WhatsApp group chat:

Sumayya: Gooood Morning buddies. Any plans for 2day?

Amaani: Salaaaaamz

Amaani: Have you risen and shone :’D

Rameez: Nope, no plans as far as I know 

Sumayya: Haha yes I have Amz


Zee: Pool party at mines

Zee: Yes or no?

Rameez: Yes from me

Sumayya: YES YES YES

Amaani: Yepp good idea

Rameez: Dee? 

Amaani: She’s sleeping 

Me: I’m awake 

Sumayya: Morrrnin’ sunshiiiine 🙂

Me: Hey hey 🙂

Amaani: Why u awake?

Amaani: I told u to sleep

Me: Because I’m not asleep

Rameez: Nice comeback wonder where u got it from ;p

Zee: u coming Dee?

Me: You’ll probably drown if I’m not there so yepp :p

Me: Thanks Meez I thought of it myself ;p

Rameez: Yeah right 

Sumayya: What time Zee?

Zee: Anytime

Zee: Right now even is cool  😉

Amaani: Did u even ask ur grandma 

Zee: Lol nope but we all know she won’t mind

Me: Smh (Shaking my head)

Rameez: I’m only avlbl after 2 

Zee: At around 3 then?

Amaani: Yeah that’s good with me

Sumayya: Yeah me too

Me: *thumbs up*

Zee: Okaaaay c ya’ll l8er then

I bury my head in my pillow, yawning.

My room door opens and Amaani walks in.

“And why are you not sleeping?” she asks, trying to reprimand me but a smile creeps onto her face.

“Rebelling,” I reply, smirking. “Whatcha gonna do?”

Her smile broadens as she flops down onto my bed.

“I’m so tired though,” I complain.

“Obviously. You slept for, like, what? 4 hours?”

“I don’t know,” I reply, yawning.

“You really should try and get some sleep before we go. You can’t swim if you tired.”

“Yeah.. I know,” I say.

She turns over onto her stomach, her chin resting on her hands as she silently studies me from beneath her long eyelashes.

In that brief moment of silence, as our gazes lock, I’m once again reminded of just how strong Amaani is. And she makes it look easy.

But as strong as she is, her parents death has affected her, changed her. Daydreaming, longer showers, more sleep, stronger coffee.  Only a few changes, only small changes, but changes nonetheless. And only I’ve noticed, because only I understand. Well, partially, at least.

The thing is, you can’t understand someone’s happiness, sadness, anger – whatever it may be – you will never fully understand a situation until you are in the same situation. And I wasn’t in the same situation as Amaani, just a similar one.

“You blinked, I win,” Amaani says, breaking the silence.

“Oh were we having a staring contest?” I ask, frowning.

“Yeah, you don’t ever hold eye contact for so long except in a staring contest,” she replies.

“You don’t even make eye contact,” she adds, rolling her eyes.

“Yeah that’s because I’m allergic to eye contact.”

She smiles, shaking her head.

“That comeback is getting old now, better think up another one soon.”

“Who said comebacks have an expiry date?” I ask, eyebrow raised.

“The manufacturers obviously,” she replies as if it’s the most duh thing.

“Well I manufactured that comeback so I get to decide when it expires, don’t I?”

“Yeah probably,” she answers.

I smile as I realize how silly our conversation would have sounded, had there been anyone here with us, yet we conversed so freely.

“Anyway, I’m going to make something for this afternoon,” she says, getting up.

“What you going to make?”

“I don’t know, I’ll go check now.”

Amaani loves the kitchen. Cooking, baking, even cleaning up! And she’s great at it too.

“How about that chocolate, coconut, popcorn thing,” I suggest.

“Oh yeah, didn’t think of that,” she says.

“Do you want help?”

“Yeah, you can wash the dishes when I’m finished,” she answers, smirking at me before walking out.

“Hey,” I call after her. “That’s not fair!”

“You offered!” she shouts back.

I shake my head, collapsing back on my bed, trying to get some much needed sleep.


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