As soon as I go underwater, I start swimming away from them. Someone grabs my ankle. I kick out hard but my attempts are in vain.

I surface, lifting my hands in surrender.

Zee’s head pops out next to me.

“If you drown me, you won’t have anyone’s lunch to steal,” I say to him, seriously.

“I can steal bob heads,” he smirks, indicating towards Sumayya.

“What about fashion advice? Who is going to help you with that?” I ask.

Whenever Zee has an ‘I don’t know what to wear’ dilemma, he usually comes to me for help.

“I’ll help him with that,” says Meez.

We burst out laughing.

Rameez might be a hot 15 year old dude, but he has the worst fashion sense ever! And he knows it too. That’s why Aunty Aadila still decides what he wears everyday. And from the way Meez dresses, she sure isn’t lacking skills in that department!

“You first need to learn how to dress yourself before you agree to make him look like he doesn’t have clothes,” Amaani says to him, grinning.

“Exactly, this would be a great time to learn,” says Meez, smirking at Zee.

“Sorry bro, I’m not going to be your puppet for this task,” says Zee, partially horrified, partially amused.

“Look at you boys worrying about your fashion advice, when I don’t even decide what I’m wearing each morning till, like, 2 minutes before I get dressed,” remarks Sumayya, shaking her head.

“That’s probably why your socks are more likely to be put on upside down, than they are to be put on the correct way,” I tease her.

“Shut uuuup Dee,” she says, trying to hide a smile. “That’s only because I’m so tired in the morning.”

“Guys, just face it, we’re not among those lucky people like Amz and Dee who always just know what to wear,” says Meez.

“No, that’s the thing. They don’t always know what to wear, they just manage to somehow look good in everything,” disagrees Zee.

“Yeah man, even if it’s pyjama pants with a dress,” says Sumayya, dramatically.

“You’ll crazy,” I say, laughing. “Amz, yeah, but not me.”

“No ways!” argues Amaani.

“Oh, no need to be all humbly bumbly now,” says Meez, grinning at us.

“Well since I’m not drowned yet, you’ll obviously can’t live without me,” I say to them.

“Only because you give me fashion advice,” says Zee, smirking.

“Yeah right!” I reply, rolling my eyes at him.

“Let’s play volley since I nearly crushed my lungs blowing up that frikken net,” suggests Sumayya.

“You didn’t even blow the net part,” I say, laughing. “You blew the sides so that it stays afloat. You can’t inflate the net!”

“Whatever, you know what I meant,” she replies, pretending to be annoyed.

After choosing sides, comprising of Rameez and Amaani on one team and myself, Zee and Sumayya on the other, we begin a game of water volleyball.

Two hours later, after a lot of fun, games, snacks, teasing, and laughter, we dry off and go inside for supper.

The food was delicious as usual. Aunty Shenaaz prepared saucy steak and chips with a refreshing summery salad and iced tea to go with it.

After supper we help clear up and then go to chill in Zee’s room.

Much to my annoyance, the dreaded topic returns.


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