Twenty Four

As narrated by Meez:

It was still waaaayy too early to go to bed when we returned from Zee’s at 08:30. Having nothing to do, I eventually decided to catch up on series, watch a few movies and then maybe hit the sack a little early considering I had a full day. 11:30 would be cut off time. Yeah right!

Before I knew it, Easha Athaan was going.

“Rameez, come for salaah,” called my dad from downstairs.

“I’ll read at home,” I call back.


Yes! I love my dad!

I’d just unpaused the movie I was watching when my phone pinged.

New message from Faizy.

Yo dude. Pick u up in 5. B ready

Pushing aside my movie, I can always watch it when I get back, anyway, I close my laptop and get up.

And then I almost groan aloud. What the hell am I going to wear?!

I can’t ask my mum because she’ll give me something too decent and we’re probably going partying. Amz and Dee are totally out of the question because they’ll want to know where I’m going and no way am I telling them that!

Well, guess I’ll just have to do this myself then. 

Stepping into my walk-in closet I scan my clothes.

Jeez, since when did I have so much of clothing?!

I eventually pull out a striped light blue and white shorts and a bright orange T-shirt with green writing.

As Dee always says, mix up colours, dress funky. She’ll sure be proud of me!

After styling my hair with just the right amount of gel, I slip on my red Levis hi-tops.

Standing in front of the mirror, this time, I do groan out aloud.

Too late though. The sound of a hooter reaches my ears. Faizel.

Dad’s gone for salaah and mum’s in her bedroom, probably performing salaah too, so sneaking out is no biggie.

Grabbing my set of house keys – Yepp, definitely love my dad, I shut the door silently behind me.

As soon as I open the door of Faizy’s BMW X6, he lifts his gaze from his phone screen for a split second…

And then he does a double take!

“Brah, did I wake you up?” he asks, laughing uncontrollably.

I frown at him in confusion. My outfit can’t be that bad. And I did remember to do my hair.

“Uurrrr, No?”

“Then why the hell are you wearing pj pants?!” he asks, slapping his knee with laughter.

I glance down at my striped ‘shorts’ and then back at him.

Well…. shit!

My horrified expression only makes Faizy laugh harder.

I really need to get my dressing in order, dammit!

He switches off the ignition and jumps out.

“C’mon dude, you’re not coming like that with me!” he says, still highly amused.

Extremely embarrassed I follow Faizy to the door.

After changing into the tight black HUGO BOSS T-shirt and white skinny jeans that Faizy picked out for me, I lace up my black and white converse and touch up my hair.

Achieving his look of approval, we’re off again.

Still slightly embarrassed, I’m silent as we get into the car.

“You’ll get there brah,” Faizy says to me, smiling slightly before turning on the radio, music blasting, as we speed off.

Faizel is 3 years older than me, 18, and sometimes I wonder how long it took him to become who he is, who influenced him into becoming who he is…

“Soo, where we’re going?” I ask.

“Noor’s party,” he says.

Then, smirking, he adds, “Nabz will be there.”

I roll my eyes at him but I suddenly feel slightly nervous.


The glare of flashing disco lights… The smell of alcohol… The sight of girls in skimpy clothing, clutching onto boys with wandering gazes… The speakers blaring the latest Pitbull single… Entering the club, I momentarily freeze.

Sure, I’d been to crazy parties, the drags, the hot spots, but jeez.. this was a bit hectic man!

How the hell did this chic’s father even manage to get the whole club just for her birthday party?!

Catching Faizy’s raised eyebrow, I walk towards him. A cigarette dangles from his lips, a drink in each hand.

“Your girl is over there,” he shouts over the blaring music.

I glance in the direction he points and spot Nabeela.

Whoa! And I thought she couldn’t get hotter!

I manage a small smile as he shoves a drink in my hand and walks away.

Well… time to get loose, get wild, and break some boundaries I guess..


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