Twenty Two

As narrated by Zee:

After they’d all left, I lock up everywhere before heading to my grandparents’ bedroom.

Locking up the house is my duty since I’m usually the last one to go to bed. One year ago, I would have never agreed to take such a big responsibility onto myself, but living without my parents has made me quite independent.

I do have my grandparents but it’s not the same thing. I constantly feel like I need to be looking after them now in their old age, instead of burdening them with having to look after me. Here, without my parents, I definitely have more responsibilities.

But coming back to Johannesburg has done me good in many ways. Not am I only a lot more independent and responsible, but living without my parents has strengthened our bond. I guess absence does make the heart fonder after all!

I knock on my grandparents’ door.

“Come in beta (son).”

Entering, I place a glass of water on my grandfather’s bedside table as I do every night. Kissing them both, softly on their foreheads’s, I greet and retire to my own room.

After dressing, or if you prefer, as Dee would say it, after changing into my pj’s and brushing my teeth, I get into bed.

Apparently, according to Dee, the only time you dress is when you’re undressed and then you put on clothes. Like when you get out of the shower, for example. But, if you’re already wearing clothes and you put on a different set of clothes, you’re changing, not dressing.

Seems legit, I guess. It really doesn’t make a difference to me, to be honest!

After checking through the sports and news, I open WhatsApp to read my unread messages.

Noticing an unsaved number, I frown. I read, and then reread the number, in my head, but it doesn’t ring a bell. Who on Earth is this?!

My curiosity overpowering me, I hesitantly open the message.

“Ziyaad Moolla, you are standing in the way to my happiness. Leave Amaani alone, or else, your happiness will be short lived.”


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