rare shades of different colours and as the sun moved, the colours changed… the artist repainted.

I stood, my arms resting on the rocky wall as I leaned forward.

As the day came to an end, I thought about how amazing it had been. I have a great group of friends, great parents, a great girlfriend. My life is going according to how I planned. Everything I want, I get. And I can’t imagine having it any other way because, like this, I’m happy.

Life. Is. Good.

As narrated by Amz:

The sight before me was overwhelming as a mix of emotions coursed through my body, flowing through my blood, fighting for dominance.

But as I sat and watched the sun slowly sink into the sea, I thought of only one thing.

I thought of my parents..

My mother.. more beautiful than the painted sky in front of me.

My father.. more accepting than the bright sun being swallowed by the dark sea.

They would have loved being here.. and I could not think of anything I wouldn’t do to have them here.

My heart didn’t ache because they were gone. My heart ached because they had gone without me. They’ve left me all alone in this cruel world while they enjoy the start of the everlasting life. The real life.

And as Dee draped her arm across my shoulders, I laid my head on her shoulder, a prayer escaping from the bottom of my beating heart..

A prayer to my Creator, who watched over me every single second of every single day..

A prayer, asking him… begging him to bless my parents with the highest abode in paradise, and to grant me strength to make it through each new day…

As narrated by Dee:

In front of me, all in their own unique shade, were my hopes, my ambitions and my goals. Each of them lay scattered far and wide across my life – the sky.

And just as they should, my hopes, ambitions and goals shone brightly, screaming at me to chase them, to follow them, to achieve them.

That is what I should do.

But instead…

I watched.

I watched as they became smaller, my dark hatred and anger at this world overpoweringly dragging them down, drowning them.

And suddenly, I shivered. An ice cold feeling of fear shot through me as daunting thoughts floated through my mind.

Is this really happening to me?

Am I really allowing it to happen to me?

Am I just going to watch as my life slips away before me and make no effort to save it?

Am I going to allow my hatred for this terrible world to control me? To shape me? To turn me into a monster I had run from?

A surge of determination overtook me, fighting my fears, propelling away the ghastly thoughts haunting my mind.



I will not!

I will not allow my life to slip away without making the most of it.

I will not allow myself to become a monster.

I will love even though I haven’t been loved.

I will live even though I have little reason to.

And even though I have been crushed, I will rise.

I will rise, and I will face my fears. I will conquer them even if I have to do so alone.

I will be the flower which gives off an aromatic fragrance even after it has been crumpled, because tomorrow, the sun will rise again.

Tomorrow will be a new day, a new chance, a new opportunity.

And I would make the most of it…

Little does Dee know, that even the strongest willpower has its weak points and just like happiness, sadness, and all other emotions, determination doesn’t last forever…


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