Thirty Six

As narrated by Amz:

Second last day in Cape Toooooown!

No, actually, I’m not excited, but rather, sad. This place is amazing. The people are funny and really laid back. The food is good, even though we didn’t eat out much. And the places are just too beautiful!

Due to the rain yesterday, we missed out on a whole day of touring, so today we had a jam packed day.

This morning we went to the V&A Waterfront. Eventually!

It was a lovely place! The view was amazing and despite the bustling crowd, I found it really serene.






We first went on the red city boat tour which took us around the waterfront and the Harbor area.

images (8).jpgimages (9).jpg






We visited the the Two Oceans Aquarium too. The fish were beautiful, just chilling as everyone judged them from the other side of the glass!

download (1)

Some of the fish tanks were made so that you could stand in the middle and it looked like you were in the tank which I found pretty awesome.  It was almost like a photo booth inside a tank! We obviously took waaay too many pictures!

download (3).jpg
The “photo booth” inside some of the tanks.

We then went on the Ferris Wheel. The view from the top was beyond amazing!

The whole waterfront was in full view with Table Mountain to one side.
images (1).jpg






After the Ferris Wheel, us girls wanted to do some shopping at Victoria Wharf. The boys weren’t too keen but they didn’t have much of a choice! We did after all need someone to carry our shopping bags! 😉

download (2)

If we weren’t going to be climbing table mountain later, we would have definitely shopped longer. We needed the energy though.  So after half an hour of shopping we headed to Kristenbosch National Botanical Garden where we had lunch. The grass was… well, as green as grass! It made me so happy to see how well kept the place was. The whole garden was immaculately clean.

download (5)

download (4)
images (4)

images (7)

After lunch we really wanted to take a walk along the walkway but Uncle Ismaeel disagreed. He reminded us that we were tight with time and suggested that we rather spend less time but do more places.

Yesterday, Zee came across a place where you could apparently pick your own strawberries. So after checking out the website and everything properly, we decided to go there next.

On arriving, I finally got the proper name! Polkadraai Strawberry Farm!

All of us, well, except Hamza and Meez, are crazy over strawberries. You could safely say they’re my favourite fruit!

After collecting our buckets – we chose The Harvester which allowed us +\- 1.3kg, we reapplied sunblock, and entered the picking area.


Let me have you know, Polkadraai Strawberry Farm is a piece of heaven on Earth!!

images (13)

We were allowed to pick as many strawberries as we wished, which we did enthusiastically, filling our buckets to the brim and then trying to balance them at the top.

images (11)

images (12)






They were the ripest, reddest strawberries I had seen in a while and I could not wait to eat them!

By the time we finished off at the strawberry farm, it was late afternoon. Since we wanted to climb the mountain and still be in time for the sunset we had to hurry. We had run out of water so we returned to our hotel to stock up.

Equipped with comfy shoes, sunglasses and lots of water, I felt ready to take on Table Mountain!


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