*All posts are from Deeyanah’s point of view unless stated otherwise.

At Aunty Shenaaz’s house, after greeting, we go outside to look for Zee and the others.

Meez is sitting on the lapa swing, frowning in concentration at his phone screen. I shake my head. That kid and candy crush! You’d think the game was outdated by now, but not for Meez!

Sumayya is sitting at the edge of the pool, her legs in the sparkling water. She’s blowing up a pool volleyball net. I walk up to Rameez while Amaani heads over to Sumayya.

He looks up, his lips curving into a broad smile.

“Well, hello there,” he says, pulling me into a hug. “How lovely to see your face again!” he adds, dramatically.

“Can’t say the same about yours,” I tease, hugging him back.

“Don’t lie to yourself,” he says, smirking at me.

“Where’s Zee?” I ask, sitting down on the grass.

“He went to get dressed,” he replies.

“Changed, in this case,” I correct him.

“Same thing,” he mutters.

“Are you guys arguing again?” asks Amaani, as she flops down next to me.

“No, we’re just conversing in disagreement,” I reply, smirking at her as she shakes her head.

Sumayya walks over, dragging the big net with her as she continues blowing air into it.

“You’re such a lazy ass,” I say to Rameez. “She’s doing the hard work and you’re sitting here, playing games.”

“No one told her to inflate it,” he replies.

Sumayya sits down on my left, side hugging me in greeting.

“Need help?” I ask.

She shakes her head. No.

“Okay, but tell me when you’re tired. I’ll carry on,” I say.

She nods.

“Oh wow! Did you just offer your lung services?” Rameez asks, teasingly. “How generous of you.”

I look around pretending not to have heard him.

He throws a handful of grass at my face . That makes me turn to glare at him!

“Did your mother not teach manners?” I ask.

“Did your mother not teach you to look at someone when they are speaking to you?” he fires back.

“Oh, you were speaking to me?” I ask, lifting my hand to my chest in mock surprise.

“Yes, I was speaking to you,” he replies.

“Excuse my ignorant little self. I am only fluent in the language of English, not the language of idiots,” I say, faking sincerity. “Do pardon me for that, sir.”

Sumayya has stopped blowing up the volleyball net and joined Amaani in laughter.

“What’s the joke?” interrupts Zee, joining us.

He notices that only Amaani and Sumayya are laughing and he looks at me.

“Are you troubling Meez again?” he asks, trying to hide a smile.

“Nope,” I reply, innocently. “He’s troubling me.”

Rameez rolls his eyes.

A moment of comfortable silence settles between us.

I lay down, looking up at the cloudless blue sky.

“Sooo, are we going to have a pool party on the grass?” asks Amaani, breaking the silence.

“Last one to the pool gets drowned,” Zee shouts suddenly, as he sprints towards the water.

“I’ll get drowned then,” I mumble lazily, making no effort to get up.

The sound of 3 consecutive splashes are shortly followed by a fourth as Sumayya drops the volleyball net and runs to the pool.

“Deeeee!” hollers Amaani. “Hurry up!”

Ignoring her I grin to myself. Not like I won’t be last if I go quickly!

Suddenly, it’s almost too quiet…

They’re not splashing…

They’re not speaking…

It’s only when I lift my head and see them slowly, quietly, getting out of the water, do I realize what they were doing.

They were devising a plan…

And now, they’re about to implement their speedily discussed plan…

Their speedily discussed plan to ‘drown’ me!

I barely manage to stand up before 2 sets of hands grab me and I’m flung into the cool pool water.

The pool party has begun!


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