Today being a lovely, sunny day, we agreed on going to Boulders Beach. Sumayya and I had packed a picnic basket while Amz helped Meez decide on an outfit. Uncle Ismaeel had gone down to the reception to sort out a few things and told us to meet him there when we were ready.

2 hours later, equipped with towels, snacks and sunscreen, we finally left for Boulders Beach. The roads were busy but the scenery was beautiful.

But when we reached Boulders Beach, the scenery was pushed aside. With it’s soft white sand, and granite boulders, Boulders Beach  brought a huge smile to my face. And oh, the penguins! Thousands of African penguins waddled around in the bright sunshine as we put down our things, lathered the sunblock and raced to the water.

White sands, clear waters, Boulders Beach is beautiful!

Apparently, being on the Indian Ocean side of the peninsula, unlike the other beaches in Cape Town, which are of the Atlantic Ocean, the water is much warmer here at Boulders. However, the water was still a bit cold, despite the sun and it being of the Indian Ocean.

After hours of swimming and water fun, Zee and I left the water to play in the sand because hey, you can never be too old to build a sand castle!!

Building Sandcastles at Boulders -Dee & Zee

Suddenly, I feel a thwack on my back. Looking over my shoulder, I see my back covered in sand and a little further away, a grinning Amaani!

Grabbing a handful of sand, I dipped my hand in the water to make it muddy, before chasing after Amaani.

And that is how a full on mud ball fight started!

Screaming and laughing we chased each other as we ducked and aimed mud balls, simultaneously!

Eventually, with short breaths and aching calves, we rinsed ourselves off in the water and collapsed on the blanket.

Lunch was chicken and mayyo sandwiches, courtesy of the lovely Aunty Aadila back in Jo’burg.

A few curious penguins flocked around but we were given strict instructions not to feed them, which we obediently followed.

After lunch we did a bit of shell finding and boulder climbing, our usual banter going back and forth all the time.

Just before we left we took a stroll along the boardwalk.

download (3).jpg
Boardwalk at Boulders
View from the boardwalk


We got back to the hotel late in the afternoon. After relaxing for a bit, Amz, Sumayya and I decided to visit the games room. After fetching equipment from the reception, we played a few rounds of table tennis and pool table.

By the evening we were exhausted! It was an amazing day and there was no doubt in the fact that Cape Town had already captured my heart!


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