As narrated by Amaani:

Realizing that the kettle has finished boiling, I put down my phone and make myself a mug of coffee before sitting down again to find a recipe.

I really want to make a cold chicken salad but Dee’s suggestion was a great idea too. I decide to ask Zee.

Me: Cold chicken salad or chocolate popcorn delight?

He replies a few minutes later.

Zee: Both ;p

Typical! I shake my head.

Zee: Jk (Just kidding) Chocolate popcorn delight ‘coz ma already made something to eat

Me: *thumbs up*

Half an hour later, having prepared the snack finished, I head upstairs to wake Deeyanah up.

“Deeyanah, c’mon, time to get up,” I say, gently shaking her shoulder.

“What’s the time?” she mumbles, sleepily.

“Half past one,” I reply.

She doesn’t say anything.

“Deeeee, c’mon.”

“Okay, 5 minutes.”

I shake my head, smiling. Her 5 minutes can last 1 hour!

I set her phone alarm for every 10 minutes during the next half an hour so that I can go and get done in the meantime.

After loading the dishwasher and cleaning up the kitchen, I go back upstairs to dress. Dee is still not awake!

“Deeyanah Mahomed! If you don’t get up now you’re going to be late!”

The bright sunlight floods the room as I lift the blinds.

“For heavens sake Amz, I’m trying to sleep!” she groans.

I feel slightly guilty knowing she hadn’t slept well the night before.

Should I just leave her to sleep?

But then she’ll miss the party!

“Dee, if you coming you need -”

“No, I’m not coming,” she says, annoyed. “Now bury the sun and get out!”

I hold back a laugh.

Bury the sun?!

How the heck am I suppose to bury the sun?!

“Okay, hang on, let me just ‘bury the sun’,” I tease, laughing.

I drop the blinds.

“There, all buried and done!” I say, pretending to dust off my hands.

She opens one eye to glare at me.

“You’re not funny,” she grumbles, frowning.

I burst out laughing.

She covers her head with the duvet.

“Go away,” she says, trying to sound angry, but I can hear her smiling.

1 mug of strong coffee and 20 minutes later, Dee is finally fully awake and ready to go.

She said that she feels much better and she does look a lot less tired, which is a good thing, because it’s time to party!

And who wants to be tired at a party?

pool party to top that!


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