Thirty One


“Amaani, c’mon, time to get up,” someone says softly, shaking me slightly. I groan, opening my eyes long enough to see Sumayya standing next to the bed before turning around and shutting them again.

How can it be time to get up already?! I swear it feels like I slept for 5 minutes. 

And then, what feels like 2.6 seconds later, Dee is jumping on my bed, singing, “WAKEY, WAKEY, AMZEY, AMZEY!”

Well, more like yelling. Urgh!

I rub my eyes, complaining about too little sleep as I get out of bed and go to the bathroom.

A loooong, hot shower would be perfect right now!

But, 10 minutes later, a loud incessant banging on the door suggests not.

Right, c’mon, Amaani Ahmad, snap out of it! I am not tired. I am not tired. I am not tired. I am not tired. I am not tired.

Well, it really doesn’t help if I’m getting tired repeating my “I am not tired” mantra in my head, now does it?! 

As narrated by Sumayya:

We didn’t do much better compared to yesterday. Time wise, I mean.

Actually, I think we did worse today!

Just like yesterday, Amz took, like, forever to wake up and get ready. Meez was none the better with his outfit of the day dilemma. And as for Uncle Ismaeel! He was like, literally, on the phone with Aunty Aadila from, like, the time he woke up!!

And once again, Zee, Dee and I were ready before everyone else. So, after sorting out what we needed to take with us today, we decided to go to the games room.

However, 45 minutes later, we went back to the lobby/reception area and there was still no sign of them!

Slightly annoyed, we headed up to our rooms… only to find Amaani fast asleep and Rameez chilling on the bed playing candy crush!

What on Earth?!

As narrated by Meez:

It was pretty comical watching their confused expressions turn to annoyance as I spoke.

“V&A only opens at 9,” I say, smirking slightly.

“What do you mean it only opens at 9?!” demands Sumayya.

“Urrr… they only allow people to, you know, enter and use the facilities from 9,” I reply, innocently.

“So are we only going to leave at 9?” asks Dee.

“I don’t know,” I say, truthfully. “I don’t even know where’s my dad!”

“Well, I certainly am not wasting such a beautiful day!” huffs Sumayya.

As narrated by Dee:

And that’s how the four of us ended up jumping into a taxi and spending the day at Muizenberg Beach.

After swimming for a while we got out of the water only to realize that we hadn’t brought a beach ball or anything to do!

We were a bit gutted at first, but then Zee came up with the brilliant idea of going surfing!

It was an amazing experience even though we totally failed at it compared to all the professionals surfing alongside us.

We raced each other to the end of the long line of colourful huts, to dry off, and then just hung around there, chilling and taking pictures.

download (1).jpg

Just as we got up to go for lunch, Meez’s phone rang. It was Uncle Ismaeel who wanted to know where we were. Agreeing to bring Amz and meet us at Ocean Basket for lunch, we gathered our things and left.

Lunch was delicious! Not being one who’s daring enough to try new and different foods, I stuck to my usual hake and chips order.


After debating on whether we should still go to V&A, we eventually decided against it, as we wanted to spend a full day there and the sun was scorching! Instead we agreed on going for the Slangkoppunt Lighthouse tour.

The tour was lovely except for having to climb stairs 30 meters up and then all the way down again!

98 feet high, it is the tallest cast-iron lighthouse in South Africa. Made entirely from steel, the lighthouse has been operational since March 4, 1919 and has a rotating electric light that gives four flashes every 30 seconds. Yep, I was listening that attentively to the guide! 😉

Oblique view of Slangkoppunt Lighthouse

Since we were right there, we checked out the wrecked SS Kakapa, which ran aground in 1900, and then did the Chapman’s Peak drive!

View from above – Chapman’s Peak Drive

The drive was spectacular! Not only because Zee wasn’t being annoying, but the scenery that must have mesmerized him into silence was… well, mesmerizing!

download (3).jpg
View from the road


Viewpoint – Chapman’s Peak Drive



We also stopped at the viewpoints along the way for better pictures. My instagram is so on fleek during holidays like these! 



View from one of the viewing points

And at the end of the day, although we hadn’t ended up going to the V & A Waterfront, as planned, we all still had a great time and were ready as ever to hit the sack.

But sometimes, the extra happier happiness’ are shorter lived than the just, happy happiness’…

They say being surrounded by positive vibes makes one feel happier, lighter and more free. And fair enough, it does.

But not always, because emotions, on the other hand, are strange things who sometimes play up without warning…

Hey you bunch of amazing people! 🙂

Hope ya’ll enjoying the road trip so far. 

All suggestions, feedback and constructive criticism welcome.

Don’t forget to spread the word, follow, like, share and comment.

Have a great dayyy ❤


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