Twenty Six

Early the next morning, after shoving last minute things, like my toothbrush, hairbrush, etc, into my bag, I gulp down my coffee and go upstairs to help Amz bring her luggage down, all the while thinking, ‘Why the heck does she need 3 suitcases?’ I mean, sure, we’re going for 2 weeks but three suitcases. Hold on, three huge suitcases to top that! Surely we can wash clothes. Shame, must be hard having an image to maintain! Guess it’s not as easy as it seems to always look that fab, hey!

I enter her room only to realize that she’s still in the shower.

“AMAAAANI!” I holler at her, banging on the bathroom door. “HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO SHOWER MAN, YOH?!”

“What’s the time?” she calls back.

That’s it! I’m getting this girl a clock for her bathroom!

“Time to get out of the shower, pea brain.”

“Okay, okay, coming, seaweed brain.”

10 minutes later, the doorbell rings. Through the window I spot a blue MINI. Hamza.

“Amaaaaani, Hamza is here.”

“Yeah, would you chill woman! I’m ready,” she replies, coming down the stairs.

“Nope, you still need to have breakfast!”

I open the door only to find that Hamza is alone.

“Assalaamualaikum,” he greets me, cheerily.

“Wa’alaikum Salaam,” I greet back. “Where’s Su?”

“I didn’t bring her,” he replies, grinning.

“What do you mean you didn’t bring her?!” I ask, shocked.

“She was still in the shower when I was leaving so I left her.”

I burst out laughing. Am I honestly the only girl who doesn’t take such long showers?!

“Yeah, well Amz just got out like, 2 seconds before you rang the bell.”

“No, I did not!” Amaani shouts.

Laughing together, Hamza and I walk to the kitchen.

“Morning, morning, grumpy pants,” Hamza greets Amaani.

“Why the hell are you’ll both so energetic?” mumbles Amaani.

“It’s 6 in the morning sleepy head. And you’ve had a super long shower,” I point out. “You should be wide awake.”

Exactly! Listen to yourself. ‘It’s six in the morning,’ she says, imitating me. “Six in the blimmin’ morning and you expect me to be wide awake.”

I shake my head and grin at Hamza. This was going to be one looong trip!



At Meez’s place, where we all agreed to meet, Uncle Ismaeel and Zee were loading the bags into the shiny red and white VW van that we would be travelling in. Aunty Aadila was bustling around in the kitchen, sorting out the cooler bags. And Meez was..

Wait for it..

Rameez Varachia was still sleeping!!

“I don’t know what’s his story. Yesterday too, he slept till so late. What he does when he should be sleeping, I’d love to know!” says Aunty Aadila, sounding irritated. “You’ll can try waking him up, but I’m not wasting my time anymore!”

I shoot a look at Zee, who has joined us inside while Hamza helps Uncle Ismaeel, and he winks at me.

“Okay, I’ll get him up,” I say, trying to hide a smile.

“I’ll help,” offers Zee. “C’mon.”

I catch Amz smirking at me and shoot her a warning look. She nods slightly, winking at me.

Zee and I sneak up to Meez’s room.

“You grab his duvet, I’ll grab his pillow,” I whisper to Zee before silently opening the door.

He nods, grinning.

Entering the room, I catch a whiff of a strange yet familiar smell. I frown. What the heck is that? And why does it smell familiar? Zee however, doesn’t seem to notice.

And then I see something that nearly makes me laugh aloud. Meez has on clothes and not pj’s!

Then, Zee bursts out laughing. I look at him with big eyes and he runs out of the room, hand over his mouth to muffle his laughter. Confused at his sudden outburst, I lift the duvet slightly.

Oh my God!

Forget him wearing clothes, Meez still has on his shoes!!

Jeez, he must have been helluva tired!

Biting my lip to stop my laughter escaping, I glance at Zee who is now back in the room.

He shakes his head, his eyes shining with amusement.

Lifting 3 fingers, he raises an eyebrow. Understanding, I nod.

