“This is all you need to know about the roadtrip,” Rameez says, putting on his best formal voice as he hands us each a folder with our names printed on the first page. “If you have any unanswered questions, please feel free to email my dad.”

“I’m not sitting and reading 3 pages of writing if you can just tell it to me,” complains Sumayya.

“You make sure you read every single word in there Sumayya Patel!” Meez says to her, sternly.

“All of you,” he adds, pointedly looking at me.

I look down, pretending to read the second page.

A moment of silence passes as everyone scans the contents of their respective folders.

When I lift my gaze, Meez is staring directly at me. I hold his gaze,trying to read his eyes. He’s looking at me intensely, almost angrily.

I raise my eyebrow at him, silently questioning his stare. He looks away.

I roll my eyes. Some people take weirdness to another level!

“Meez, it doesn’t say where we’re going first,” points out Sumayya.

“Yeah, Durban or Cape Town?” asks Zee.

I frown. So we’re not going overseas?

My heart sighs inaudibly. Why did they have to choose this year to go on a roadtrip?

“Right, about that, my dad left the choice to us,” replies Meez. “He says if we go CT first Zee doesn’t have to come back with us. He’ll have the choice to stay longer with his family in Durban.”

“In that case, Zee should decide,” suggests Amaani.

“Yeah, I agree,” adds Sumayya.

“Dee, what about you?” asks Meez.

“Yeah? What about me?” I question his question.

“What’s your rye? Where should we go first?” he asks further.

I want to answer with something like, “Go where first?” , but the excitement they’re all feeling seems to be bouncing of the walls.

Deciding not to spoil it for the rest of my friends, I manage a small smile as I say, “Yeah, I too think Zee should decide.”

“I don’t know guys. I’m going to have to speak with my folks first,” says Zee, uncertainly. “I’ll let you’ll know by tomorrow afternoon.”

I look at Zee in surprise. He never gets things done that fast!

“We’re leaving in 2 days time, doll,” he says to me, understanding my surprise.

His answer only surprises me more.

That soon?!

I keep my calm and say,”Don’t doll me!”

“Doll,” he purposely says, smirking.

“Immature,” I mutter, rolling my eyes.

“Moody,” he fires back, his annoying smirk never leaving his face.

Totally not in a mood for Zee’s current overload of happiness and knowing that I need to mentally prepare myself for the whole roadtrip saga, I get up to leave the room saying, “Just going to get some water.”


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