Twenty Eight

As narrated by Zee:

Yes! Prank time!

“Okay, so you know how Su hates the window open?” I begin, already excited.

“Yeaaah,” she says, hesitantly.

“Hey, leave her out of this,” interrupts Hamza.

“Oh shut up Mr Overprotective Much,” Dee says to him, rolling her eyes.

Seriously, Hamza is the most overprotective big brother. Ever! That’s the only reason he came with us, anyway. And it really doesn’t help that Sumayya keeps on getting injured! Sure, he trusts us, but he still had to come with. Not that we mind, Hamza is cool like that.

“Right, so here’s the deal. Dee you open the window, since you’re in front there-” I begin.

“Oh my God! And then we all pretend we’re asleep?! She’s going to get so annoyed!” Dee says, her eyes lighting up with mischief and excitement.

“Alright, here goes…” says Dee, stretching over Amz.

As soon as she opens the window, Sumayya wakes up. Talk about quick reflex!

Using Dee’s beanie to cover my face, I close my eyes and pretend to sleep.

“Who opened the window?” mumbles Sumayya sleepily, as she closes the window and goes back to sleep.

“Dee, open it again,” I whisper.

And once again, Dee opens the window, we pretend to sleep, Sumayya wakes up, gets annoyed, closes the window and goes back to sleep.

After successfully opening the window 3 times, Hamza is snorting in a rumpled jacket while Dee and I silently high five each other.

“One more time,” I say, laughing uncontrollably.

And so, Dee opens the window again.

This time, Sumayya isn’t having any of it. Through the holes of Dee’s beanie, I see her sit up fully and look around, only to find us all fast asleep –or so she thinks! 😉

I have to bite my lip to hold back my laughter as Hamza adds a couple well faked snores!

“What’s the matter Sumayya?” asks Uncle Ismaeel who had been watching everything from the review mirror.

“Someone keeps on opening the window!” she grumbles.

“But they’re all asleep. Maybe it was open from the start of the trip and you just didn’t close it.”

“No, I’m sure I did,” she says, frowning as she closes the window. “There! Now it’s closed.”

And she flops her head onto her pillow and is once again knocked out just as fast as she got up.

When our laughter eventually subsides, I look at Hamza.

“Your turn, bro,” I say, taking out a water bottle.

“Nauh, I’m not getting involved,” he says, pushing the bottle away.

“You’re already involved,” I say to him, smirking.

“Just pour it really slowly on Amaani’s face,” I say to him. “And then same procedure, pretend as if we’re sleeping.”

And that’s exactly what he does. But, Amaani doesn’t even stir, forget wake up!

Opening one eye, Dee whispers, “Guys, Amz takes forever to wake up. You might want to pour the water faster.”

“Okay,” says Hamza.

As Hamza is pouring, I knock the bottle!

He gasps as a whole lot of water falls onto Amaani’s face. This time it’s Deeyanah snorting in her pillow as Amaani tries swatting away the water. She thinks it’s a fly!

Holding my stomach, I grab the water bottle from Hamza and pour the remaining contents onto Amaani face.

She wakes up with a start.

Now Amz here, is one smart chic! And nobody should trouble her while she’s asleep!

Still half asleep, she pokes Dee next to her.

“Dee, wake up, I’m not stupid,” she says.


“Deeyanah! Why did you pour water on my face?!” she asks, sounding very annoyed now!



Dee opens her eyes, startled.

“What?! Can’t you see I’m sleeping?!” she grumbles, frowning.

Way to go! First class acting from Dee!

“Don’t lie! Why did you pour water on my face?!”

“I did not!” Dee says adamantly. “What are you talking about?! It’s probably just raining, leave me alone!”

Not being able to control ourselves, Hamza and I burst out laughing!

It’s not even raining outside! How the hell is it raining in the car?! 

“GUUUUYYYS!!!” shouts Dee, showing us big eyes.

Slapping my knee, I point at Amz and laugh!

“What is wrong with you’ll?!” asks Amaani.

“Zee man, it was going so well! Who asked you to laugh?!” complains Dee.

“How the hell is it suppose to rain in the car?!” I ask, laughing uncontrollably.

“Haha, shame you guys failed!” says Amaani. “Now leave me alone, or I’ll kick you’ll out.”

“Into the rain?” Hamza asks, innocently.

“You’re not funny!” says Amz, but I see a ghost of a smile before she buries her face into her pillow again.

This time our laughter takes much longer to stop. It never really does, but we manage to control ourselves. Even Uncle Ismaeel can’t stop grinning!

“If you’ll didn’t laugh that would have went down so well!” Dee says.

“Stop complaining, we still got her good!” I say. “Not all of us have our acting skills on fleek!”

She rolls her eyes.

“One more, one more!” says Hamza, sounding like a 2 year old asking for another sweet.

“There isn’t much to do in here,” I say, looking around the car, trying to think of something.

“Let’s all scream really loud together!” says Dee.

“And then?” asks Hamza.

“Just scream. Really loud. They’ll all get up with a shock,” she explains, amused.

“Okay but not right now, my stomach still hurts from all the laughing,” says Dee.

But I realize the real reason when my phone vibrates.

New message from Dee.

Dee: Don’t scream, okay?

Me: Huh?

Dee: Just don’t scream

Me: Why?

Dee: You’ll see

Me: Okay weirdo

Me: why u texting though?

Dee: GOSH how slow can you be?!

Dee: If you and I don’t scream…

And then I get it!! Oh my God! I have to bite my lip again to stop my laughter! I probably won’t have a bottom lip left at the end of this trip!

Me: Oh my God, you rock

Dee: I know ;p

And so, as Dee lifts three fingers, we all take in deep breaths, preparing to scream.

But, of course, as planned, only Hamza ends up screaming his lungs out, waking up everyone with a shock, as Dee and I burst out laughing!

Hope everyone is enjoying reading the road trip as much as I’m enjoying blogging it.

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Have a magnificent Monday 🙂 ❤



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