3 seconds later, I pull Meez’s pillow from under his head.

At the same time, Zee yanks his duvet off, screaming, “Rameez, get up, get up quickly! Rameez, MEEZ!”

Yepp, we’re evil friends!!

Meez’s eyes fly open. “Whaa… what’s going on?”

“Dude, c’mon, hurry up, we need to get out of the house!” says Zee, pretending to panic.

“Wh.. what? Why?” still more than half asleep, he tries getting up only to flop right back down on his bed with a loud oof!

That’s too much for us! Zee and I burst out laughing!

But Meez is already knocked out.

Then, Amaani walks in.

Noticing Meez’s weird choice of “pj’s”, she too laughs.

Smirking mischievously, she opens the bottle of fridge water that she holds in her hand and slowly pours the contents onto his face.

Oh boy! Scratch the evil, we’re horrible friends! 

But hey, we do need to get moving or we’ll never get to CT in time!

This time, Rameez wakes up fully.

And he’s not happy!


“Woah dude, calm down, we’re just messing around. Take it easy.”

“I hate you guys,” he grumbles, burying his face into the duvet.

“No you don’t,” says Zee. “C’mon now, everyone’s ready to go and you’re still sleeping!”

“Go where?” asks Meez, groggily.

Zee, Amz and I look at each other. What’s up with him?

“Urrr… roadtrip” says Amaani.

“Huh?” Rameez turns to face us, his forehead creased in a frown.

Why the heck are his eyes so red??

“We’re going on a roadtrip, Meez, remember?” I say to him, watching carefully for his reaction.

“Oh yeah, I remember,” he says, not sounding one bit like he remembers.

And I thought Meez couldn’t get weirder..


As narrated by Meez:

Rubbing my eyes, I look at my bedside clock.

6:23 am.

Sitting up properly, I force myself to concentrate. But trying to concentrate when you’ve got a pounding headache is really no good.

Think, think, think. C’mon why are they here so early? Why are they waking me up so early? We’re going on a roadtrip?

Jeez, I should have gone easy on the drinks last night..

And the night before..

Last night!! 

And then it all comes crashing back. We went partying, hadn’t we? I drank too much, didn’t I?

‘Well, clearly!” my headache says to me.

Getting up, I walk to the bathroom. A shower should help…


And sure enough, a shower did help. Ten minutes later, my head felt a little better and I could at least remember what was going on. Heading downstairs, the house was pretty quiet.

That’s strange. Aren’t they all here? We agreed that they’ll meet up at my place. And I may have been 10 times more hungover when I woke up than I am now, but I’m pretty sure Amz, Dee and Zee woke me up. In a horrible way, too!

I take 2 Pandoes, hoping they will work. Hearing Faizy’s words in my ears, You’ll get there brah, I groan. I don’t think I want to, Faizy bro. Not if I’m going to wake up each morning feeling like someone clobbered me with tree, jeez!

Hearing voices from the lounge, I head that way.

Mum and Dee are having a casual conversation, while Amz lays half asleep on Dee’s leg. Hamza and Zee are also deep in their own conversation, Sumayya too, fast asleep next to her bro.

Dee notices me first.

“Oh, finally! We thought we’d never leave!” she says dramatically.

Amaani stirs, rubbing her eyes and sitting up.

“How come you’ll all sitting here? Aren’t we.. you know.. going?” I ask, confused.

“Well yeah, we are, but some people were fast asleep a few minutes ago, so we’re just waiting for them,” says Zee.

“Oh, you mean like Amz over there?” I ask, smirking.

Dee rolls her eyes. “You ready to go?” she asks.

“Yeah,” I reply.

“Well c’mon then, we should have been on the road by now, but better late than never,” says Zee, enthusiastically.

Everyone seems really excited, including Dee, which makes me really happy. And even though my head still hurts and all I want to do is sleep, I let out a loud whoop.


The road trip has begun!

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