Knowing that I won’t be able to fall asleep again, I put on a beanie and go downstairs to make myself some coffee. The sound of the kettle boiling cuts through the silence of the city, breaking it. It’s weird, isn’t it, how the city is so strangely silent at night, yet there is so much happening? Teenagers partying, thieves robbing, animals hunting, laws being broken.

I take my mug of coffee, switch off the lights, and go back upstairs to my bedroom. I notice the small red light on my phone flashing. I frown. Nobody usually messages me at this time.

One missed call from Sumayya.

2 new messages from Sumayya.

4 new messages from Rameez. 

I open Sumayya’s messages first.

Salaams. Hope uu doing gud.

Try not 2 let this whole thing bother uu 2 much, ok?

I reply with a hug and a thumbs up emoticon.

When I open Rameez’s message, I see that he is online. It’s half past 3 in the morning!

His messages read:

Slmz D

Sorry if I upset u earlier

I do stick to what i said though

& idc (I don’t care) what, u coming with.

I know better than to converse with someone at this time of the morning, but I text back anyway.

Me: Why you awake?

Rameez: ‘coz I’m not asleep

Me: *eye roll emoji*

Me: No, seriously?

Rameez: I just told u

Rameez: Question is, y u awake?

Me: I was just going to sleep, byyyye

2 minutes later:

Rameez: u still online

Me: Probably going to be for a while..

Me: Go sleep you

Rameez: Nightmares?

Me: Hmm..

Rameez: Hmmm? 

Me: Maybe..

Rameez: I’m listening? 

Me: No, you’re reading 

Me: Do yourself a favour by going to sleep

Rameez: Do yourself a favour by telling me whats on ur mind

Me: Smooth 

Me: I’ve got coffee, you want?

Rameez: Nope

Me: Your loss

Rameez: So are u going to take me into the depths of your mind?

Me: No

Rameez: Rude

Me: Like you

Rameez: Lame

Me: Oh shut it

Me: How old are you even? Smh (Shaking my head)

Rameez: 15

Me: *eye roll emoji*

Rameez: Sooo…

Me: Hmm?

Rameez: Like my dad said, he spoke to your uncle..

Me: And?

Rameez: Idek (I don’t even know) if I should be the one telling u this..

Me: You’ve sparked my curiosity, if u don’t tell me now, u dead

Rameez: No, I’m serious Dee

Rameez: It’s no small thing..

Me: I can handle it 

Me: Spill


Rameez: So Daanyaal was there

Rameez: At ur uncle’s place

Rameez: He asked about u..


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