Twenty Nine

As narrated by Sumayya:

The shrill ringing of my annoying alarm clock drags me out of a deep sleep in the early A.M.

Rubbing my eyes, I gather my bearings.

Oh my word! We’re in Cape Town!

After a long and tiring journey, we finally arrived as the sun set, yesterday. Uncle Ismaeel suggested we hit an early night as he didn’t want anyone getting sick or lethargic before our holiday even started. So that’s exactly what we did.

Sitting up, I notice that Dee is already awake.

I wave at her before heading to the bathroom. After having a shower and performing salaah, I get Amaani up and then make my bed.

Yeah, I know we’re staying in a hotel and people come to, like, make your bed and clean up and blah blah. Making my bed however, is something I, like, always do. Like, always. Yes, even when I stayed at a 5 star hotel in New York!

Having visited Cape Town before I’m super excited to go out, explore and make new memories. And travelling with my bunch is just the cherry on the top!

“I’m so tired,” grumbles Amaani.

“Better get used to it. Need to get up this time everyday if you want to make the most of this week,” I say, laughing.

“Too bad my idea of ‘making the most of this week’ is sleeping,” mumbles Amaani.

Dee walks in, followed closely by an already dressed and ready to move Zee.

“MORRRRNING SUNSHIINES!” he yells, opening all the windows.

“Shut up or get out,” Amaani says to him, rolling her eyes.

“Well at least you awake enough to roll your eyes,” he says to her, smirking.

The most laborious task this holiday is definitely going to be getting Amaani to be less moody in the mornings!

I duck as she throws a pillow pass me to hit Zee, who has made him self comfortable on Dee’s bed.

“Is Meez up?” I ask Zee.

“Yeah, still in his pj’s though, doesn’t know what to wear” he says, chuckling.

Then, looking at Amz he adds, “You might want to help him with that.”

Well… it might be another hour or so before we head out!


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