Thirty Five

As narrated by Sumayya:

The next morning, I wake up to find it raining outside.

I groan inwardly.

Why the weather gotta do this?!

Yawning, I sit up.

Wait, what?

Dee is still asleep!

Dee never, like, never, well, barely ever, sleeps in. I remember Amz saying something about Dee getting up at, like, the same time everyday.  Yeah, Dee is kinda weird.

Amz is still asleep too but, like, that’s normal.

After going to the bathroom, brushing my teeth and doing my business, I decide to check if the boys are up.

Rather check if we’re even going to go out today before taking a shower and getting ready for nothing, hey.

Opening my chat with Zee, I check his Last Seen.

Last seen today at 3:27 am.


I don’t even bother checking Meez’s because he keeps his Last Seen off.

Well, might as well go back to sleep then.

As narrated by Meez:

My eyes open to the sound of heavy rain pounding against the windows.

Urgh, WHY? 

I hate the rain!

I check the time on my phone. 10:32 am.

Jeez, it felt like 8 in the morning!

I’m surprised no one’s come to wake –

Holy craaaap! Last night.

Opening WhatsApp, I see 3 messages from Nabz and 1 from Zee.

Nabz: Morning yuuuu

Nabz: 4got to tell you y I actually phoned last nyt but I’ll call u 2night 🙂

Nabz: Love u, have a kick ass day ❤

Yikes, that didn’t sound too good.

I hadn’t done anything to make her upset so I shouldn’t be too worried but hey when a girl messages you like that…

Replying, I keep it cool.

Me: Morning gorgeous 🙂

Me: Ooh can’t w8 for that call. Ilym. u2 ❤

Zee’s message read..

Zee: Back

3:25 am.

Last night, on finding Dee’s bed empty, I totally freaked.

When I called her she said she’d be back in a bit which I obviously doubted. So, after realizing Zee wasn’t around too, I called him. He said he was with her and she was fine. Thank God! I had told him to message me when they get back which should explain that message.

 ***At this point in the post, I just realized that Hamza was suppose to be with them on the trip all along and I didn’t mention him once yet. You could say I freaked more than Meez did on finding Dee’s bed empty! So do please be ever so kind to just pretend that this didn’t happen and Hamza was actually with them all along and that I’m a real smooth blogger who did not just make such a silly mistake! You may now stop laughing and continue reading the post. (Seriously guys, MAAAAF!)***

Getting out of bed, I sneak into the girls’ room. They’re all fast asleep!

Feeling wide awake, I grab a hot chocolate from the machine downstairs before going up to the games room.

To my surprise Hamza is there, playing pool with some random dude.

How’d I not notice him not in bed?

I greet the guys and introduce myself to the ‘random dude’ whose actual name is Faheem.

Faheem is on holiday with his wife and two kids.

He seems alright. Not really my kinda vibe though.

After playing a few rounds of table tennis, pool and darts, Hamza and I leave.

As narrated by the poor forgotten soul – Hamza:

It rained quite heavily this morning so we stayed in the hotel, playing board games in the corridor. And yeah, it was hilarious when someone needed to walk past!

Uncle Ismaeel went to visit some family of his. Meez got away from going with by hiding in the girls bathroom. Typical.

Halfway through a game of Monopoly, Meez realizes that Zee had landed on one of his properties and didn’t pay.

Meez being very competitive obviously started World War III!

Before I knew what was happening, Amz was yelling at Dee who was running after Meez who was running after Zee!

Being the eldest here, I had agreed to “babysit” because they clearly needed babysitting! Didn’t expect it to be this difficult though!

Getting up, I tell Amaani to shut up. The whole hotel would think someone’s dying with the way she’s yelling!

Knowing it would be useless running after them, I call Dee.

As looney as she is, amongst the three of them, she’s still the most sensible.

She picks up on the first ring, “Third floor, back stairs,” she whispers.

I nearly laugh out loud.

“Excuse me young lady! Get your butt back to the room. NOW!”

“Oh it’s you.”

“Yes, it’s me, who’d you think it was?”

“Zee, obvio. We’ve teamed up against Meez.”

“MOVE, MOVE, RUN, HE’S COMING!” I hear Zee yell in the background.

“Gotta run,” she cuts the call.

I shake my head. These kids!

Sumayya and Amaani are in the room, trying to see who can complete a Rubik’s cube first. They’re geniuses! I have no clue how the heck they do that to be honest.

On telling them what’s going on, Sumayya totally forgets about the Rubik’s cube. Putting on her shoes, she grabs something from her bag and heads to the bathroom.

“Su, what are you doing?!” I ask.

“Joining in on the fun obviously.” she says as I enter the bathroom.

She’s filling water balloons!

“No way, are you nuts! This is not our house madam, you’ll going to get in trouble!” I reprimand her, not wanting to cause any havoc.

“So? Gotta live life to the fullest, bro.” she says, grinning. “You don’t have to come, I’m going with Amz.”

Amaani walks into the bathroom.

Her eyes widen when she realizes what going on.

“No frikken way am I coming with you. This is a hotel, for God’s sake, Sumayya! You can’t go around throwing water balloons at your friends!” she says.

At least I’m not the only mature one around here!

“Well, we can’t go out, because it’s rainy and wet, so might as well… make ourselves at home,” she says, laughing at her own pun.

“Nope, you are not going out of this room with those balloons. Seriously Sumayya, this isn’t funny!” says Amaani.

“Well, you guys can get cozy because I-”

Amaani shuts her up by throwing a filled balloon on her face.

“You know what, I’m coming with!” she says, clearly embarrassed.

“No, you’re not,” Sumayya says, grinning at her. “You’re too scared to get in trouble.”

She grabs her packet of filled water balloons and heads out.

The door slams and then opens again. She sticks her head in and yells, “Don’t get too cozy, guys.”

And then she’s out.

I’m so going to kill her for that!

As narrated by Dee:

Zee and I run down the back stairs, Meez close in pursuit.

“Get the next lift,” Zee whispers.

“It won’t come in time,” I say.

“Okay, just listen. Call the lift, then run around the block of rooms. Count to 13 and join me back on the next floor, okay?”

Trusting Zee’s plan I reply, “Got it.”

Zee yells, “Dee get the lift, he’s catching up. Ground floor.”

And I do as he said.

Exactly 13 seconds later I run back the way I came. I glance at the elevator on the way.

4…3… 2…

Yaaas! He fell for it!

But, when I get to the next floor, Zee isn’t there!

He did not just leave me!!

As narrated by Zee:

Watching from the floor above, I see Rameez turn into the corridor. Yes, he fell for it!

Now, I just have to wait for Dee.

Counting in my head, I hope she doesn’t mess it up.

10.. 11.. 12..

And then, I feel a huge splash of water on my head.

What the hell?!

Looking up, I see Sumayya, leaning over the edge of the floor above, a water balloon in her hand.

No waaaay!

Sticking close to the walls, I start running.

I’m sure had we just played catches and not brought water balloons into the whole saga, we wouldn’t have been standing soaking wet in front of a disappointed Uncle Ismaeel and two security guards.

Bonjour belles personnes 🙂 [Nope, I don’t speak French, I put that in Google translate!]

This is a super long post, I think the longest one I’ve written so far! So go on and show it some loooove. Give it a like if you’ve enjoyed it and drop a comment to let me know what you think!

Have a great weekend. Next post on Monday, Insha Allah. ❤

Adios amigos! 🙂 [Yeah, I put that in Google translate too ;)]

Oh, and sorry about the Hamza saga. Forgot the poor chap. Show him some love by liking the post 😉


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