Twenty Five

WhatsApp group chat:

Rameez: Salaam peeps

Rameez: Sooo we will b going CT first and then Durbz. 

Rameez: Zee won’t be coming back with us. He will stay 3 days with his fam & then fly back 2 JHB alone.

Rameez: Have you guyz started packing???

Sumayya: Wslm Meezo

Sumayya: Gud idea

Amaani: Wslmz

Amaani: *thumbs up*

Sumayya: Nope I’ll pack 2nyt

Zee: Wslm

Amaani: I’m packed 🙂

Zee: I’m packing atm (at the moment)

Zee: What abwt u?

Me: Wassalaam

Me: *thumbs up*

Rameez: Mum is packing for me 😀

After acknowledging Meez’s message, I decided it was about time I called my uncle. I needed a few things for the trip and my monthly spending was finished. I would also need money for the trip after all.

Feeling slightly guilty of only contacting him when I needed him, I hesitated a moment.

Well, don’t have much of a choice now, do I?

Uncle Rashid: Deeyanah! Assalaamualaykum!

My heart.. I could be in Russia and I’d still be able to hear his smile.

Me: Wa’alaikum Salaam Uncle Rashid.

Amaani chooses that exact moment to enter my room.

Her initial look of shock is quickly replaced by a huge smile and a thumbs up. Then she mouths, “You go girl!” and she’s out.

Uncle Rashid: Hello? Deeyanah you there?

Me: Jee I am. How are you?

Uncle Rashid: I’m well, Shukr to Allah. Very happy to hear from you. How are you keeping?

Me: I’m.. I’m okay.. Alhamdulillah.

Uncle Rashid: Alhamdulillah. How was your report, last day of grade 9, all went well?

Me: Jee Alhamdulillah.

Me: Uncle Rashid… did.. has.. has Uncle Ismaeel spoken to you about.. about the roadtrip?

Uncle Rashid: Jee, he has. You’ll leave tomorrow, is that right?

Me: Jee, Insha Allah.

Uncle Rashid: I’ve left extra money for you with Uncle Ismaeel for the trip. Do you need anything else?

Me: No, and JazakAllah.. for the money I mean.

Uncle Rashid: Aameen. And don’t stress about anything while you away. Just have fun okay? You deserve this break. Acceptance, remember?


It’s strange, isn’t it? How acceptance is such a beautiful yet scary thing. You could be dying inside but by simply accepting your situation, it feels okay. So accept, because acceptance only makes things easier. And that’s exactly what I would do. I would accept. 

Me: (sighing) Jee.

I had so much to say, so much to ask, but now my mouth refused to work, refused to form words. How?!

Uncle Rashid: They’re all okay darling.

His voice is gentle, answering my unasked questions, almost as if he could read my mind.

Uncle Rashid: Daanyaal still asks about you. A lot. He’s still upset..

My heart clenches. I miss him so much..

Uncle Rashid: Your mum worries about you too.

Me: I should go.. JazakAllah for.. for everything.

Uncle Rashid: My door is open Deeyanah. This will always be your home, but it’s your choice at the end of the day.

I’m silent, not trusting my voice to be strong enough.

Uncle Rashid: We love you Dee. Keep in touch.

Me: Insha Allah. Assalaamualaikum.

Uncle Rashid: Wa’alaykum Salaam.

Cancelling the call, I bury my face in my pillow, my feelings overlapping each other to create a mixture of extreme sadness and faint happiness.


Sighing, I lift my head.

Amaani walks into the room.

“You’ve been standing there the whole time, haven’t you?”

“Well, you don’t mind, now do you?”

I manage a small smile her way and my heart instantly feels lighter. Wow, at least the endorphins in my body are working!

“All okay?” she asks, smiling back at me.

“Yeeaah,” I reply unenthusiastically.

“Just don’t think about it,” she says.

And then we laugh out aloud at how ridiculous that sounds. Easy to say!

Smacking her with a pillow, I sit up and say, “Riiiighto, you can start packing my bag for me.”

And just like that, I sit on the bed, munching away on pretzels, ordering her around while she packs my suitcase.

Did I ever mention how much I love Amaani?!

Deciding to read the “information pamphlet” that Rameez so generously provided us with, I realize that I still needed a few things from the ‘must have’ list and agreed with Amz to go get them this afternoon. We would leave tomorrow and return 2 weeks later. 1 week Cape Town, 1 week Durban.  Aunty Aadila would sort out padkos and we each had to make sure we had enough to keep hydrated.

Having changed my mindset, I felt a lot more excited. I made up my mind to enjoy this trip and make the most of it because, after all, time spent with awesome friends like mine, always resulted in awesome memories. And I really needed some of those!


Soo, school starts tomorrow. Maaahn!

Just to inform ya’ll, school won’t affect my posting schedule. (Probably ‘coz I don’t have one!) For now I just post whenever I can. We’ll see as the blog runs, if a posting schedule is really necessary. So don’t forget to follow to keep updated 🙂

Spread the word, like and comment! Them comments make my day 😉

That’s it for now folks, Toodles.



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