As narrated by Amaani:

I smile as I walk downstairs to the kitchen. It always makes me happy seeing Deeyanah happy, because being happy isn’t so easy for her.

In life, we all get tested. That’s why we’re here; this world is just a test. And everyone gets tested in different ways, at different times, regarding different things. Some get tested with sickness, some with family, some with wealth, some with children.

Somewhere along the line, at some point in your life, you will get tested.

I switch on the kettle before taking out a recipe book. As I flip through the pages, my phone beeps.

Sumayya: Hey uuuuuu

Sumayya: Howzit

Me: Hey heyy Aslkm 🙂 (Assalaamualaikum)

Me: I’m good Alhmd (Alhamdulillah) and you?

Sumayya: I’m doin’ gr8 🙂

Sumayya: Just wanted 2 check up on Dee.. she ok?

My thumbs hover over my keypad as I contemplate how to reply. Unlike Zee and I, Sumayya and Meez don’t know Deeyanah’s complete story, as they were caught up in their own dramas that same night.

Sumayya was in hospital at that time as she had taken a bit of a tumble whilst snowboarding, which resulted in her arm getting fractured.

Now that I think of it, that was one crazy night! Deeyanah pitching up at my house at half past 10. Sumayya’s father calling to say she was in hospital at 11. Meez returning home with his dad, after 4 days, at 1 in the morning.

That night, it wasn’t only them 3 being tested though. Zee and I were being tested too.

It was a bitterly cold. The wind was howling, almost as if it felt our pains. My dad, who had being alive at that time, took us where ever we needed to go, not once complaining. We took care of Dee, checked in on Sumayya, spent some time with Meez and his family.

We didn’t realize at that time, but it was a test to us, too. The test of friendship; of loyalty.

With Zee beside me through it all, we passed.

He calmed Deeyanah whilst my mum tended to her wounds, even though he hates the sight of blood.

He made Sumayya laugh at they bandaged her up, even though he hates the smell of hospitals.

And even though he himself wasn’t fully happy, he smiled with Rameez, reminded him that happiness is from his Creator, that he should be grateful.

My phone vibrates in my hand, snapping me out of my thoughts.

Sumayya: Amz???

Me: Yeah?

Sumayya: Is Dee ok?

No, not really. She will be though. She’s so much stronger than she thinks.

We all are. We just don’t realize until being strong is all we have left.

Me: Yeah.. she’s awryt..

Me: All this stuff is obviosly upsetting her but she’ll be fine 🙂

Sumayya: What’s ur opinion? 

Me: My opinion regarding?

Sumayya: Yanno.. this whole road trip thing

Me: Idk (I don’t know) I haven’t really thought about it.. 

Sumayya: Okayyyy

Sumayya: Anyhoooo, I’m gonna eat breakfast now

Sumayya: C’ya l8erzz 😉

Me: Okay pretty girl

Me: Enjoy 🙂

Sumayya: *rose emoji* 


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